It's illegal to say "I want to kill the president"

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It's illegal to say "I want to kill the president"
It's illegal. It's a federal offense. Its one of the only sentences that you're not allowed to say!

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

As political tensions heat up, this is an important warning to those who can't control their tongues!


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The Whitest Kids U' Know  is an  American   sketch comedy  troupe and television program of the same name. The group consists of  Trevor Moore Zach Cregger Sam Brown Timmy Williams  and Darren Trumeter, though other actors occasionally appear in their sketches. They were accepted into the HBO  U.S. Comedy Arts Festival  in 2006 and won the award for Best Sketch Group.

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After making the rounds at local  New York City   comedy clubs , he eventually met fellow SVA film student  Sam Brown [1]  from  Massachusetts  and SVA Graphic Design student/actor  Zach Cregger , from Arlington, Virginia. By chance, all three lived in the same dormitory. According to an IFC interview, Trevor Moore says that the group's name originated during a  freestyle rapping  session on a subway, when one of their friends said, "You guys are the whitest kids I know." [2]

(These quotes are from the Wikipedia article)

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I am not sure for everywhere else, but it sure is on this site. 


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