Morning Joe Bags Several Rats!


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By:  krishna  •  2 weeks ago  •  13 comments

Morning Joe Bags Several Rats!
During phone call Trump pressured GA Republican Sec'y of State to illegally overturn the actual election results.


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1  author  Krishna    2 weeks ago

Listening to the phone call, several things stood out. First of all-- Trump, like any practiced con-man, sounds soooo sincere, and so totally convincing! (But its all lies).

2  author  Krishna    2 weeks ago

Secondly, I noticed that all of his numerous claims were "backed up" by figures-- numbers of voters, percentages, etc.

Over the years I've noticed that successful con-artists do that whenever possible. Why? Because using (what purports to be) actual statistics makes it sound more authentic (even if something is a total lie!)

Hal A. Lujah
3  Hal A. Lujah    2 weeks ago

“We had a number of people who went to vote and were turned away because they said a ballot had already been cast in their name, and that’s very sad.”

Oh, well that’s because they already voted, dumbass.  You told them to try and vote twice to test the system, and it worked perfectly.

3.1  author  Krishna  replied to  Hal A. Lujah @3    2 weeks ago
Oh, well that’s because they already voted, dumbass.  You told them to try and vote twice to test the system, and it worked perfectly.


But many of Trump's groupies aren't exactly..."the sharpest knife in the drawer" (to coin a phrase :-)

(Heck, so can see numerous examples of this on social media sites...)

4  author  Krishna    2 weeks ago

The third thing that stood out-- how much information Trump presented. (All of it false of course).

Every con-artist knows that merely saying something like:

There was a lot of cheating going on

That might not be all that convincing. So-- Trump gave numerous "facts" to back up his claims. "Facts" and "figures" In some cases more than one "anecdote" to back up his claims. (All totally false). All of which would seem to bolster the credibility of what he said.

()If anyone wants to be a successful grifter like Trump, listen to this phone conversation. You will learn a lot).

5  Kavika     2 weeks ago

This is amazing, just a while ago I looked under the cushion on the sofa and guess what I found?

11,780 ballots.

The US is saved, give me an Amen.

5.1  Tessylo  replied to  Kavika @5    2 weeks ago


Hal A. Lujah
6  Hal A. Lujah    2 weeks ago

I got through half of the tape and it’s just too nauseating to continue.  What the hell is it with Trump and the “like nobody’s ever seen” phrase that he adds to every lie?  Is it supposed to make it sound like less of a lie?  It has the total opposite effect.  Nobody with a healthy brain would ever do that.  

Paula Bartholomew
7  Paula Bartholomew    2 weeks ago

Some recounts found votes for Biden.   Wouldn't it be a hoot if they did find any new ballots and they were all for Biden? 

TRUMP - "They don't count.  The deadline has passed."

OFFICIAL - "We found 20 for you Mr. Trump but the deadline has passed."

TRUMP - "Screw the deadline, count them."

Buzz of the Orient
8  Buzz of the Orient    2 weeks ago

Why couldn't Trump have done this earlier, before so many ballots for the 2 Senate runoff seats were mailed?  

Paula Bartholomew
8.1  Paula Bartholomew  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @8    2 weeks ago

Do you really think Trump gives a shit about the runoff.   He only cares about HIS "stolen reelection".

9  Tessylo    2 weeks ago


9.1  author  Krishna  replied to  Tessylo @9    2 weeks ago
EXCELLENT! jrSmiley_4_smiley_image.png


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