When a cold front moves into the Pocono Mountains in October, the barometer rises and fish in still waters experience equilibrium difficulties … and to compensate, they usually head for deep water and suspend somewhere between the water surface and lake bottom … and generally lose their appetite until several days of steady barometric pressure. In case no one knew where I was going with this … it's a fisherman's excuse for three days of intense fishing … cold hands, miles of walking...
Photo Essay - The Earthquake-Prone Mountains of Sichuan Almost 3 years ago we moved to Chengdu from Zhengzhou, before finally moving to Chongqing.  The Headmaster of a High School there who had been vice principal of the private high school in Zhengzhou where I had taught for my first 6 years in China was a good friend and we took many trips around the Chengdu area with him and his wife. On this occasion I accompanied him and a few other of his school officials on a two-day tour...

"Regrets are Rays of Light that Come Too Late"

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"Regrets are Rays of Light that Come Too Late" I know I read it years ago, but cannot remember, nor, find the name of the author … but it is to this day, prophetic regarding a certain circumstance in my life. Some years ago, I used to fish a spot until sunset on a mountain lake, and, on many of those early evenings, the gentleman in the photo below, would fish there with me.  I do not see that kindred spirit-fisherman these days, and, have not seen him for, I would...

Three Peaceful Pictures

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In NATURE, there are many possibilities for finding moments and images that evoke … ~ Peace ~ And sharing such moments and images with friends … gives me satisfaction and peace. 1) Pocono Mountain Lake at Sunset © A. Mac/A.G. 2) Grand Canyon Late Afternoon © A. Mac/A.G. 3) Painted Lady Butterfly, Milkweed Flowers © A. Mac/A.G.
Photo Essay - Shaolin Temple - Birthplace of Zen Kung Fu During my first year in China I was taken by the Headmaster to see Shaolin Temple, about an hour's drive up into the mountains from the school near Zhengzhou where I was teaching English and other subjects.  I returned there again a couple of years later, taking photos (or having them taken of me). On my first visit a monk taught me how to pray to Buddha. One should first burn incense, than bow 3 times to the Buddha. I never...
Photo Essay: Climbing the ‘Sacred Buddhist’ EMEI SHAN This is a re-posting and re-editing of an article I posted on the Creative Arts group more than two years ago. ‘Shan’ is Chinese for ‘mountain’. More than two years ago, on a Monday afternoon, my wife and I joined another woman and her daughter along with a driver who took us a few hours away from Chengdu, where we were living at the time, westward in Sichuan Province to not too far from Tibet, so we could climb a mountain that...

Two Monarchs and a Dowitcher … Huh?

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I dunno' … maybe an enigmatic headline will draw a small crowd … 'cause … unless it's about bangin' heads on the FP …  … "civil" does not seem to get it done … so … here they are, two Monarchs and a Dowitcher (whatever the hell that is). 1) Monarch Butterfly on Zinnia Flower Seed Head © A. Mac/A.G. 2) And Another © A. Mac/A.G. 3) And, yup! This One's the Dowitcher © A. Mac/A.G. 4) Painted...

Proverbial Homonym … One for the Birds at that!

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Like the headline says … © A. Mac/A.G.
Click and Head on Over

Released Two More Monarch Butterflies Today

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And here is one of them … currently, one of ten raised in a large bottle from egg, to caterpillar, to chrysalis to adult. This one is a female …  Three more chrysalises to go. © A. Mac/A.G.

Milking It for Nature's Sake

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This summer I have collected a number of caterpillars and "raised them" to their adult, BUTTERFLY stage. I have released roughly 10 Monarch Butterflies and 2 Swallowtails. Crucial to the Monarchs is the Milkweed plant, the leaves on which the females they lay their eggs, and, as the eggs hatch, the readily available food for the emerging caterpillars. Once I spot a caterpillar, I carefully cut part of the milkweed plant where it is feeding, place it with a length of stem and...

The "Magic Hour"

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It's is referred to by many as "The Magic Hour" … no further explanation required. © A. Mac/A.G. © A. Mac/A.G.

A Note to those Posting VIDEO Streams

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Best bet for getting your videos seen by members, consider posting them here in the Photography & Art Category; it seems that most members, including myself, never think to look for them even though they're posted in the Videos section.
A Chinese New Year shopping trip in Chengdu, China   This article was originally posted more than two years ago, but now I have re-edited the photos and improved their presentation.   It was a fairly warm day for the end of February (2016), but still a little overcast. We decided to go to an area where the shops are plentiful and not expensive. There are lots of expensive department stores in major Chinese cities that house shops with international brand names like...
Photo Essay: An Ancient Confucius International School, an Ancient Town, and Grapes This was previously posted on the Front Page under the Photography and Arts Forum more than two years ago, but many may not have seen it. I have re-edited the photos and improved their presentation.  The photos were taken the morning before we spent the afternoon at the Tao temple, about which my photo essay was posted a few days ago.  As I indicated on that essay, it was a dull day, but it was a...
Photo Essay: A Taoist Temple at the Foot of the Mountains This is another photo essay that I originally posted on the Creative Arts group more than two years ago, so I assume that not many NT members have seen it.  The photos have been re-edited to better clarify them with improved presentation.  Recently, a member posted an article using the yin yang symbol as its picture which made me recall this temple, as the symbol is identified as being Taoist. After touring an ancient...
It's at the link below. https://thenewstalkers.com/a-macarthur/group_discuss/5159/rev-it-up-for-creative-arts-group-thursday-friday

Three Recent Images … A Break from Politics

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Monarch Butterfly Male, Sepia Tone © A. Mac/A.G. Osprey, Sepia Tone © A. Mac/A.G. Ring-billed Gull … a Spiritual Visitor © A. Mac/A.G.
Photo Essay - Part 3 of My Day Trip To A Garden Park As with the original parts 1 and 2 of my Day Trip series, I have remastered and improved the photos, and am posting this as it was originally posted in November of 2016 on the Creative Arts group, so it will not have been seen by many of the present-day NT members.  I have noted that most of the politics-fixated members won't bother to look anyway - their loss.  This part will consist mostly of photos and little verbiage,...

Photos as We Come to the End of Summer

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1) Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, Zinnia Flower © A. Mac/A.G. 2) Coreopsis Flower and Buds © A. Mac/A.G. 3) One of my "babies" … I raised him from an egg on a Milkweed leaf; the two spots alongside the abdomen identify this one as a MALE.
Photo Essay - The Day Trip Part 2 - The Garden Park As stated in the previous photo essay, this was originally posted on the Creative Arts group more that two years ago, but I have now re-edited the photos, and many members had not seen the original article. Now we are entering the gardens. I took so many photos that this will be Part 2 but I am going to continue with a Part 3. The gardens of this park were magnificent, and I noted that visitors had come from scores of...

They will Soon be Gone Until Next Spring

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… Butterflies, that is. Summer of 2018 seems to have indicated a resurgence in the number of BUTTERFLIES when contrasted with the last three or four years, during which, there were alarmingly few! When I began to notice Monarch Butterflies late in the summer, I watched for the appearance of their eggs on Milkweed leaves, then the caterpillars -- which I placed in large, mesh-covered, wide-mouthed bottles. In the bottles I placed fresh Milkweed leaves which the caterpillars...
Photo Essay - A day trip to share with you. This photo essay was posted on the Creative Arts group more than two years ago, so I assume not many have seen it. I have now re-edited the photos.  On this day trip I took so many photos I’m going to divide this photo essay. The first part that I’m posting today is more about the city beside where the most magnificent park I had up until that time visited in China is located, and continues with the entrance to the park, and also the...

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