Hello everyone. Most of you coming over from newsvine remember me as Cornhusker4Palin and many here awhile as XXJefferson. I am an AMAC member qualifying for some senior discounts at age 59. I'm a quiet, shy, easy going man who loves his country very much. I'm single and not currently making progress toward changing that status. I am a licensed foster parent and am an adoptive parent. I'm an avid sports fan following local teams in pro baseball, football, basketball, and hockey, and follow the University of Nebraska in college sports. I also follow club level soccer ⚽️ and volleyball for youth. I like to be on line, to read, to be involved again in my church, take advantage of the great outdoors, trails, lakes, mountains, swimming, etc. and am a political junkie. I lean to the conservative side of things with some libertarian leanings and was a democrat who became a Reagan democrat then transitioned to the GOP. I along with my bank own a modest house here in beautiful Redding, Shasta county, State of Jefferson, USA. I used to drive a like new 2004 Kia Sorento EX and it was a great car.  I had to retire it with 210,000 miles on it as it would cost 6,000-10,000 to get it smog legal. I replaced it with a like new one prior owner Nissan Maxima that was garage kept, well maintained and low miles on it.   I was a paraprofessional counselor and instructional assistant who assists in behavior counseling and academic support in a school for those who for whatever types of abuse in their lives can't be in a regular public school. I also worked with young people similarly affected in their home environment. After a year of domestic work for church from which I backslid away from for awhile and am now back, I began work in this challenging yet rewarding field 33 years ago and have been with the same employer that whole time and intend to retire with them in 8 years 7 months.  Well that didn’t work out.  They closed their group homes and school here and laid me off.  I work with people both co workers and students of all backgrounds and have been intangibly rewarded through out knowing that we make a positive difference in the lives of those around us. I just do it now with a different employer.  I live in Jefferson USA in Shasta county and the city of Redding a beautiful city surrounded by a beautiful area,  we have a lot of rivers, lakes, waterfall, forests, mountains, state and national parks all around us. We are a red stronghold in a deep blue regime. http://www.visitredding.com/mobile/   I’m a big fan of the best conservative and Christian web sites.  Keep America Great!  Trump-Pence 2020! https://www.instagram.com/p/CFCTpnpFMRx/?igshid=u9hf51n74qrv