Democrats And The Death Of Responsibility


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Democrats And The Death Of Responsibility
Insulation from consequences perverts the soul. The Democratic Party is offering blanket absolution; If your life is not what you think it should be, it’s not a result of the choices you’ve made or actions you’ve taken, it’s the system that’s rigged against you. But don’t worry, the people in positions of power who’ve created the system are there to bless you with promises of more -- only this time it’ll work. The fact remains that, with very rare exceptions, if people want to point the...

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

Remember when people were responsible for themselves? When good decisions led to good results and bad ones were met with negative consequences? Unless your parents were absentee or simply awful, you likely learned as a young child. Now a major political party is doing all it can to counteract those valuable lessons; to appoint itself Pope and grant absolution, without confession, for any bad choices people make. Absolving people of the consequences of bad behavior will only ensure more of that behavior.

Democrats are in love with abortion. Everyone has their fetishes. For them, it is the termination of human life in the womb. They celebrate it, they cheer it, and now they want you to pay for it.

Since 1976, the Hyde Amendment blocked federal tax dollars from paying for abortions. It was never really controversial, while the parties disagreed on the issue of abortion, majorities on both sides agreed that forcing people with religious objections to the ending of a child’s life was not only wrong but immoral. Anyone so inclined is free to donate as much as they want to abortion providers, but forcing those with the First Amendment protected freedom of religion to pay for something in direct conflict with their faith was a bridge too far, even for Democrats. Now doing just that is a litmus test.

Joe Biden swore his support for the Hyde Amendment was based on his deeply held Catholic faith. Always pro-abortion, the handsy former Vice President drew the line at forcing others to fund it. The core principle of his was tossed aside this week to appease the worshipers of his new religion.

The easy access to abortion serves to free people of the obvious consequence of sex. The push to force everyone else to pay for it is an attempt to absolve them of any responsibility.


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This is a great article about statism and big government and the harmful effects it has on liberty, freedom, individuality, personal initiative, and economic choices. Too many expect to be lazy or do stupid things and then have government bail them out with money taken by taxation from those who have made good choices in life.  There’s nothing wrong with a safety net hand up for those truly in need through no fault of their own, illness, back luck like an unexpected layoff, etc.  


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