Fawn in Lifting Fog, and Others

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Fawn in Lifting Fog, and Others

On foggy, steamy, summer days, when the hot sun penetrates the misty air, the light is ethereal magic! And when it enshrouds one of the Cosmos' beautiful creations …

… even a perennial wild-child like myself, experiences a moment of internal peace.


White-tailed Deer Fawn in a Summer, Lifting Fog

© A. Mac/A.G.



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A. Macarthur
1  author  A. Macarthur    8 months ago

At times, particularly while in a forest, or, at a clearing by its edge, even a perennial wild-child like myself, experiences moments of internal peace.*

* As if a million miles and a million years removed, from Philly street corners or Joe Frazier's Gym.

(More fawn pix to come).

2  magnoliaave    8 months ago

When it is dusk and one is alone preparing to fish and looks left to see a fawn in the mist it is a show stopper. 

I love wooded paths and streams.

2.1  lennylynx  replied to  magnoliaave @2    8 months ago

Mango!!  Big hugs  Where have you been?

A. Macarthur
3  author  A. Macarthur    8 months ago

Hey, Maggie,

Just this afternoon I wondered why I hadn't seen you for a while … and I must admit, I was a bit concerned; so, nice to see you! 

The Fly Fishing has been the best in years … and … we are still litigating the wind turbine placement.

You are now up-to-date … and will post wooded paths and streams in the near future.

4  magnoliaave    8 months ago

hard road I live on,,,,full of rocks and sometimes fall.  Takecare.

5  Kavika     8 months ago

Of all your photos of fawns this is one of the best. The best is still my favorite...Fawn in a tub...

A. Macarthur
6  author  A. Macarthur    8 months ago

Fawn in a tub...

Maybe I'll post it for old time's sake.

A. Macarthur
7  author  A. Macarthur    8 months ago

By request … "Fawn in an Old Washtub"


The Story Behind this Photo

My father died in 1999; and, like other families, mine tends to save things from the homes of deceased parents. The washtub in the photo is on such saved item, and, since 1999, it has been sitting on its edge behind a huge poplar tree in my back yard.

As back yards go, mine sits up against a wooded area that the City of Philadelphia has had the good judgement to leave alone … and in that wooded area is a population of White-tailed Deer, that has birthed fawns in my back yard regularly, year after year.

My family room looks out into the back yard, and, because of the wildlife-photo possibilities that often present themselves, I keep a camera on a tripod set up all the time.

One morning,  I watched a doe drop the fawn in the photo just outside my family room window … and, in the time it took me to get my camera set up from one corner of the room -- and return to the window -- the fawn had disappeared from sight!

Long story made short, after searching the yard in hopes of finding the fawn, I looked behind the 100 foot tall poplar tree at the base of my yard, and there, in the tub, say the fawn.



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