With Biden Stalling, Israel Announces They Will Just Get American Weapons From Taliban


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With Biden Stalling, Israel Announces They Will Just Get American Weapons From Taliban
TEL AVIV — With Biden delaying shipments of U.S. weaponry, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced today they will just obtain it from the Taliban instead.

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

TEL AVIV — With Biden delaying shipments of U.S. weaponry, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced today they will just obtain it from the Taliban instead.

"The Taliban has over $80 billion worth, so no big deal," explained Netanyahu at a press conference. "Honestly, the transaction and shipping will be way more efficient than dealing with the American government."

Biden handed over $86 billion in American weaponry to the Taliban in 2021, but denied shipments to Israel last week over concerns that they might not be as responsible as the Taliban. "We just don't trust the Jewish nation, they're very sneaky," sad Biden spokesman John Kirby. "We in the Biden administration want to be extremely cautious about who we allow to have such sophisticated weaponry, which is why the primary people we give weapons to are Eastern European warlords and the guys who did 9/11."

With the weapons shipments on hold while the few living hostages remain under Hamas control, Israel decided to simply purchase American weaponry from the enormous store in Afghanistan. "There are tons of American weaponry stores all across Afghanistan, plenty to choose from," said an IDF commander. "My personal favorite is Muhammed's Army Surplus, very good prices. We'll be fine."

At publishing time, Israel had announced that if the Taliban ran out of American weaponry, they would start purchasing it from the dealer in Qatar next to where the Hamas leaders live.


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Professor Guide
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Professor Expert
2  Nerm_L    2 months ago

Yasser Biden is hiding behind Palestinian women and children, too.  If the keffiyeh fits, then wear it.

Yasser Biden will tell us that he's made progress negotiating a cease fire with terrorists.  Yasser Biden doesn't understand that the only thing to negotiate with Hamas are terms of surrender.  

Yasser Biden will denounce Israel for violating innocent children's God given right to life at the same time he's on the campaign trail advocating the expansion of women's God given right to kill unborn children.  Biden standing for both really stands for nothing.

Professor Quiet
3  Ronin2    2 months ago

Why not? It wouldn't be the first time Israel has dealt with the enemy of the US.

The main concerns of the United States with respect to its arms trade relationship with Israel are strategic, industrial, and political. The strategic problems stem from Israel's propensity to re-export American hardware and technology. Defense is a dominant industrial sector of Israel, and in an otherwise struggling economy, economic imperatives provide a strong driving force for Israel to export whatever defense products it can. Given that Israeli defense firms cannot compete with the larger American and European aerospace defense firms, who sell to the United States, Western Europe, and other nations friendly to the West, Israel is largely left with the "shadier" markets of Africa, South America and East Asia.

The strategic problems of course arise from the altered balances of power affected by Israeli weapons transfers to these parts of the world. For example, it has been the policy of the United States since the Korean War to prevent the rise of a hegemon in East Asia, and Israel's continued transfers of sensitive and sophisticated military technologies to the PRC are not helpful in this regard.

American industrial concerns arise both from Israeli re-export practices and from the policy of the U.S. Government itself. Israel's practice of routinely reverse engineering American defense hardware and then either selling the technical data or repackaging and re-exporting it in an Israeli form is economically injurious to the American defense firms who have invested in the research and development of such technologies, and are having those technologies illegally expropriated for profit by Israeli firms. Secondly, the U.S. policy of allowing Israel to spend FMF in Israel is problematic for U.S. industry.

The main complaint from defense contractors is that United States (tax payers) is essentially underwriting the Israeli defense industry, which is more and more becoming a competitor for foreign contracts in a market that has been contracting since the end of the Cold War.

So tell me again why are we sending financial and military aid to Israel?

Professor Guide
3.1  seeder  GregTx  replied to  Ronin2 @3    2 months ago

So, I take it you agree with the Biden administration withholding Congressionaly approved aid from our ally?

Professor Quiet
3.1.1  Ronin2  replied to  GregTx @3.1    2 months ago

Let me be blunt.

As I have stated repeatedly I don't want the US funding anyone in the most dysfunctional sand box in the ME. That includes the PA, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Syrian rebels, Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, etc.

If Israel wants to purchase US weapons, then fine. Same with our other allies in the ME. None of them need US tax payer money to do so.

The US has a piss poor history of those we arm, train, and finance coming back to bite us in the ass. Throw in those that we back that simply collapse w/o putting up a fight as well. Then there are those that take who we back as a personal afront (many times it is well deserved); and attack US troops abroad- or US civilians here.

If you read any of the articles I linked then you know Israel doesn't give a fuck about the US. They will sell our technology to our enemies in order to get a buck. Which is asinine considering how many billions we give them every damn year in financial and military aid.


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