Sarah Sanders said she doesn’t like being called a liar, and Twitter users were quick to respond

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By:   By Nicole Lyn Pesce

Sarah Sanders said she doesn’t like being called a liar, and Twitter users were quick to respond
Sarah Sanders has been called a lot of things — but “liar” is what really gets under her skin.

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Sarah Sanders has been called a lot of things — but “liar” is what really gets under her skin.

The former White House press secretary   told the New York Times   that she was “attacked for everything” while working in the Oval Office, but questions about her truthfulness have rankled her the most.

But readers on Twitter  were quick to respond that she is on the record in the Mueller report admitting that she made statements about the firing of FBI director James Comey that were not based on facts. Specifically, she told the press that “countless members of the F.B.I.” had told her they lost confidence in Comey. But Sanders revealed in the Mueller report that those comments were made “in the heat of the moment” and were not founded on anything. She has repeatedly referred to those statements as a “slip” or “slip of the tongue.”

As a result, #SarahSandersIsALiar was trending on Twitter on Monday morning.


Sarah Sanders tells NYT she doesn’t like being called a liar. She lied to WWR a few times and to the American people countless other times, so here’s some advice: If you don’t want to be called a liar - don’t lie. Not rocket science here

3:55 AM - 25 Nov 2019


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1  seeder  Krishna    2 weeks ago

A small-business owner in Arkansas told the paper that “the main thing I like about [Sanders] is her honesty.” The woman, Carla Shelton, added that Sanders has a “bad rap because people are offended that she does tell the truth. I’m 100% behind her.”

1.1  bbl-1  replied to  Krishna @1    2 weeks ago

That is amazing.  Should the 'small business owner in Arkansas' get a Pulitzer?

Or maybe something else?

2  JohnRussell    2 weeks ago

She's going to run for governor of Arkansas. They must not have much against liars down there. 

Sean Treacy
2.1  Sean Treacy  replied to  JohnRussell @2    2 weeks ago

True enough, They did elect Bill Clinton multiple times. 

2.1.1  Tessylo  replied to  Sean Treacy @2.1    2 weeks ago

But but but the Clintons ferchrissakes 

3  seeder  Krishna    2 weeks ago

And Sanders plans to run for governor, herself, when the seat opens up in 2023, telling the Times that she has been “called” to the office.

I wonder who "called" her?

Probably God (God does stupid sh*t like that when she's in a place like Arkansas jrSmiley_9_smiley_image.gif )

4  JohnRussell    2 weeks ago
I wonder who "called" her?

4.1  JohnRussell  replied to  JohnRussell @4    2 weeks ago

Thats a little cold.   I actually think Sarah Sanders is a pretty average looking woman. 

4.1.1  bbl-1  replied to  JohnRussell @4.1    2 weeks ago

Yeah.  Is a bit cold. 

Let the right wing do that stuff.  That's all they got.

You know, like the 'Clinton comment' from above.

5  bbl-1    2 weeks ago

Sanders called by-------------gawd?

Sanders doesn't like being called a liar?  Then she shouldn't have served under Trump.  Bad choice, Sarah.

Paula Bartholomew
6  Paula Bartholomew    2 weeks ago

Don't like being called a liar pig bitch, then you should have not lied time after time after time.  You made your bed, now lie in it, soiled sheets and all.


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