Vera Lynn, Singer Whose Songs Bolstered British Morale During WW2, Dies At Age 103


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Vera Lynn, Singer Whose Songs Bolstered British Morale During WW2, Dies At Age 103

Dame Vera Margaret Lynn CH DBE OStJ was a British singer, songwriter and entertainer whose musical recordings and performances were largely popular during the Second World War. She was widely known as "the Forces' Sweetheart" and gave outdoor concerts for the troops in Egypt, India, and Burma during the war as part of Entertainments National Service Association. The songs most associated with her are "We'll Meet Again", "The White Cliffs of Dover", "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" and "There'll Always Be an England".



Vera Lynn, ‘We’ll Meet Again’ Singer, Dies at 103

Dame Vera Lynn , the iconic British singer best known for her rousing wartime song “We’ll Meet Again,” has died. She was 103.



Bless 'Em All


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1  author  JohnRussell    4 weeks ago


2  author  JohnRussell    4 weeks ago
That  Vera Lynn  was 103 years old is of no consequence. She was, in our mind’s eye, forever in her 20s, belting out the string of songs that helped sustain Britain during the second world war. Above all, of course, We’ll Meet Again, written in 1939. First recorded by Lynn, it perfectly captured the confused national mood of apprehension, self-belief and longing for a time when all would be well.

Surprise at her death is swiftly replaced by the sad realisation that it marks the end of a chapter in British history. Many of those who grew up with her music have died during the Covid-19 pandemic. How poignant that her death should come on the day that President Macron arrived in the UK to mark the 80th anniversary of General De Gaulle’s rallying cry to the Free French and to give the Légion d’Honneur to London, the city that weathered the blitz in 1940.
3  Kavika     4 weeks ago

RIP Vera.

Many years ago I sailed past the ''White Cliff of Dover''....What a reminder of that time, Thanks Vera.

4  author  JohnRussell    4 weeks ago
Vic Eldred
5  Vic Eldred    4 weeks ago

She was without a doubt a legend for those who fought for the UK during WWII. When I think of the music of that period, which was aimed at military personnel, there is only one other I think of. She died in 1992 - Marlene Dietrich.

6  Suz    4 weeks ago

I enjoyed her very much. 

I have Sirius and it is always glued to the 40s channel.  I never change it. 

6.1  author  JohnRussell  replied to  Suz @6    4 weeks ago

A couple months ago, when Queen Elizabeth gave a talk to her nation concerning the coronavirus crisis, the queen closed her statement with a quote from the Vera Lynn song from World War Two,  "We'll Meet Again"


'We'll meet again': Queen Elizabeth invokes WW2 spirit to defeat coronavirus

4 MIN READLONDON (Reuters) - Queen Elizabeth told the British people on Sunday that they would overcome the coronavirus outbreak if they stayed resolute in the face of lockdown and self-isolation, invoking the spirit of World War Two in an extremely rare broadcast to the nation.
6.2  author  JohnRussell  replied to  Suz @6    4 weeks ago

I love 40's music.  It is fading away for most people Suz, along with the people who created it. Time marches on. 

7  Suz    4 weeks ago

I enjoyed her very much. 

I have Sirius and it is always glued to the 40s channel.  I never change it. 

Buzz of the Orient
8  Buzz of the Orient    4 weeks ago

As a child during WW2, I listened to her songs being played often on the radio, and have never forgotten her distinctive voice and the famed words of encouragement for the British forces.

Land of Hope and Glory - Vera Lynn

8.1  author  JohnRussell  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @8    4 weeks ago

scenes from movie Hope And Glory





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