Crowds pack Arizona river as U.S. posts record COVID cases for three days running


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Crowds pack Arizona river as U.S. posts record COVID cases for three days running

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Crowds pack Arizona river as U.S. posts record COVID cases for three days running

Lisa Shumaker

reuters_Light.png June 28, 2020, 11:00 AM EDT

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Crowds pack Arizona river as U.S. posts record COVID cases for three days running

People go tubing on Salt River in Arizona

By Lisa Shumaker

(Reuters) - Hot and sunny weather in Arizona led to crowds tubing on at least one river this weekend as that state and a dozen others face the worst surge in coronavirus cases since the pandemic started.

Temperatures were expected to rise to over 100 Fahrenheit (38 Celsius) on Sunday along the Salt River east of Phoenix. On Saturday, dozens of people climbed into inflatable inner tubes with coolers and took to the water to escape the heat. Very few wore masks.

Texas shuttered tubing and rafting business on Friday and some beaches in Florida are closing again ahead of next weekend's Fourth of July holiday to try to curb the rising outbreak in those states.

The surge in COVID-19 cases has been most pronounced in a handful of Southern and Western states that reopened earlier and more aggressively, despite warnings by health officials to wait to see a steady decline in cases.

For a third consecutive day on Saturday, the number of confirmed U.S. cases rose by more than 40,000, one of the largest surges in the world. In Arizona, cases have risen by 267% so far in June and jumped by a record 3,857 cases on Sunday, the eighth record-breaking increase this month.

Even in states where cases have been declining for weeks, outbreaks are happening. One bar in East Lansing, Michigan has been linked to more than 76 cases, according to the Ingham County Health Department. That number is likely to rise, officials cautioned.

Just a day after he sounded a note of optimism about the U.S. response to the pandemic and said the country was in "a much better place," Vice President Mike Pence canceled events to campaign for Republican President Donald Trump's re-election in Florida and Arizona due to the outbreak, campaign officials said on Saturday.

In an interview with CBS, Pence said he was confident that there were enough health care supplies and capacity to deal with the spike in cases.

He also defended Trump's refusal to directly ask Americans to wear masks or to wear one in public himself, even as Texas Governor Greg Abbott and others say the widespread use of masks will be critical to be able to reopen the economy.

"We believe people should wear masks wherever social distancing is not possible, wherever it's indicated by either state or local authorities," Pence told CBS.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, has criticized the administration's response to the pandemic that has killed more than 125,000 Americans. She told ABC News on Sunday that mandating the use of masks across the country was long overdue.

Global coronavirus cases exceeded 10 million on Sunday according to a Reuters tally, marking a major milestone in the spread of the respiratory disease that has so far killed almost half a million people in seven months.

(GRAPHIC: Tracking the novel coronavirus in the U.S. -

(Reporting by Susan Heavey in Washington; Writing by Lisa Shumakmer; Editing by Daniel Wallis)


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1  seeder  Tessylo    2 weeks ago

Brain dead morons.


lady in black
3  lady in black    2 weeks ago

Stupid people.  Goes back to having a piss poor leader in the white house

4  JBB    2 weeks ago

Natural Selection

4.1  cjcold  replied to  JBB @4    2 weeks ago

So many candidates for the Darwin awards this year. I'm voting for Trump to win. 

Thrawn 31
4.2  Thrawn 31  replied to  JBB @4    2 weeks ago

Sadly their idiocy doesn't just affect them.

5  Ed-NavDoc    2 weeks ago

I am from Arizona and I love my state, but this makes me feel ashamed! Thankfully this is not representative of the entire state. .

Dean Moriarty
5.1  Dean Moriarty  replied to  Ed-NavDoc @5    2 weeks ago

Don't feel too bad we had nitwits blocking the freeway in Colorado yesterday. 


5.1.1  seeder  Tessylo  replied to  Dean Moriarty @5.1    2 weeks ago

Can't see if they have masks on Dean.  Do they?

5.2  r.t..b...  replied to  Ed-NavDoc @5    2 weeks ago
Thankfully this is not representative of the entire state. .

The jury is out Ed...I love this place as well and just came home from a trip to the local grocery store in PHX...70/30 as to those wearing masks (the simplest of accommodations) to those not (openly ignoring every scientific recommendation and locally imposed restrictions). Mirrors most polls it seems.

5.2.1  seeder  Tessylo  replied to  r.t..b... @5.2    2 weeks ago

30% support this 'president' that is apparent.  The ones defying all logic and common sense.  

6  Ender    2 weeks ago

It amazes me that people refuse to take it seriously.

We had a record high number of new cases here.

I had to go out yesterday and had to stop and get gas and a quick trip to a store.

Traffic was unbelievable like it was a holiday weekend and out of everyone, I only saw one person wearing a mask.

6.1  cjcold  replied to  Ender @6    2 weeks ago

Don't get into my tiny town much, but when I do, tend to be the only person on my side of the counter wearing a mask. The store clerks are required to wear them but most don't wear it correctly by leaving their noses uncovered. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Keep bottles of Purell in my truck and house and use screen cleaner wipes on everything that I bring home. Now in my mid 60s and don't tempt fate like I did in my misspent youth. 

7  MUVA    2 weeks ago

I think I finally realize why some hate when people gather in these types of groups they weren't invited they hate to see people having  fun because they are whats called a wet blanket.At first I thought it was because of the virus and they wanted to stop the spread now I see it is just jealousy. 

Thrawn 31
7.1  Thrawn 31  replied to  MUVA @7    2 weeks ago

It doesn't have anything to do with jealousy [Deleted]

lady in black
7.2  lady in black  replied to  MUVA @7    2 weeks ago

You couldn't be more wrong....I myself have turned down invitations to events, one today because I had an endoscopy done on Friday (I am Covid free as I had to get a test done prior to going to the hospital) and felt that because I was in the hospital and if I did catch anything I didn't feel I could in good conscience attend the event.  

Some of us make sacrifices for our family to keep them safe just in case....others (as you see in the picture) don't give a shit, it's all about me, me, me and my rights

7.2.1  MUVA  replied to  lady in black @7.2    2 weeks ago

See I wouldn't reply if I didn't think I was jealous I would just move on.

lady in black
7.2.2  lady in black  replied to  MUVA @7.2.1    2 weeks ago

Well I'm not you and what these people did is truly selfish

7.2.3  Ed-NavDoc  replied to  lady in black @7.2.2    2 weeks ago

In that we are in agreement. I am due to go into the hospital on the 12th of August for a total replacement of my left knee. I have been being careful to begin with and wear masks as I am already immune compromised because of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have to self isolate for a week before the procedure as it is. Idiots like those people make it doubly dangerous for those of us already compromised.

7.2.4  Kavika   replied to  Ed-NavDoc @7.2.3    2 weeks ago

That display on the river is the perfect example of ''ya can't fix stupid''....The cases here in Florida have gone through the roof. Some beaches are being closed before the 4th of July when the ''can't fix stupid crowd shows up. 

What an amazing display of ignorance. 

Good luck on your surgery, Doc.

7.2.5  Ed-NavDoc  replied to  Kavika @7.2.4    2 weeks ago

My thanks.

Paula Bartholomew
8  Paula Bartholomew    2 weeks ago

This is one of the reasons that 1 in four deaths from CV worldwide occurs here.


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