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I co-founded a couple of Newsvine Nations (ButtHeads and SiN) with Cobaltblue.  They were free speech Nations that emphasized satire.  I'm not fluent in NewsTalking so I hope everyone will cut me some slack.  

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link   luther28    one month ago

Flattered, I do not receive many requests, I am an acquired taste as a rule:)

Raven Wing
link   Raven Wing    2 months ago

Thank you for the Friend request. I am most happy to accept. (smile)

al Jizzerror
link   al Jizzerror  replied to  Raven Wing   2 months ago

Thanks for accepting.

link   cobaltblue    6 years ago

I'm still attached to NV too. However ...

link   cobaltblue    6 years ago

I'm on your page, baby. And am gonna read your blog! See? If we have to learn something new, at least let's learn it on a user-friendly program.

retired military ex Republican
link   retired military ex Republican    6 years ago

Welcome Al Jizzerror. Great Avatar Glad to have you here. I left NV on Feb 6th canceled the account andbailed out before the ship sank. Just like Fox Media I have them blocked to maintain sanity/.

link   cobaltblue    6 years ago

I am thrilled beyond belief!! Yay! I bought a thousand more shares of BIC stock. I am even more thrilled that you have yet to file a restraining order against me for stalking. I am your Number One Groupie Extraordinaire. Stalking is us taking a walk along the beach. But only one of us knows it. (Stolen from a funny tweet.)

Funny funny smart people here. I'm in funny/smart heaven. Hugs you big galute!

link   GeeGee64    6 years ago

NOW, it's a party. Al is here!!!