Social Security Spying On You But Who Watching Them!

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Social Security Spying On You But Who Watching Them!

Social Security Spying On You But Who Watching Them

Today news is social security is using Facebook to spy on applicants. That government would rather lock you up than

help you. Apply takes 2 years, Federal witch hunt 1 day. Who watching Social Security and all the fraud they are

committing. The deliberate denials are fraud. Social Security using Dr to deny claims in under 10 minutes that can't

practice medicine. One Dr was convicted on cocaine but makes hundreds of thousands of dollars on denials. The

faster they go the more they make. Say John illness causes him to miss 2-3 days a month but has 27 great days. He

unable to stay employed but social security will tell him he employable. John will loose his home go into financial

ruin and even commit suicide. The US government should start being honest. This scenario is real and no one talking

about it. We have people stuck in no mans land. As long as you die social security is OK with that.. Federal

government has a psychologist in Marion Indiana that was on probation for throwing medical records in the trash.

They have him in charge of records. The only people the government goes after are whistle blowers, veterans and

the disabled


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Its sad and sick all at the same time


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