Coronavirus board game created by German sisters sells out: report


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Coronavirus board game created by German sisters sells out: report

What a great idea.   Perfect number of sisters to play.  jrSmiley_4_smiley_image.png

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T


Rebecca, Lara, Stella and Sarah Schwaderlapp play "Corona." (Reuters)

After living through almost a year of the coronavirus pandemic, now you can play the board game

During Germany’s first lockdown earlier this year, four sisters from Wiesbaden, Germany , decided to make a board game , which they named Corona.

Already, the Schwaderlapp sisters have sold 2,000 copies of the game, Reuters reported .

According to the outlet, the point of the game is to buy all the groceries on a shopping list for an older neighbor who is staying home to avoid the coronavirus. 

Up to four players compete to deliver all their items first, overcoming obstacles including being exposed to the virus -- which leads to quarantining -- or not finding the necessary items at the grocery store because hoarders took them already. 

Sarah Schwaderlapp, 20, told Reuters that the game is meant to bring players together.

"The basic principle is one of solidarity," Sarah said. "But each of the players can decide to cooperate with the others ... or make things harder for them by blocking their path with viruses."

As the sisters developed the game in the spring, they continued to add other events and trends from around the world, including the hoarding and the concerts that neighbors in Italy performed from their balconies, Rebecca Schwaderlapp told Reuters.

The sisters’ father, Benedikt Schwaderlapp, hired an artist to design the elements of the game including the cards, board and box. 

Since they’ve sold 2,000 copies -- which they put together and ship themselves -- Benedikt told Reuters that the family is working with a toy store to distribute more copies of the game.

"Because the game has been so popular it’s been quite a challenge for our family-based operation - packing and posting 500 games within a very short period," Benedikt said. "Demand has been massive from across Germany."


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1  seeder  Suz    3 weeks ago

Good for them!  I'm a tad envious though.  Oh, to have sisters. 

Paula Bartholomew
2  Paula Bartholomew    3 weeks ago

As the old saying goes..When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

3  Gordy327    3 weeks ago

Dang, landed on "you got Covid. Go directly to quarantine! Do not pass vaccine!" Lol

Hmm, I wonder if the game includes a "Get out of quarantine free" card?


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