More Eagle Cam Drama: Liberty abandons eggs, takes up with yet another male suitor


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More Eagle Cam Drama: Liberty abandons eggs, takes up with yet another male suitor
Washington: The soap opera unfolding in an eagle nest 100 feet above D.C. took a sad turn Friday

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

Bald eagle Liberty — whose longtime mate Justice flew the coop just a few days after she laid the first of two eggs this season — appears to have abandoned her eggs and left the nest in the company of another male eagle she was seen mating with.

“There’s no possible way those eggs would hatch at this point,” said Tommy Lawrence, managing director with the Earth Conservation Corps, which maintains the eagle webcam that broadcasts the doings in the nest. “They’ve been left in the cold for way too long, and so those eggs are gone for now.”

The normally staid eagle nest above the D.C. police academy in Southwest D.C. has been beset by uncharacteristically  high drama this year, including Justice’s sudden disappearance and the arrival of two rival suitors who both tried to court Liberty.


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1  seeder  katrix    last year

The soap opera is even more complicated than this.  Read the article to see where this soap opera is going.

It's sad that Mother Nature is so indifferent ... but so fascinating.  We are all kind of heartbroken about Justice ... yet fascinated by all the twists and turns.

2  seeder  katrix    last year

“M2 came in and chased Aaron Burrd off and then wooed Liberty,” Lawrence said. It turns out M2 was more mature than Aaron Burrd and, at Liberty’s coaxing, even attempted to incubate her eggs.

“It was an interesting thing that we hadn’t really seen before: another male eagle come in to incubate another male’s eggs,” Lawrence said.

3  Kavika     last year

It's ''Payton Place'' revisted. 

You have to be a certain age to appreciate that comment...

3.1  seeder  katrix  replied to  Kavika @3    last year

While I never read/saw that, I get the reference.  I was thinking more like "As the world turns" or one of those soap operas.

3.2  sandy-2021492  replied to  Kavika @3    last year

I get the reference, even though the movie was before my time.

4  seeder  katrix    last year

We have a bald eagle nest near my house (not this one).  When I'm out kayaking, I generally see eagles soaring overhead as they hunt.  They're amazing creatures.

Bob Nelson
5  Bob Nelson    last year


5.1  seeder  katrix  replied to  Bob Nelson @5    last year

I know ... it seems silly to be sad about this, but I am. 

5.1.2  seeder  katrix  replied to    last year

I've never been much of an Abba fan - but that was beautiful!  Thank you.  I love how they've captured the other animals watching the eagles.

6  seeder  katrix    last year

I saw this a while back and it was phenomenal.  About the Great Philippine eagle.  Only the trailer is online now, but the movie will be posted in May.  The trailer alone is worth watching.


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