22 Veterans A day

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22 Veterans A day

22 Veterans A Day

No one in this country is talking about the mind altering medications these veterans are on. There needs to be better alternatives for veterans. You will

find in almost every suicide a veteran was on mind altering medication. We always put the blame on the veteran and there actions as the government

takes no responsibility in the mess they created. A Officer killed himself at the VA and left a note that said VA is responsible for 90 percent of suicides.

Latest news VA patient Advocate suppose to help veterans but a former VA employee come out saying VA using the patient advocate to find

complaining veterans to retaliate against them. We as veterans have no trust in a system that's suppose to help us. The other issue is we have a

benefits crisis in this country. One veteran waited years couldn't maintain gainful employment and took his life. VA screwed up sent him a denial letter

than realized he was eligible but to late he gone. This is a government that has turned its back on the defenders of freedom.

link google the hidden enemy. This video may make people realize why theirs a epidemic

This article is being sent threw out the country in papers


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1  author  ghostlybear    last year

So sad its a reality that our government has abandoned us. The VA the only place I know were you can get a bonus after killing someone.

some articles

11 dead vets 3000 mis diagnoses faytville Arkansas.

Dentist dosnt clean equipment many veterans may be infected with HIV

Veteran leg problems being made wait 29 days

veteran looses leg due to scheduling error

opoid crisis

dr on probation for throwing medial records in trash has access to records

nurse falsifies records promoted to full time federal employee

3 vets dead in 5 days

vet shot sell in stomach survived mom told hospital to not let him go home alone they did he dead

veteran sets self on fire in protest va

This is government healthcare at its finest. No one held responsible as lives are destroyed

1.1  Enoch  replied to  ghostlybear @1    last year

Dear Friend Ghostlybear: I am pleased you posted this article.

It addresses a real and terrible problem.

Something must be done to protect those who protected us.

Sooner rather than later.

Peace and Abundant Blessings Always.


2  bbl-1    last year

It is possible that a nation which launches wars based on lies and fraud should not expect 'good long term outcomes' for those it placed in that situation.

I am Vietnam Veteran. 

As far as healthcare.  America's has much to improve on.

3  author  ghostlybear    last year

I agree this article has been picked up by USA today. Seems whistleblower veteran and the disabled are thrown away in this country

4  author  ghostlybear    last year

Watched the hearing on veteran suicide nothing will ever get done people were pissed the whole system sucks


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