Mysterious drones fly over Colorado and Nebraska


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Mysterious drones fly over Colorado and Nebraska
Almost every night for two weeks, people have reported fleets of unidentified drones flying over rural northeastern Colorado and western Nebraska. Officials are still investigating the source of the drones.


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Buzz of the Orient
1  Buzz of the Orient    7 months ago

Maybe they weren't drones.....


2  devangelical    7 months ago

the only things way out there in the sticks are cows, farmland, fracking sites, prisons, and a bunch of secessionist-wannabe clod hoppers that would likely shoot at the drones during daylight hours. I'd speculate that not too many players in the region would be able to finance an operation of this size, and want to keep it so secret. my guess is big oil, mostly foreign owned now, and those drones are doing GPS based topographical land surveys for future drilling sites or pipelines. keeping it clandestine will reduce future land speculation.

Trout Giggles
2.1  Trout Giggles  replied to  devangelical @2    7 months ago

That makes a lot of sense. There's nothing in Western Nebraska and Eastern CO except for lizards and tumbleweeds


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