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S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

Judicial Watch announced today that the State Department provided a previously hidden  email  which shows that top State Department officials used and were aware of Hillary Clinton’s email account.

On December 24, 2010, Daniel Baer, an Obama State Department deputy assistant secretary of state, writes to Michael Posner, a then-assistant secretary of state about Clinton’s private email address:

Baer: “Be careful, you just gave the secretary’s personal email address to a bunch of folks …”

Posner answers: “Should I say don’t forward? Did not notice”

Baer responds: “Yeah-I just know that she guards it pretty closely”

Mr. Posner had forwarded Clinton’s email address, which was contained in an email sent to State Department senior leadership, about WikiLeaks.

It appears the State Department produced this email in 2016 in  redacted form , blacking out Clinton’s personal email address and the discussion about Clinton’s wanting to keep her email address closely guarded.

Judicial Watch sought the email after a former top Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) State Department official   testified  to Judicial Watch about reviewing it between late 2013 and early 2014.

The testimony and the email production comes in discovery granted to Judicial Watch on the Clinton email issue in a FOIA  lawsuit  ( Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State  (No. 1:14-cv-01242)). Clinton also faces potential questioning under oath in this lawsuit.

Despite a recent  court order   requiring production of the email, the DOJ and State Departments only produced it 10 days ago after Judicial Watch threatened to seek a court order to compel its production.

“Judicial Watch just caught the State Department and DOJ red-handed in another email cover-up – they all knew about the Clinton email account but covered up the smoking-gun email showing this guilty knowledge for years,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

The scope of court-ordered discovery that produces this email find includes: whether Secretary Clinton used private email in an effort to evade the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA); whether the State Department’s attempt to settle this FOIA case in 2014 and 2015 amounted to bad faith; and whether the State Department has adequately searched for records responsive to Judicial Watch’s FOIA request.

During a recent  hearing , Judge Lamberth specifically raised concerns about a Clinton  email cache ,   carterheavyindustries@gmail.com, discussed in a letter to Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) and wants Judicial Watch to “ shake this tree ” on this issue.

Judge Lamberth also  criticized  the State Department’s handling and production of Clinton’s emails in this case stating, “There is no FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] exemption for political expedience, nor is there one for bureaucratic incompetence.”  

The court rejected DOJ and State efforts to derail further Judicial Watch discovery. Judge Lamberth called their arguments “preposterous” and cited a prior Judicial Watch FOIA case in which he ordered U.S. Marshals to  seize records  from a Clinton administration official.

Judge Lamberth detailed how the State Department “spent three months from November 2014 trying to make this case disappear,” and that after discovering the State Department’s actions and omissions, “Now we know more, but we have even  more questions  than answers. So I won’t hold it against Judicial Watch for expanding their initial discovery request now.”

Judge Lamberth stated his goal was to  restore the public’s faith  in their government, which may have been damaged because of the Clinton email investigation.

The court  granted  Judicial Watch seven additional depositions, three interrogatories and four document requests related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. Hillary Clinton and her former top aide and current lawyer Cheryl Mills were given 30 days to oppose being deposed by Judicial Watch.

On December 6, 2018, Judge Lamberth  ordered  Obama administration senior State Department officials, lawyers and Clinton aides to be deposed or answer written questions under oath. The court  ruled  that the Clinton email system was “one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.”

This Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit  led directly  to the disclosure of the Clinton email system in 2015.

Judicial Watch’s discovery over the last several months found many more details about the scope of the Clinton email scandal and cover-up:

  • John Hackett, former Director of Information Programs and Services (IPS)  testified  under oath that he had raised concerns that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s staff may have “culled out 30,000” of the secretary’s “personal” emails without following strict National Archives standards. He also revealed that he believed there was interference with the formal FOIA review process related to the classification of Clinton’s Benghazi-related emails.
  • Heather Samuelson, Clinton’s White House liaison at the State Department, and later Clinton’s personal lawyer,  admitted  under oath that she was granted immunity by the Department of Justice in June 2016.
  • Justin Cooper, former aide to President Bill Clinton and Clinton Foundation employee who registered the domain name of the unsecure clintonemail.com server that Clinton used while serving as Secretary of State,  testified  he worked with Huma Abedin, Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, to create the non-government email system.
  • In the  interrogatory responses  of E.W. (Bill) Priestap, assistant director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division, he stated that the agency found Clinton email records in the Obama White House, specifically, the Executive Office of the President.
  • Jacob “Jake” Sullivan, Clinton’s senior advisor and deputy chief of staff when she was secretary of state,  testified  that both he and Clinton used her unsecure non-government email system to conduct official State Department business.
  • Eric Boswell, former assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state,  testified  that Clinton was warned twice against using unsecure BlackBerry’s and personal emails to transmit classified material.


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1  seeder  1stwarrior    8 months ago

On December 6, 2018, Judge Lamberth   ordered   Obama administration senior State Department officials, lawyers and Clinton aides to be deposed or answer written questions under oath. The court   ruled   that the Clinton email system was “one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.”

And the beat goes on - gonna luv it when the Obama's and their crew, including Clinton, start getting "subpoenaed" for their "lack of transparency".

1.1  JohnRussell  replied to  1stwarrior @1    8 months ago

"Hillary Alert In Aisle Five"


Greg Jones
1.1.1  Greg Jones  replied to  JohnRussell @1.1    8 months ago

Reality and revealed truth continue to close in on the corrupt and conniving cunt. Can't wait to see her doing a perp walk.

Heartland American
2  Heartland American    8 months ago

Three cheers for Judicial Watch for being a great American watchdog organization and keeping us informed when the MBFC approved lamestream media will not.  This is indeed good news as more truth is revealed thanks to Judicial Watch.  

Paula Bartholomew
3  Paula Bartholomew    8 months ago

If she did something illegal, then by all means investigate it.  Fair is fair.

Greg Jones
4  Greg Jones    8 months ago

We know she did many illegal things, but right now the evidence and proof are being slowly uncovered.

Paula Bartholomew
4.1  Paula Bartholomew  replied to  Greg Jones @4    8 months ago

I also think that every member on the hill should be vetted for any crimes.  Then drain them from the swamp.


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