I am a Trump Supporter!

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I am a Trump Supporter!
"He's a good man. We should let him do his job. His job is golfing!

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

Folks always ask me, "Why are you a Trump supporter?

196And, I never know exactly how to respond. So, I produced this video to share my numerous reasons.

I could say that it is Wine! Trump owns, or, did own, a Vineyard, Trump Wine, that he is reportedly was misusing to grow his wino constituents. I like his wine. It is free. I steal it.

Wine and more wine is an effective recruitment tool to reach my demographic, wasted winos. I am a wino,  a homeless bum and a card-carrying Republican, why else would I support Trump?

I hope you enjoy the video. It is self-explanatory. However, I don't know how to embed it from my video collection on FB, or, broadcast it to YouTube, because, if truth be known, I am a Certified Maroom about most things. Would you like to see my authentication papers?

I did make this insightful video into the mind of a Trump support who loves Trump all by little myself. Of course, I started it with the promise of a generous grant from the Trump Foundation, which after two years has yet to arrive. 

Nor has my crate of Trump Cheapo Red Wine For Winos has, as of this post, not arrived, either.  It must be a mix up with the U.S. Postal Service, which is as "Deep State, as Deep State goes.

When I called the Trump Foundation, the automated answering service, Melania, told me that they were  "out of business for the next five years", but, after that time, she said, "you receive a check." She concluded our phone conversation with, "Be Best", then, hung up.

Probably, another unauthorized FBI raid engineered by the "Deep State", plotted by the former FBI Director, Comey, who hates Trump because "the Donald" is the Best President ever. Even when Trump "Be Best" over Alexander Hamilton, the 33 presidents of the United States back in the day, when the U.S. was just getting started. Before we had safe water to drink, so, everyone drank whiskey and was "bonkers" most of the time.

I have often stay awake all night for days pondering, "Why does the 'Deep State' harass this Christian man, so?"
Is it because he can grab women by the "Pus*y", and, they can't? Jealousy can get to a man.

Trump is a good man? He just wants to do his job. His job is golfing.

However, because I am resourceful, I called Ivanka's Non-Profit Foundation, "Sluts For Starving Kids",  but, ironically, I got the same result. "This number is no longer working".

It was the same with John Jr.s, and Eric's. non-profit organizations. They are all out of business.  All Trump foundations, it seems, to this unbiased observer, have been closed down because Trump and his family have spent all their money doing "good things",  for poor kids, like putting "Kids in Cages", when they cross the border and have no place to live.  Or, after Trump evicts their parents from "Merica to teach them a lesson. 

Seems like the Trump Foundations has once again been targeted by the "Deep, Dirty State of Liberals, Communists, and Pinkos, run by Nancy Pelosi, illegally from her office in the House of Representative, according to a non-vetted "sauce", me.

Please, tie someone, you do not love to a chair, and, force them to watch this breathtaking, insightful video.  They will love you for it and will like your rude behavior, and, accept it as a "much needed political intervention".

Observe how quickly your captives' views, and yours, will change. Trump is a master at Brainwashing. I do that to myself every night, and, in the morning I always have "rope burns" to show for it from strapping myself to a chair, but, once strapped in, I can't figure out how to turn on the VCR.  

Oh, well, life is not fair, according to Jimmy Carter, whoever the Hell he is. 

Here is the link. I am not sure that clicking on to it will not put you in direct contact with the "Deep State", but, we must be strong, if we are going to tear down everything, then, let Trump rebuild it up. He is a builder, you know.


I hope you enjoy it. I did making it. If you like it, send cash. Please, enough with the "returnable bottles" I can't cash them it. I can't write.

Sorry, I must go. I am running low on wine, now, that Trump's Winery went bankrupt, or, was sold to the Saudis! So, I have to beg for loose change. Do you have any you might send to me?


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Eat The Press Do Not Read It
1  seeder  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    2 weeks ago

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth more. - Jonathan Livingston Pigeon-Poo

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
2  seeder  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    2 weeks ago

The substance of my Artistic Posts is never in the content. It is hidden in the comment section where I might embed subliminal messages.


Eat The Press Do Not Read It
3  seeder  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    2 weeks ago

Currently, Dr. Jeckel and I are planning a "Hollywood Styled Premier" of Jonathan Livingston Pigeon-Poo, "Doctored"(mine) classified Videos for an early Summer release in Botswana.

Therefore, for my Legion of Unwashed Fans, here, in 'Merica, I am piece-mealing them on my Eat The Press - Do Not Read It page to tease my them because they are entirely too mute. I know they are out there, even though they remain mum.

It is so serene to be honored by the Mute Community at this upcoming event, serene and so quite.

We all deserve a little "Serenity" in our lives to combat the constant Trump Chatter.

At these Mute Gatherings, I am always well received. Never an ugly criticism hurled, unlike my public lectures in Group Home For "The Terminally Weird"! They are very raucous, punctuated with intense "hurling".

I hope you enjoy these this creatively crafted "gem". If you do so, please, empty your bank accounts and send me the cash to continue my mission as an "Ed-You-Ma-Kate-Tor", justing doing the Lord's Work For Cash!

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
4  seeder  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    2 weeks ago

I keep getting a popup that read:  "Please use Control + V to post a video."

Does that mean hold down the "Ctrl" key, press the "+", then, the "V" key? Or, does it mean, as I suspect, "Go to Hell"?

I still am having difficulty posting a video that I did on FB under "Go LIVE" to another source.

Additionally, it is beyond my skill level, which is "low to none", on how to save the video to my computer file, or to YouTube, where my legion of "Unwashed Masses of Asses" wait patiently for their daily instruction.

5  luther28    2 weeks ago

I am a Trump Supporter

And Trump is an athletic supporter, no lack of nuts.

7  FLYNAVY1    2 weeks ago

Here in Germany we spend so much of our time apologizing for the stupidity of Americans that have allowed Trump to become president.  It is going to take decades to mend fences with our allies. 

Dean Moriarty
7.1  Dean Moriarty  replied to  FLYNAVY1 @7    2 weeks ago

As Trump commemorates D Day you are apologizing to those assholes. You got it ass backwards. They should be the ones apologizing to you. 

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
7.1.1  seeder  Eat The Press Do Not Read It  replied to  Dean Moriarty @7.1    2 weeks ago

Dean Moriarty, I am not certain who you are referring to, Trump, the International Disgrace, or, me, the author of this "pieces of intestinal junk".

I write from instinct, not, data, research, nor, knowledge. These posts are my twisted feelings, not factual.

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
7.2  seeder  Eat The Press Do Not Read It  replied to  FLYNAVY1 @7    2 weeks ago

Have you seen the Episode about the Navy pilots that encountered a cylinder UFO that was captured on the radar within their plane? Cmdr Mellon, an heir of the Mellon family has formed a research team to look into this anomaly?


After retiring they have come forward with

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
8  seeder  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    one week ago

I haven't seen it. But it is "wonderful"!

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
9  seeder  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    one week ago

People who see things first, then, comment on them are COWARDS!

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
10  seeder  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    one week ago

I am thinking about growing a beard. 

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
11  seeder  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    5 days ago

Yesterday, I thought about it, also.


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