Iron clad


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Iron clad
"As I told Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu, our commitment to Israel's security against these threats from Iran and its proxies is ironclad - let me say it again, ironclad," Mr Biden said.

Link to quote: Biden vows 'ironclad' support for Israel amid Iran attack fears (bbc.com)

Joe Biden once again said "don't" and Iran immediately did. There wasn't much respect for the American president who works a three-day work week, struggles to read a teleprompter and tries to prosecute his political opponent.  For the first time Iran attacked Israel from its own soil sending over 300 missiles and drones towards Israel. The vast majority of those were taken down by the US Central Command and Israel and its allies. Any country attacked that way would respond and so would its "iron clad" ally. However, the weakling who will not do anything to Iran has now made it official:

O ne day after Iran launched a historic missile and drone strike on Israel, the U.S. stressed Sunday that it is committed to defending its longtime ally − but it would not be a part of any responsive action that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government could take.

White House national security spokesman John Kirby said the U.S. is not seeking escalation and does not want a war with Iran. 

A U.S. official who briefed reporters emphasized the U.S. was not involved in the initial Israeli strike that killed two Iranian commanders in Syria earlier this month and led to Iran's assault on Saturday. The official indicated President Joe Biden sought to take the temperature down in a call with Netanyahu on Sunday night.

US says it will defend Israel but would not be part of Iran attack response: Live updates (msn.com)

After pressuring Israel not to destroy Hamas and not to reply to missile and drone attacks on the Israeli homeland as well as threatening to cut off military aid to the only democratic government and longest U.S. ally in the Middle East, Joe Biden gets full blame for all that has happened since October 7th of last year:

"This was a massive, unprecedented and unacceptable strategic attack on Israel," Richard Goldberg, who was a member of former President Trump’s National Security Council, told Fox News Digital. "It would be a huge mistake to pull Israel back from a military retaliation, but it’s downright insanity to keep $10 billion accessible to Tehran in the aftermath. The president needs to lock down all the money he made available to Tehran these past months."

Biden’s dovish posture toward Iran emboldened Tehran in its attack on Israel: experts | Fox News

Benjamin Netanyahu now must decide on an appropriate response. Iran is very vulnerable to attack. It has built a military dedicated to offense. Iran has long been convinced that it will never be attacked.

In other news:

Minneapolis’s top prosecutor promised to overhaul criminal justice. She draws criticism from her fellow democrats.

Jury selection begins today in what appears to be the only political case against Trump to go to trial before the election. 

The FBI opens a criminal investigation into Baltimore bridge collapse.

Self-described anti-war activists in Chicago cheered after learning that Iran had launched hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel on Saturday. There was no comment from the White House.

Tesla is preparing to lay off more than 10% of its global workforce following weak first quarter deliveries and increasing competition in the electric vehicle (EV) market, according to a report.


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Vic Eldred
Professor Principal
1  author  Vic Eldred    3 months ago

Good morning

Today is Tax Day.


It is also a big day for the House with 17 bills ready for consideration.

Just Jim NC TttH
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1.1  Just Jim NC TttH  replied to  Vic Eldred @1    3 months ago

I read somewhere this morning that they were delaying the bills to discuss the Iran/Israel fiasco. Here it is......

Vic Eldred
Professor Principal
1.1.1  author  Vic Eldred  replied to  Just Jim NC TttH @1.1    3 months ago

Here is the latest on that:

An aid package that includes support for Israel and Ukraine will move forward in the House perhaps as soon as this week, according to Speaker Mike Johnson.

Johnson met Friday with former President Donald Trump and emerged upbeat on the chances of an aid bill supporting Israel, Ukraine and Asian allies, according to the  New York Post .

Greg Jones
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1.1.2  Greg Jones  replied to  Just Jim NC TttH @1.1    3 months ago

Seems like slow old Joe knew what was coming and went on "vacation" anyway.

If This Report Is True About Biden and Iran, There Should Be Impeachment Hearings (townhall.com)

Vic Eldred
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1.1.3  author  Vic Eldred  replied to  Greg Jones @1.1.2    3 months ago

It sounds like when Biden said the west response might be more muted if Putin only launched a minor incursion.

How soon people forget!

Vic Eldred
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1.1.4  author  Vic Eldred  replied to  Vic Eldred @1.1.1    3 months ago

Btw congress was considering substantial cuts to missile defense from the military budget.

Hopefully they'll be reconsidering that one now.

Vic Eldred
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2  author  Vic Eldred    3 months ago

Shall we tell them the bad news?


Greg Jones
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2.1  Greg Jones  replied to  Vic Eldred @2    3 months ago


Vic Eldred
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3  author  Vic Eldred    3 months ago

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected on Monday to meet with his war cabinet to discuss potential responses to Iran’s attack.

The cabinet had convened on Sunday, but ended their meeting without making a final decision about a response to Iran’s attack, a person with knowledge of the meeting told ABC News.


Israel-Gaza live updates: Israeli war cabinet to reconvene Monday (msn.com)

Vic Eldred
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4  author  Vic Eldred    3 months ago


Vic Eldred
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5  author  Vic Eldred    3 months ago

"I've launched a bipartisan investigation to examine the origins of COVID, gain-of-function research, and Dr. Fauci's cover-up attempts – all to prevent a future pandemic."  ... Rand Paul

Professor Expert
6  Nerm_L    3 months ago

Joe Biden has put support for Israel in a Lock Box.  And that's where it's gonna stay.  At least we're safe from Chinese balloons.  

With friends like Biden, American taxpayers don't need enemies.  Biden wants to save the US from guns the same way he's saving us from oil --- send it overseas and stick taxpayers with the tab.  We're paying for it but we can't have it.  How neoliberal is that?

Sean Treacy
Professor Principal
7  Sean Treacy    3 months ago

What’s amazing is that Obama/Biden (per the direction of Ben Rhodes) have spent the last decade building up iran as the Mid East power of consequence and sacrificing everything to do so (see Obama appeasement of   Russia).  10 years later, as the events of the weekend make clear, everyone except Biden is sick of iran exporting terror across the globe and is more than happy to isolate iran. 

Vic Eldred
Professor Principal
8  author  Vic Eldred    3 months ago



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