Football Star Pays For 53 Mammograms To Honor Mom Who Lost The Battle With Breast Cancer


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Football Star Pays For 53 Mammograms To Honor Mom Who Lost The Battle With Breast Cancer
In honor of my Mom, Charlotte Radiology & I provided mammograms to 53 women in need because #MammogramsSavesLives

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

DeAngelo Williams, Pittsburgh Steelers running back announced recently that his non-profit organization The DeAngelo Williams Foundation will cover the cost of 53 mammograms at hospitals in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Pittsburg to honor his late mom who lost her life due to breast cancer.

He is a strong supporter of breast cancer awareness. His mom, Sandra Hill, lost her life after battling breast cancer aged 53, and he also lost his four aunts to the disease, but not before he led a push in 2009 to allow NFL players to wear pink cleats throughout October because of Breast Cancer Awareness month.


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From the article:

Fans have become accustomed to seeing pink on NFL gear throughout October ever since then, but that’s not sitting well with Williams. He wanted to show his support for breast cancer awareness all season long, and he wants to wear pink accessories during games.

Williams, though, was told No by NFL’s vice president of football operations Troy Vincent, and the NFL later issued a statement in which they said that the league works with the clubs and players to raise awareness collectively for breast cancer during the month of October. 


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