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link   Gsquared    4 months ago

I just saw your friend request.  It was to an old email address.

link   luther28    last year

I thought you would never ask :)

It Is ME
link   It Is ME    last year

Just finished watching "The Princess Diaries".... 1 and 2..... for the bazillionth time. Great Movies.

It Is ME
link   It Is ME    last year


link   cobaltblue    2 years ago

It's date night and we're planning a looong night. Probably will not be back until after the weekend. Love you, Tessy.

link   cobaltblue    2 years ago

My sweet Tessy ... no worries about accidentally flagging me. No problem whatsoever. I'm sorry you felt you had to lock the article. It was a great article and I really don't believe in silencing anyone. I'm thrilled to see the arguments that those who don't quite care for me give me. I love their arguments and it pleases no end to see them deflect and spin. It gives me great satisfaction to see weak arguments and I certainly am neither intimidated or even moderately interested in untruths. Well, their version of their truth. I smile each and every time some people exhibit their weakneses and I'm thrilled they're out there for all to see. 

I love you, girl. And I say let the world see all. If they start abusing you or our other valued members of intellect, that's another matter. However, if they come hoping to come to me to show me 'a thing or two', I thoroughly and completely love it. You know how Trump exhibits his ignorance with each and every tweet? Well, ... you know. I say let us all watch. I want them to keep speaking. Over and over and over again. Those on the fence will see inane rhetoric and will make decisions based on the illogical arguments. Lacking logic is everyone's right. And I enjoy watching those that abuse the privilege.

Trout Giggles
link   Trout Giggles    2 years ago

It's been 4 days since your last comment. Where are you?

link   NORMAN-D    2 years ago

Have a nice day. 

link   Texan1211    2 years ago

Welcome back!

Raven Wing
link   Raven Wing    2 years ago

Hi Tessylo, I am most pleased and honored to accept your Friend request. Thank you! Happy

link   lennylynx    3 years ago

Sorry to see you got suspended, Tess, You'll be back soon.  Try not to let the outrageous statements from the righties get to you.  Their ignorance and stupidity is boundless.  I find responding with humor and ridiculing their stances to be effective.  Responding with anger, while understandable, will get you banned.  The poster you responded to loves to play the victim.  Don't let her bait you into violating the COC.

link   Tessylo  replied to  lennylynx   3 years ago

Sorry I  missed this from weeks ago.  I'm learning!

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.    4 years ago

Welcome Tessylo to NT! If you need any help, just let me know.