Virtually every photograph as it comes out of the camera, is … "original". Even so, many photos other than (i.e.) family, private events such as weddings, etc., are of subjects and scenes and variations thereof, photographed many times over. One of the things I love about RESTORING OLD PHOTOGRAPHS, is that, because they are old (some in excess of 100 years old), their subject matter tends to be of people and things that are forever gone and/or changed so as never to be again...
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I Actually did get my Kicks on Route 66!

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A Souvenir Wall in a Shop on Route 66 © A. Mac/A.G.

Editorial Comment

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© A. Mac/A.G. © A.Mac/A.G. (Restored Photograph, c.1915)
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On a yellow rose
A friend of mine once told me that I "speak in pictures." That was long before I even owned a camera! Years later … it appears her words were somewhat prophetic. © A. Mac/A.G.

Finding beauty in so many things

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FRAMED!!!! And Up a River … and MUGGED!

a-macarthur  •  Photography & Art  •  25 Comments  •  2 weeks ago
The Nooksack River, Washington State © A. Mac/A.G. © A. Mac/A.G.
Famous Photographers - Part 19 - Zoe Marieh Urness   When I first saw an article by Kavika on his group Anishinaabe, I was quite taken and impressed by the photography of Zoe Mariah Urness who was referred to in it.  I asked Kavika if he would once again collaborate with me to produce a photo-essay that contained photos along with his comments about them, and he immediately agreed to the project.  We hope that it will be as pleasing and educational as our first collaboration....

Animal Portraits

a-macarthur  •  Photography & Art  •  11 Comments  •  3 weeks ago
"Portraits are about revealing aspects of an individual ." _Kehinde Wiley Seems to me, many animal species exhibit "body," and, even "facial" language that reveal "aspects" of emotion, focus, excitement, aggression … even elements of character and dignity. 1) Slate-colored Junco (Snowbird), Male © A. Mac/A.G. 2) White-tailed Deer, Doe © A. Mac/A.G. 3) © A. Mac/A.G. 4) Mourning Dove in...

What You Should Know … when Photographing Snow

a-macarthur  •  Photography & Art  •  76 Comments  •  3 weeks ago  By  dave-2693993
Ever notice that quite often, in photographs that include large areas of snow … how gray or blue  the snow appears, this despite how white and bright our common sense and experience knows to be otherwise? • The WHY Camera LIGHT METERS are CALIBRATED to ADJUST EXPOSURE FACTORS (Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO-light sensitivity Settings) to "read" what's in front of the lens, based on a so-called NEUTRAL LIGHT VALUE or "18% Gray." In photography, painting, and other visual...

Not Every Snowflake is Partisan

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 A. Mac/A.G. © A. Mac/A.G. © A. Mac/A.G.
Red-bellied Woodpecker Female © A. Mac/A.G.

Clang, Clang, Clang … Creative Arts Thursday/Friday

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A Sunny November Day - Flowers Still Blooming It's been awfully damp and rainy lately, so we just had to take advantage of a sunny day. We walked through the university campus next door and enjoyed the trees and flowers, even though it was only 16 degrees centigrade. 1. Wlldflowers in the fields 2. Trees blossoming 3. We weren't the only ones enjoying the sunshine. 4. It was still a little misty. 5.   Those things are fascinating....
Do the words enhance the images, or, do the images enhance the words … or …  © A. Mac/A.G. © A. Mac/A.G. © A. Mac/A.G © A. Mac/A.G.

Four-for-Four? I Record, You Decide.

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Meadow Edge in Autumn, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania © A. Mac/A.G. Autumn Oak © A. Mac/A.G. Sycamore Tree © A. Mac/A.G. Right Place, Right Time … She Captures the Moment on Her iPhone!  © A. Mac/A.G.
Yesterday, I went out with my camera … happens a lot; the polarizer on the lens I was using displayed an annoying quirk I had experienced with it in the past (so why was I still using it … duh … I just ordered a new one). To make a long story short, instead of trashing the images that were "compromised" by that polarizer, I exploited the possibilities of "workarounds" the too-dense image areas offered … and went from color to sepia, altered and cropped the originals, and, IMO, managed to...
A "Digital Painting"  © A. Mac/A.G Hickory Run, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania © A. Mac/A.G. Tunkhannock Creek, Pocono Mountains © A. Mac/A.G.
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Awesomely Autumnal!

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1) Tunkhannock Creek, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania © A. Mac/A.G. 2) Pocono Mountains Autumn © A. Mac/A.G. 3) Canada Geese, Autumn Stream © A. Mac/A.G 4) The Deeper One Walks Down this Trail, the more Likely it is, He will See a Black Bear © A. Mac/A.G.
For all who stop bye … I intend to stay in this part of the NT site for a day or so (as implied in my headline). Feel free to keep me company, add your thoughts, pictures, friendship … all of the aforementioned. 1) This one is ESPECIALLY FOR DAVE! There will subsequently be others. © A. Mac/A.G. 2) Halloween, Magic Kingdom, Main Street USA, WDW © A. Mac/A.G. NOT a Disney, nor, Halloween shot, just a metaphor to state, in...

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