We've reached the "zombie cicada" stage of 2020


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By:   AJ Dellinger Aug. 4, 2020

We've reached the "zombie cicada" stage of 2020
God forbid a week go by in 2020 without something inexplicably weird or upsetting happening.

Because, yeah, why not zombie cicadas?

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

God forbid a week go by in 2020 without something inexplicably weird or upsetting happening. The latest sign that we are living in the worst timeline is a horror movie come to life in West Virginia. According to   research conducted by the University of West Virginia , it appears that a parasitic fungus has taken control of cicadas in the region and is using them to attack and infect other insects.

The fungus, known as Massospora, was identified earlier this year in a research paper published in June in the journal   PLOS Pathogens . According to researchers, it is a psychedelic fungus that possesses chemicals similar to those found in hallucinogenic mushrooms. When cicadas come into contact with these fungi, though, they are guaranteed to have a bad trip.

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Nature is weird, cruel and unforgiving.

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Yes she is

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The infection also poses no real risk to humans. The researchers noted that the infected cicada tend to be docile and humans can pick them up and see the fungus, but they don't have to worry about insects attacking or spreading their spores beyond the bugs.

I'm sure somewhere some Hollywood writer or producer is thinking this is a great idea for a new B horror movie. 

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Sometimes knowledge is not a good thing.   This is one of those cases.

One more, more or less insignificant issue, for folks to freak out about.   Like my new neighbors who moved here from the big city, freaking out and calling the cops when a black bear took out their prized, handcrafted bird feeder.

Welcome to the woods neighbors ...... not only do bears shit in it but they live and eat here as well.


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