Washington State fires football coach for refusing COVID vaccine


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By:   Jordan Freiman (MSN)

Washington State fires football coach for refusing COVID vaccine
Four assistant coaches were also fired for not being vaccinated.

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

Washington State head football coach Nick Rolovich has been fired for refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19, the university announced Monday. Four assistant coaches were also fired for not being vaccinated.


Both the university and the state of Washington have implemented vaccine mandates. The deadline to receive a COVID-19 vaccine for state, health care and school employees in Washington was Monday.

"This is a disheartening day for our football program. Our priority has been and will continue to be the health and well-being of the young men on our team," athletic director Pat Chun said in a statement, according to CBS Sports. "The leadership on our football team is filled with young men of character, selflessness and resiliency and we are confident these same attributes will help guide this program as we move forward."

Rolovich had previously said he would seek a religious exemption to the state's vaccine mandate, which he apparently was not granted.

"I don't think this is in my hands," Rolovich said Saturday when asked if he had received an exemption. "I've been settled for a long time on it, and I believe it's going to work out the right way."

Rolovich in July said he would not get vaccinated "for reasons which will remain private."

Governor Jay Inslee announced the state's vaccine mandate the following month, shortly after Washington State University had announced its own mandate.

Defensive tackles coach Ricky Logo, assistant head coach and cornerback coach John Richardson, co-offensive coordinate and quarterbacks coach Craig Stutzmann and offensive line coach Mark Weber were also fired, CBS Sports report.

Defensive coordinator Jake Dickert will take over as the Cougars' interim coach.

After starting the season 1-3, Washington State managed to notch three straight wins for a 4-3 overall record and 3-2 conference record. The Cougars are scheduled to play BYU on Saturday.

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jrDiscussion - desc
Professor Principal
1  seeder  JohnRussell    one month ago

Next stop for the fired coach  - THE TUCKER CARLSON SHOW !

Sophomore Guide
1.1  Thomas  replied to  JohnRussell @1    one month ago

Followed by the start of the Washington State Covidian Football team.  Their Motto: We Always Win (because no one will play us...)

Paula Bartholomew
Professor Guide
2  Paula Bartholomew    one month ago

jrSmiley_13_smiley_image.gif WA state.

Professor Principal
2.1  Gordy327  replied to  Paula Bartholomew @2    one month ago

Indeed. Washington state sets an example for all other states to follow. Good on WA.

Professor Guide
3  evilgenius    one month ago

In other news Evander Kane has been given a 21 game unpaid suspension by the NHL for having a fake vaccination card.

al Jizzerror
Sophomore Expert
4  al Jizzerror    one month ago

Did former Washington State head football coach Nick Rolovich require players to wear helmets or did that violate their rights?

Are the players vaccinated?

charger 383
Professor Quiet
5  charger 383    one month ago

       " religious exemption to the state's vaccine mandate,"

have these people considered that the Lord, who both moves in mysterious ways and helps those who help themselves, might have sent the vaccine?  

Professor Principal
5.2  Gordy327  replied to  charger 383 @5    one month ago

Religious exemption is BS excuse if I ever heard one. 

Professor Quiet
5.2.1  Ozzwald  replied to  Gordy327 @5.2    one month ago
Religious exemption is BS excuse if I ever heard one.

Personally I'll give it to them, but only if they are Christian Scientists, Jehovah's Witnesses, or Amish.  All the other sects have never had issues with modern medicine.

charger 383
Professor Quiet
5.3  charger 383  replied to  charger 383 @5    one month ago

I was meaning that the Lord sent the vaccine as the cure

Greg Jones
PhD Expert
6  Greg Jones    one month ago

On a related note,  no Covid spikes have occurred in spite of heavy attendance at NFL and college games.


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