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Omenclature - Funny Street Signs

Omenclature - Funny Street Signs

By: Enoch  •  135 comments  •  3 minutes ago
Do you have a funny sign, traffic or otherwise to share with fellow Newstalkers? Please upload. "Go ahead. Make My Day". A mile to close out the week goes a long way. Please follow the site CoC and TOS. Enjoy. Peace and Abundant Blessings Where Ever You Park. Enoch. 
Aug 23 9:07pm Raven Wing @25.1.5
Aug 23 9:05pm Enoch @30.1.2 I loved them. A bye gone era.
Aug 23 9:05pm Enoch @29.2.2 Wise
Aug 23 9:04pm Raven Wing @30.2.1 You're welcome!
Aug 23 9:03pm Enoch @28.1.5 LOL
Aug 23 9:03pm Raven Wing @30.1.1 "..." I like that one too. After taking a read of all those old Burma Shave sign rhymes I forgot how much fun they were.
Aug 23 9:02pm Enoch @25.1.4 Good plan. I say GOOD PLAN
Aug 23 9:01pm Raven Wing @29.2.1 I have a standing, and wading, rule. If I can't see the bottom I walk the other way.
Aug 23 8:59pm Raven Wing @28.1.4 True. get moved into the wrong apt and the real owner of the reservation finds out.
Aug 23 8:53pm Raven Wing @25.1.3 Sounds like some I have been to. Glad I have a strong constitution, and always carry a pair of ear plugs. (wink)
Aug 23 8:51pm Raven Wing @26.1.7 Same here. Being a single Mom left me unprepared for a few things related to having a Son. Thankfully, my Father helped out with some of the more important details of personal needs for boys. (grin)
Aug 23 8:48pm Raven Wing @26.1.6 It wasn't my fault he broke the house rule. 
Aug 23 8:47pm Enoch @27.1.2 Cheers
Aug 23 8:46pm Enoch @26.1.5 Reminds me of a commercial for Bear Whiz Beer. "It's in the Water".
Aug 23 8:46pm Raven Wing @27.1.1 I need one. Got to take my Yoda Girl kitty in for her yearly booster shots soon. And her protests can be heard by all going to and coming home from the Vet.  Then I will be in need of another...
Aug 23 8:43pm Enoch @28.1.3 Why not. No danger of eviction notices. Smiles.
Aug 23 8:42pm MrFrost @30.2 Very nice RW!
Aug 23 8:42pm arkpdx @26.1.4 Why was it his fault you didn't look first?
Aug 23 8:42pm Enoch @26.2.2 Big Ben isn't only a clock. Winks.
Aug 23 8:41pm MrFrost @29.3 Sounds like they are #1 in #2. 
Aug 23 8:41pm Raven Wing @28.1.2 And have already made a reservation is seems.  
Aug 23 8:40pm MrFrost @26.2.1 One that I saw in a truck stop restroom... a post-it-note above the urinal... "Why are you looking up here? Are you ashamed?"
Aug 23 8:38pm MrFrost @26.1.3 It wasn't until I was a parent I understood those sayings. I swear, my son couldn't hit the toilet for love nor money. 
Aug 23 8:38pm Raven Wing @19.1.6 Cheaper by the gallon I hear. (wink)
Aug 23 8:37pm Enoch @30.1 My favorite one is as follows. "In this vail of toil and sin. The head grows bald, but not the chin. Burma Shave".
Aug 23 8:37pm arkpdx @15.2.4 "Robin Hood: Men in tights - Rabbi Tuckman explaining what is circumcision" on YouTube
Aug 23 8:35pm Enoch @29.2 There are some gene pools in which you never want to wade.
Aug 23 8:34pm Enoch @28.1.1 I hear there are people just dying to get in.
Aug 23 8:34pm Enoch @28.2 I bet. There are people there now who were never there before.
Aug 23 8:31pm Enoch @27.1 Booster shots anyone?
Aug 23 8:31pm Raven Wing @11.1.5 Sounds like my Maternal Grandmother's cooking. Bless her heart, she was no a very good cook, and thankfully my Grandfather was a good one.
Aug 23 8:30pm Enoch @26.2 Sign in a bus stop men's room. "We aim to keep this place sanitary. Your aim can help".
Aug 23 8:29pm Enoch @25.1.2 Not as disturbing as listening to me sing. I once headlined at a vocal concert. Ticket prices: $1 to enter. $150 to leave before it was over.
Aug 23 8:27pm Enoch @19.1.5 Invisible Plasma?
Aug 23 8:26pm Enoch @13.1.3 Worked for George Burns
Aug 23 8:25pm Enoch @11.1.4 Try their Chicken Friction Zee
Aug 23 6:53pm Raven Wing @30 When I was a young girl we lived in Ft Worth TX, and my Paternal Grandparents lived in Sulfur Springs TX. Every few months we would drive up to visit my Grandparents, and along the hwy there were...
Aug 23 6:33pm Raven Wing @19.1.4 ROTFL!! Good thing the policy was not necessary, as it would likely have been written in blood!
Aug 23 6:28pm Raven Wing @25.1.1 Dear Brother Enoch,  That must have been a very uncomfortable rendition of that song.
Aug 23 6:25pm Raven Wing @26.1.2 In our house the, the rule of the bathroom was, "If you stand to pee, lift the seat. If you lift the seat, put it down when down when your done." One night in the winter when I was just a...
Aug 23 6:17pm Raven Wing @28.1 Epic Fail? I'll say! Any good advertiser would know the primary rule......" Location...Location...Location!"
Aug 23 6:15pm Raven Wing @29.1 Great one Lady!
Aug 23 6:11pm lady in black @29
Aug 23 6:07pm Enoch @25.1 I put my right foot out, then my left foot out. Shook then up and turned them all about.  E.
Aug 23 6:06pm Enoch @24.1 A twofer. E.
Aug 23 6:05pm Enoch @23.1 Plan ahead always works. Laughs. Thanks. Peace and Abundant Blessings. E.
Aug 23 6:04pm Enoch @22.1 I better not set down what I thought on this one. E.
Aug 23 6:03pm Enoch @21.1 Speaks for itself, doesn't it? E.
Aug 23 6:03pm Enoch @20.1 No comment. Winks. E.
Aug 23 6:02pm Enoch @19.1.3 Alfred Hitchcock made of movie of that, I think. E.
Aug 23 6:02pm Enoch @19.1.2 The insurance agent who sold the policy was in a n RV with the motor running. Their motto, "Insurance by handshake. No policy necessary".  E.
Aug 23 6:00pm Enoch @19.2 I think I know that guy. Tenured Professor at the University of Wha? E.
Aug 23 5:59pm Enoch @18.1 Not my understanding of a threesome. Live and learn. E.
Aug 23 5:59pm Sister Mary... @13.1.2 "..." A really big cigar hides a multitude of age-related embarrassments. 
Aug 23 5:58pm Enoch @17.1 Three inches six months? E.
Aug 23 5:58pm Enoch @16.1 Seems about right. Smiles. E.
Aug 23 5:57pm Enoch @15.2.3 Done and done. E.
Aug 23 5:57pm Enoch @15.1.2 Sesame Seed? Special Sauce? Winks. E.
Aug 23 5:55pm Enoch @1.2.3 Great Plan. Hope springs eternal among those billing me who expect to get paid. Let them keep up that lottery spirit. E.
Aug 23 5:53pm Enoch @1.1.9 Deal.
Aug 23 5:53pm Enoch @1.1.8 Laffs.
Aug 23 5:35pm MrFrost @28
Aug 23 5:33pm MrFrost @19.1.1 Exactly, I can't even imagine the amount of bloodshed would be involved. 
Aug 23 5:32pm MrFrost @26.1.1 When I was a kid, my mom had a similar sign in our bathroom.. ;)
Aug 23 4:47pm Raven Wing @26.1 There was a sign in the All Gender restroom at the Transit station where I used to board the Trolley in the mornings going to work that read; "..."
Aug 23 4:43pm Raven Wing @19.1 "..." Hope their medical insurance was paid up.
Aug 23 4:40pm Raven Wing @1.1.7 "..." Dear Brother Enoch......I'll pass.
Aug 23 4:39pm Raven Wing @1.1.6 "..." That sounds like a Spock spork. (grin)
Aug 23 4:37pm Raven Wing @1.2.2 Dear Brother Enoch, I do the opposite, I look at my stack of bills, then look over at my checkbook and laugh without even opening it. (grin)
Aug 23 4:33pm MrFrost @27 And lastly...
Aug 23 4:32pm MrFrost @26
Aug 23 4:32pm MrFrost @25
Aug 23 4:31pm MrFrost @24
Aug 23 4:31pm Steve Ott @23
Aug 23 4:30pm MrFrost @22
Aug 23 4:30pm MrFrost @21
Aug 23 4:29pm Raven Wing @11.1.3 "..." Dear Brother not to ask. Sometimes looks can be deceiving. Other times, truth beats out fiction.
Aug 23 4:29pm MrFrost @20
Aug 23 4:28pm MrFrost @19 This sign proves that someone, somewhere, tried to milk a cat. 
Aug 23 4:27pm MrFrost @18
Aug 23 4:27pm MrFrost @17
Aug 23 4:27pm MrFrost @16 Ok, here is my "list"... Enjoy...
Aug 23 4:24pm Raven Wing @13.2.3
Aug 23 4:23pm Raven Wing @15.2.2 Dear Brother Enoch, Keep 'em coming!!
Aug 23 4:10pm Raven Wing @15.1.1  Dear Brother Enoch, You are on a roll today!!
Aug 23 4:08pm Enoch @15.2.1 Dear Sister Raven Wing: "Chop it clean with a Guillotine". Enoch (Marie Antoinette), Substituting Cake for Bread.
Aug 23 4:06pm Enoch @13.2.2 Dear Sister Raven Wing: The show was a gem for sure and certain. "Baby, Your the Greatest". E.
Aug 23 4:05pm Raven Wing @15.2 Oh good gosh, don't let Kavika or Wiki see that!
Aug 23 4:05pm Enoch @11.1.2 Dear Sister Raven Wing: Now that is the power of positive thinking. Well crafted phrase. One road sign I always loved was a sign near a Deli in the Catskills. It read, "Eat Here or We Both...
Aug 23 4:04pm Raven Wing @13.2.1 Oh my gosh, that was one of my favorite shows for many years. Shame they don't make them like that anymore.
Aug 23 4:02pm Raven Wing @13.3
Aug 23 4:00pm Raven Wing @11.1.1 Dear Brother Enoch, ROFL!! Living in one of the founding states of our country, the state where the first settlers landed in Jamestown, and in the midst of the Civil War Battlegrounds, antiques...
Aug 23 3:59pm Enoch @15.1 Two for Two. Talk about a circumcision joke. Well, time for me to cut it short. E.
Aug 23 3:59pm Enoch @14.1 Dear Mr. Frost: LOL. Good one. E.
Aug 23 3:58pm Enoch @12.2.1 Dear Friend MrFrost: I can personally confirm there are no liberals in Liberal, KS; and no industry in Industry, NY. I would not want to have been on the marketing team panel that named Garbutt,...
Aug 23 3:55pm MrFrost @15
Aug 23 3:54pm MrFrost @14
Aug 23 3:52pm MrFrost @12.2 I have as well, can confirm not much excitement in that town. 
Aug 23 3:49pm Enoch @13.1.1 Dear Friend Arkpdx: More likely its me before I shave and have a morning cup of Java. Winks. Enoch.
Aug 23 3:47pm Enoch @13.2 Dear Friend SMAAB: Decades back on the TV show, The Honeymooners the Kramdens and the Nortons were on a vacation to Germany. On a walking tour with a guide, they were told to go up to a local and...
Aug 23 3:41pm Enoch @12.1 Dear Friend Arkpdx: Love it. Reminds me that there are two municipalities, Heaven and Intercourse PA. Roads are such that the only way to get to Heaven is through Intercourse. You can't make...
Aug 23 3:39pm Enoch @11.1 Dear Sister Raven Wing: As an antique I resemble that remark. Laughs. E.
Aug 23 3:38pm Enoch @9.2.2 Dear Friend Dismayed Patriot: ROTF, LMAO. Thanks. Does me good. E.
Aug 23 3:37pm Enoch @4.2.1 Dear Friend TTGA: Last time I was in greater Detroit I was on the way back from Warren to Sterling Heights. It took me eleven minutes to make a Michigan Left to the nearest Meijer's.  Peace and...
Aug 23 3:34pm Enoch @1.2.1 Dear Sister Raven Wing: Thanks. Agreed. We all need a laugh every now and again. Normally when I grab a gaffaw I look at my checkbook, then read the bills in my mailbox. Now that's funny!...
Aug 23 3:33pm Enoch @1.1.5 Dear Friend CJCold: Fancy Delancey. I like it. Titanium Sporks. Anyone else feel like a Barium Bucket? Smiles. P&AB. Enoch.
Aug 23 3:21pm cjcold @1.1.4 My spork is made of titanium.
Aug 23 2:50pm arkpdx @13.1 Is that you?
Aug 23 2:33pm Sister Mary... @13 I used to get the biggest giggle out of this salon name. And then I turned 50.
Aug 23 2:31pm arkpdx @12 This one is accurate too. I have been there.
Aug 23 2:17pm Dismayed... @9.2.1 "..." I have an aunt with a pair of those... thankfully with some industrial grade fabrics she can keep them from hindering her ability to walk...
Aug 23 1:59pm TTGA @4.2 Wow!!!  How parental. I actually remember my mom telling me to keep my bike to the side of the road.  In the same vein, we have one on M-66 that says, DO NOT PASS WHEN OPPOSING TRAFFIC IS...
Aug 23 1:47pm Raven Wing @11 I took this picture when I lived in Warrenton VA a few years back. It is located on a hwy leading to Front Royal VA:
Aug 23 1:33pm Raven Wing @6.1 Love it!
Aug 23 1:31pm Raven Wing @4.1
Aug 23 1:27pm Raven Wing @1.2 Dear Brother Enoch, this is sign above is hilarious! Great article, and one sorely needed here on NT.  May our Spirits be lifted and our funny bones well tickled.
Aug 23 1:06pm Enoch @10.1 Dear Friend Is It Me: BOL! Love it. Thanks for posting. P&AB. Enoch.
Aug 23 1:05pm Enoch @9.1.1 Dear Friend Dismayed Patriot: Classic indeed. What happens in the Meadows stays in Las Vegas we assume. They will let us know in nine months. Smiles. P&AB. Enoch. 
Aug 23 1:03pm Enoch @9.2 Dear Friend Trout Giggles: A pair of knee slappers. We are most grateful. Thanks. P&AB. Enoch.
Aug 23 1:02pm Enoch @8.1 Dear Friend Paula Bartholomew: Laughing. Good ones. Many thanks for sharing. P&AB. Enoch.
Aug 23 11:54am Dismayed... @9.1 And the classic Las Vegas sign that read "Liqueur in the Front" "Poker in the Rear"...
Aug 23 11:52am It Is ME @10
Aug 23 11:48am Trout Giggles @9 There's a billboard outside Louisville, KY that says Nervous Charlie's Fireworks and Liquor Store or something like that. Then I saw a taxidermy shop next to a veterinarian's office in Cheyenne,...
Aug 23 10:46am Paula... @8 I don't have pictures but remember two incidents. Below a Denny's sign I saw was another sign...FAST GAS. There was a elderly gentleman dressed in every color of the rainbow to include a hat with...
Aug 23 10:36am Enoch @7 Dear Brother Kavika: BOL! Love it!!!!! Thanks. Enoch (Making A Reservation)
Aug 23 10:11am Kavika @6
Aug 23 8:59am Enoch @5 Dear Brother Kavika: Learning how to game a system has its advantages. When things play out in a court of law, who is the Allegator and who the Allegatee? Additionally, if there is a Sunshine...
Aug 23 8:53am Enoch @1.1.3 Dear Friend Ignorantzrulz: Most welcome.  The spork. One of the marvels of model technology. I am a fan. Col. Harlan Enoch
Aug 23 8:27am igknorantzrulz @1.1.2 "..." "..." "..." "..." "..." "..." "..." "..." "..." "..." "..." "..."
Aug 23 8:17am Kavika @4 Seems that gators in Florida have learned to post road signs. 
Aug 23 8:09am Enoch @3 Dear Brother Kavika: So true. "En Vino Veritas". "In wine truth". Enoch, Under the Affluence of Inchohol". 
Aug 23 8:07am Enoch @1.1.1 Dear Friend Igknorantzrulz: Thanks for the compliment. You are most welcome in any of my discussion threads. Any time. Any topic. Peace and Abundant Blessings. Enoch.
Aug 23 7:51am Kavika @2 A sign in Sanford FL.
Aug 23 7:46am igknorantzrulz @1.1 Nice light Friday choice sorry though, i haven't any sign to contribute, or means to load if i did , This could be a sign , i wasn't meant to read at least from what ive read
Aug 23 7:42am Enoch @1 Please post a funny sign. We can all use a belly laugh from time to time. Part of the charm of life. Kindly follow site Coc and TOS. Enoch, Doing Congregational Business Only and Not Driving on...
Michigan city council candidate wants to keep town 'a white community'

Michigan city council candidate wants to keep town 'a white community'

Via: Freefaller  •  1 comments  •  10 minutes ago
A candidate running for city council in Michigan told attendees at a forum Thursday night that she wants to keep the town's demographics as "white" as possible. The Port Huron Times Herald reported that Jean Cramer, one of five candidates running for an open seat in Marysville, vowed to work to keep the town "a white community as much as possible" if she's elected. The remark was...
Aug 23 9:01pm Freefaller @1 "..." Well I'm fairly certain I know who's not winning the open seat
What you can do to help the burning Amazon rainforest

What you can do to help the burning Amazon rainforest

Via: TᵢG  •  39 comments  •  20 minutes ago
Nearly   73,000 wildfires   have decimated the Amazon rainforest this year, a record amount for an ecosystem that produces   20% of Earth's oxygen . From celebrities and politicians throughout the world to locals, frustration and mourning continues to mount over the amount of man-made devastation in the Amazon. Brazil's space research center INPE has reported a recent 84% increase in...
Aug 23 8:50pm Freefaller @6.1.3 "..." I have no idea where that question came from, but also don't care so I won't delve further into it "..." No shit "..." We don't disagree that environmentalism is a part of the...
Aug 23 8:43pm charger 383 @8 Overpopulation is the real problem
Aug 23 8:38pm Tessylo @5.1 So it's as simplistic as re-planting
Aug 23 8:34pm MrFrost @7.1.1 "..." Yea, I am sure all that smoke is totally healthy to breathe. [eye roll]
Aug 23 8:33pm MrFrost @4.2.15 "..." I have been all over the world, it's part of that, "U.S.M.C." thing. So then you would be ok with me dumping my oil on your property? Now you're going to try race baiting? Wow, I am done...
Aug 23 8:31pm MrFrost @4.2.14 "..." Um, yea, I sold my gas guzzler a few years ago and now I ride my bike most of the time. I can't decipher the rest of your sentence. Not trying to be rude, it just doesn't make sense. 
Aug 23 5:41pm Nerm_L @6.1.2 "..." When did the Environmental Protection Agency begin regulating consumers?  Environmentalists have placed the onus on domestic manufacturers, not on consumers.  Consumers are still allowed to...
Aug 23 5:18pm MUVA @6.1.1 In some cases people are just trying to survive and don’t need environmentalist to tell them what is best for them.
Aug 23 5:18pm Larry Hampton @1.1.2 The only solution is to rid the planet of humans and cows. ...or morons.
Aug 23 5:11pm Freefaller @6.1 "..." Yep it's all on the environmentalists and had nothing to do with consumers wanting cheaper products or corporations wanting greater profits.
Aug 23 4:48pm TᵢG @4.2.13 I read your comments again, MUVA, before responding @4.2.10.   I saw your single qualification in passing.   Now, with your qualification considered again, I am confident that if someone REPLYs to...
Aug 23 4:40pm MUVA @4.2.12 I’m not attacking you just commenting on the fact that virtue singling on every climate issue is getting sicking.What I’m saying in general it is easy when you have everything to tell people with...
Aug 23 4:35pm MUVA @4.2.11 That is what I said look at my comments again I was speaking in general and even in one post told you that my post wasn’t directed at you.
Aug 23 4:23pm TᵢG @4.2.10 "..." When you REPLY to my comment you are explicitly speaking to me.   If you were not responding to what I wrote then it would be better to not REPLY.   Just POST a new comment. Given I said...
Aug 23 3:54pm MUVA @4.2.9 Dumping oil isn’t the same as using the resources at your feet when you have nothing your white privilege is glaring.Have you ever been out of this country?
Aug 23 3:51pm MUVA @4.2.8 What I’m saying is it is easy sitting in America in a air conditioned house with food in the fridge to tell third world people how to use their resources.Go back and look at my comments I went out...
Aug 23 3:47pm MUVA @4.2.7 Then stop using your computer and driving your car don’t fly do eat meat put up  or [Deleted]
Aug 23 3:45pm MUVA @7.1 Man made deforestation maybe unless you are say it is making it hotter because of the fire.
Aug 23 3:45pm MrFrost @4.2.6 "..." If using those resources impacts me or my family, (or the planet), you're damn right I am going to do what I can to stop them.  Would it bother you if I dumped all my used oil on your...
Aug 23 3:35pm MrFrost @7 "..." So, this is literally proof of man made global warming. 
Aug 23 1:43pm Kavika @2.1.1 And ''Captain Chainsaw'' said that it looks like the fires are from illegal loggers and ranchers.
Aug 23 11:36am Nerm_L @6 So, what are we supposed to do?  Piss in the wind and hope for rain? Environmentalists killed the ability of the United States to supply its own needs.  NIMBY environmentalists wanted poor...
Aug 23 11:31am TᵢG @4.2.5 "..." My comment was not judgmental; it is a practical statement based on science.   I made no comment on the people;  my focus was on the effects of damaging the rain forest. "..." You are...
Aug 23 11:31am It Is ME @5 Just Re-Plant. It's done everyday ! MY Prayers are with Brazil and it's Peoples.
Aug 23 11:29am TᵢG @4.2.4 Your rebuttal would be to an argument to not use any natural resources or one that suggests we put an end to all carbon producing practices. That is not even remotely close to what I wrote.   It...
Aug 23 11:28am MUVA @4.2.3 You are not a better person because you believe climate change the virtue singling of some on these subjects is sicking this comment isn’t directed at you as you always seem to facts first.
Aug 23 11:23am MUVA @4.2.2 I understand but telling other people’s how to use the resources at their feet is awfully first world of the judge-mental crowd.
Aug 23 11:20am MUVA @4.2.1 Are you cooking with charcoal or living in a area with no power or a store to buy food ?
Aug 23 11:18am MUVA @4.1.1 They been burning forest for years for farm land and charcoal in some areas charcoal is the only means for cooking.Telling poor people in third world countries how to use their resources is in...
Aug 23 11:15am TᵢG @4.2 People complain about measures to mitigate climate change yet our forests are a significant natural mechanism that is already in place and free of charge for recapturing carbon from the air.    In...
Aug 23 10:07am WallyW @4.1 The environmentalist whackos will invent a way to blame the fires on right wingers and Trump.
Aug 23 10:01am WallyW @1.1.1 The hypoxia crisis is coming to location near you soon. The only solution is to rid the planet of humans and cows.
Aug 23 9:59am Dean Moriarty @2.1 NPR was just reporting those that are opposed to him might be deliberately starting the fires.  
Aug 23 8:31am MUVA @4 The poor Brazilians  are making farm land and charcoal from the fires maybe they should just starve so judgmental Americans can feel better.
Aug 23 7:16am Enoch @3.1 Dear Friend Kathleen: If we don't take care of vegetation, trees included they cannot take care of us. Unlike plants, we can choose to harm and help. Good points all. P&AB. Enoch.
Aug 23 4:54am Kathleen @3 Perhaps I will donate to a organization for the cause.  I have many trees on my property and they give me great pleasure.  I hate to see something like this happen.  We need to take care of our...
Aug 23 3:58am Kavika @2 You can thank ''Captain Chainsaw'' the president of Brazil for this unfolding disaster.
Aug 23 2:59am JBB @1.1 20% of Earth's oxygen used to come from this ecosystem...
Aug 23 1:07am TᵢG @1 "..." 20% of the oxygen for the planet is produced by this ecosystem.
Donald Trump Accuses Jews Who Vote Democrat of 'A Total Lack of Knowledge or Great Disloyalty'

Donald Trump Accuses Jews Who Vote Democrat of 'A Total Lack of Knowledge or Great Disloyalty'

Via: JohnRussell  •  309 comments  •  33 minutes ago
Donald Trump Accuses Jews Who Vote Democrat of 'A Total Lack of Knowledge or Great Disloyalty' President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused Jewish-Americans who vote for Democrats of showing "great disloyalty." "Any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat — I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty," Trump told reporters at the White House as he...
Aug 23 8:37pm Dulay @6.1.41 "..." This thread hasn't been about 'other democratic nations', it's been comparing Israel and the Arab world. You admit as much in the last sentence of your comment.   "..." Yet you quoted...
Aug 23 5:47pm Raven Wing @14.5.24 "..." I never had that privilege. I had to raise my granddaughter from the age of 2 y/o. But, she was a good child and has always been a blessing to me. (smile)
Aug 23 5:44pm Texan1211 @10.4.15 "..." Time to climb down from your cross. No one is doing a damn thing to you. Is there anything in particular that you didn't understand in this post: "..."
Aug 23 5:39pm Texan1211 @6.1.40 "..." Nope--it actually IS one part of the definition. International Definition of AntisemitismAntisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews....
Aug 23 5:26pm Raven Wing @10.4.13 "..." Shame is what everyone else has. Trumps ego and sense of Godliness will not allow him to feel such a lowly human emotion as shame. And that is mainly because he does not think he does...
Aug 23 2:32pm Dulay @6.1.39 "..." Bullshit.  "..." You block quoted the reason I already gave. Read it again.  "..." The Israelis were drug kicking and screaming to recognize LGBT rights, just like the US was. It's...
Aug 23 2:29pm Texan1211 @6.1.38 "..." Because the real truth doesn't jibe with their perceptions of the truth. Easier to forget than acknowledge they MIGHT have been wrong about anything.
Aug 23 2:22pm Raven Wing @2.1.106 "..." LOL. None of us are "leaders around here" Iggy. We are all just equal participants who voice our own thoughts, opinions and beliefs on various topics. Some here just do it louder than...
Aug 23 2:13pm It Is ME @6.1.37 "..." Why do they consistently have short memories. Must be for purposeful reasons !
Aug 23 2:02pm Texan1211 @6.1.36 "..." Holding Israel to a different standard than what you expect from others is the epitome of anti-Semitism. WHY should Israel be held to a different standard? I believe Israel has proved...
Aug 23 1:54pm igknorantzrulz @2.1.105 i am not a leader around here, but , i will speak my mind from time to time . As i look forward to anyone wanting to challenge my statements. Just sick up and fed, of so many people unable to...
Aug 23 1:45pm Dulay @2.1.104 "..." Why should the Democrats act any faster than the GOP does? 
Aug 23 1:34pm Dulay @6.1.35 "..." Yes, Israel IS being held to a whole different standard. As a ALLY, who we have supported for decades with BILLIONS in military and economic aid, Israel SHOULD meet a 'whole different...
Aug 23 1:26pm CB @2.1.103 Thank you for being a Leader! Thank you for hitting this home-run with the bases loaded!
Aug 23 1:15pm Dulay @6.1.34 Wow! The Anti-Defamation League are left-wing as 'The Squad'. Thanks for the revelation Buzz. /s
Aug 23 1:00pm Dulay @2.1.102 "..." What did Trump say following Charleston that the Democrats insist is racist? 
Aug 23 12:51pm Dulay @2.1.101 "..." Then please DO tell me, exactly in what way DID he mean it?
Aug 23 12:45pm Dulay @1.1.17 "..." Where in that comment did MrFrost say Trump or the GOP endorsed ANYTHING?  It's quite telling that when white nationalists and white supremacists are cited, you immediately connect them to...
Aug 23 12:37pm Dulay @1.1.16 "..." What legislation has either of them filed to cut off aid to Israel?  Hint: NONE.  Swill another cup of koolaid...
Aug 23 12:24pm Dulay @1.1.15 "..." You must not have read the seed. 
Aug 23 11:57am CB @10.4.12 Don't deflection, Texan1211! Don't 'pistol-whip' the Questioner. Don't falsely accuse the innocent in order to protect Donald Trump. Here let me try again and you can take ten minutes. . . in...
Aug 23 10:26am Trout Giggles @11.2.5 "..." And one of those allies, Saudi Arabia, is virulently anti-Jewish/Israel. And who are we selling armaments and weapons systems to?
Aug 23 9:12am Texan1211 @10.4.11 Sorry I just can't bring myself to hop aboard your "I Hate Trump" train. There are plenty of others here all too willing to join you, though, so you have fun, y'hear?
Aug 23 7:50am cjcold @2.1.100 They're not pulling this independent centrist anywhere, but I do like their spunk. About time the American blinders were removed concerning our love affair with the far right wing Likud party.  
Aug 23 6:31am igknorantzrulz @2.1.99 "..." What more do you...
Aug 23 1:35am CB @10.4.10 Is it the questions? Or, is it Donald's lies? Tease.
Aug 23 12:56am Texan1211 @10.4.9 Now your incessant questions are beginning to bore me.
Aug 23 12:51am CB @10.4.8 Well, a good start. Now how are you on the president's daily lies? Questions: 1. It has been reported by those who take the time to do such;  President Donald Trump has 12,000 (and counting)...
Aug 23 12:43am Texan1211 @10.4.7 Well, I could do without the name calling. I wish he had never said anything about any proposed Muslim ban, because the left kept bringing it up when the travel restrictions did not ban Muslims....
Aug 23 12:28am CB @10.4.6 "..." Yes. Yes. Don't drag. Like what? Give.
Aug 23 12:25am Texan1211 @10.4.5 Wel, to start with, your post is marginally better than the last one. I HAVE criticized Trump. I wish he didn't say some of the things he has. But just because I don't get all hysterical and...
Trump-haters hype up a recession while the real economy is booming

Trump-haters hype up a recession while the real economy is booming

Via: Heartland American  •  78 comments  •  46 minutes ago
President Trump made the economic case for his re-election in classic style the other night during his rally in New Hampshire. "You have no choice but to vote for me because your 401(k)s will be down the tubes," He said . "Everything's gonna be down the tubes. So whether you love me or hate me, you got to vote for me." But according to the people who hate the president, it's all going...
Aug 23 8:25pm arkpdx @1.4.8 It was the same when Obama was president in fact the rare was higher. I don't remember you bitching then. 
Aug 23 7:10pm Willjay9 @1.4.7 Dude Trumps 2018 budget called for 54 billion dollar budget cut for 99% of all Departments! Ironically the only 3 Departments that got budget increases was Defense, Homeland Security and the...
Aug 23 7:00pm Willjay9 @1.4.6 And only the wacky right would think because giving black people the scraps a good deal! Let me break it down every other demographic wages INCREASED on the same level or higher of...
Aug 23 8:08am It Is ME @7.1.1 "R"elief, "R"ecovery and "R"eform ! Trumps new deal, which the Liberals HATE, before they didn't...… AGAIN !
AOC, Omar, Tlaib Silent As Palestinians Outlaws LGBT Activity in West Bank

AOC, Omar, Tlaib Silent As Palestinians Outlaws LGBT Activity in West Bank

Via: †hε pε⊕pレε'š ƒïšh  •  73 comments  •  54 minutes ago
They would have gone nuclear if Israel did this. Via   PJM : Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) have remained silent after the Palestinian Authority banned LGBT activity in the West Bank. These members of “The Squad” have supported legislation praising the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel and voted...
Aug 23 8:17pm Dulay @3.1.26 Why did you reply to me and use another members comment?  "..." Ask evangelicals, they support every opposing view that Trump comes up with. 
Aug 23 8:12pm Dulay @3.1.25 "..." Heterosexual Catholics control our court yet we still have Obergefell.  "..." Who said anything about sueing? 
Aug 23 7:59pm SteevieGee @1.3.2 Yes, like Omar and Tlaib.  Or perhaps, Pence.
Aug 23 4:36pm Trout Giggles @3.4.5 In what way? I've never seen Tessy bash Muslims or LGBTQs. I have seen many cons on here bash both....but now they supporting the gays because it gives them a chance to bash Muslims
Aug 23 4:32pm MUVA @3.4.4 You just described yourself.
Aug 23 4:13pm gooseisgone @3.1.24 "..." "..." I do. So it's OK to support groups that have views that you diametrically oppose?  Does this apply only to Democrats or does this apply to Republicans as well, just wondering....
Aug 23 3:12pm Dulay @1.1.13 "..." Though there have been multiple actions taken by the Trump administration to deny equal treatment of the LGBT community. Denying visas for same sex partners of diplomats and UN employees,...
Aug 23 2:52pm Texan1211 @3.1.23 "..." Do you not recognize how naïve it is to think that the very same people who made the rule is going to allow people to sue over it? Freaking hilarious! Their courts are not like our courts.
Aug 23 2:48pm Texan1211 @3.1.22 Why? Have you ever heard of any such group successfully (or unsuccessfully, for that matter) suing the PA? The PA controls the courts, and it IS hilarious that you think that the groups would or...
Aug 23 2:43pm Dulay @3.1.21 "..." Which, as I stated, has yet to be litigated. 
Aug 23 2:41pm Texan1211 @3.1.20 Okay, and everywhere that they have control, they banned the LBGQT activities. Is the West Bank just one town that the PA controls? best check yourself on THAT!
Aug 23 2:41pm Dulay @3.1.19 "..." Why?
Aug 23 2:39pm Dulay @5.1.1 "..." Excluding a flag doesn't exclude a person.  Fail.
Aug 23 2:35pm Dulay @3.1.18 The PA only has authority over about 40% of the WB. 
Aug 23 2:24pm Texan1211 @3.1.17 "..." A "couple"??  LOL! "..." That is freaking hilarious! Do you still think that it was just in one town that they were banned from in the West Bank?
Aug 23 2:21pm Dulay @3.1.16 So it looks like the WB is a couple of years behind the Israelis in allowing LGBT events. We'll see if Al-Qaws takes the PA to court and wins like Jerusalem Open House did in Jerusalem. 
Aug 23 1:39pm Cerenkov @3.1.15 No sane person believes for a second these Omar and Talib are tolerant of gays.
Aug 23 7:37am Ronin2 @3.1.14 So that makes it right when the Democrats use it? So much for a clean bill that they know will pass; this is about scoring political points in the media and with their sheeple, nothing more. Yes,...
Aug 23 12:53am Heartland... @5.1 And Israel 🇮🇱 is one of the most tolerant of LGBT rights in the would and gay and lesbian American Jews are excluded from many LGBT...
Aug 23 12:44am Heartland... @3.1.13 The democrat party is, always has been, and always will be America’s poison ☠️ pill 💊
David Koch, the billionaire who reshaped American politics with this brother Charles, dies at 79

David Koch, the billionaire who reshaped American politics with this brother Charles, dies at 79

Via: JohnRussell  •  42 comments  •  an hour ago
David Koch, the nationally known billionaire conservative financier and industrialist, had died. He was 79. "It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of my brother David," Charles Koch said in a statement Friday. "Anyone who worked with David surely experienced his giant personality and passion for life." David, whose net worth of about $42.2 billion tied him with his...
Aug 23 8:07pm JohnRussell @1.3.2 Bette Midler tweeted that 'now Charles Koch (the surviving brother) sees how happy the world will be when he dies', and she got a lot of heat for being "cruel".  My own crocodile tears for the...
Aug 23 8:05pm JohnRussell @1.3.1
Aug 23 8:04pm JohnRussell @1.3
Aug 23 8:01pm Tacos! @6.1 Am I wrong or don't you kind of expect that being a billionaire might get you a few more years? You know, you can totally afford a professional personal chef to cook healthy meals, physical...
Aug 23 6:17pm Tessylo @9.1 Another one nites the dust, another one bites the dust . . . .
Aug 23 5:38pm MrFrost @1.2.11 "..." Why do you hate a rich Jew? 
Aug 23 5:29pm cjcold @9 Good riddance. One down; one to go.
Aug 23 4:17pm gooseisgone @1.2.10 I will have the same feelings for George Soros.
Aug 23 3:27pm devangelical @5.1.3 dozens of Koch-sucking teabags. amounts vary per Koch-sucking teabag.
Aug 23 2:14pm Vic Eldred @8 Sad to hear of the passing of a compassionate philanthropist and a true libertarian. RIP
Aug 23 2:11pm Bob Nelson @7.1.1 Figures...
Aug 23 2:05pm It Is ME @1.2.9 "..." A "Character" ?
Aug 23 2:04pm Dean Moriarty @7.1 Yes I’m flying my flag at half-staff today. 
Aug 23 2:03pm r.t..b... @1.2.8 "..." Who is John Galt?
Aug 23 1:56pm Texan1211 @5.1.2 Which candidate did they purchase, and for how much?
Aug 23 1:52pm It Is ME @1.2.7 "..." You speaking for someone else ?
Aug 23 1:51pm It Is ME @2.2.7 "..." Okay !
Aug 23 1:50pm It Is ME @2.2.6 "..." From a compassionate liberal !
Aug 23 1:44pm r.t..b... @5.1.1 "..." Agreed. Further empowered by the Citizens United decision. It will only become more toxic until it is overturned and that is one thing  everyone should be able to agree upon.
Aug 23 1:42pm Tessylo @2.2.5 Dead, dead, dead. What's for dinner?
Aug 23 1:33pm Bob Nelson @7 Will anyone miss him?
Aug 23 1:32pm igknorantzrulz @5.1 "..." Me either They used their money to PURCHASE candidates, that were more representing Koch Industries,than their actual constituents. Lobbyists are  one of the worse defects in our system...
Aug 23 1:30pm JohnRussell @6 Even being the 11th richest person in the world cant stave off the grim reaper. 
Aug 23 1:29pm igknorantzrulz @2.2.4 "..." OK I give U Win
Aug 23 1:27pm r.t..b... @5 An interesting study in American wealth and politics. Simultaneously donating millions to the Arts in NYC while forging the genesis of 'dark money' in nationwide campaigns. His is a cautionary tale...
Aug 23 1:26pm MrFrost @1.2.6 "..." Reading the article, or for that matter, the headline, should give you a clue. 
Aug 23 1:25pm MrFrost @4 The face of evil. 
Aug 23 1:20pm Dismayed... @3 I wonder how much of his billions he was able to take with him... Hopefully they don't try and cremate him, they'll be shocked when his body refuses to burn due to its 6th circle of hell origin.
Aug 23 1:19pm It Is ME @2.2.3 "..." So ! You jealous that they spend more on "Good Ideas" instead of STUPID "Cow Fart" "Green Deals" ?
Aug 23 1:17pm igknorantzrulz @2.2.2 "..." What did they  spend on the GOP in 16... like $70 million , or was it $700 Million ?
Aug 23 1:16pm Dismayed... @1.2.5 "..." I watched "Patriot Act" with Hasan Minhaj last night and he absolutely roasted the Koch brothers and their vile attacks on public transportation across the US. It really was sad that they...
Aug 23 1:11pm It Is ME @1.2.4 "..." Whose "He" ?
Aug 23 1:06pm It Is ME @2.2.1 $1.4 Million to Democrats running for office. Such Bitches ain't they ? They are "Libertarians". "The Koch brothers are widely...
Aug 23 1:04pm Tessylo @1.2.3 He's dead.  What does he care?
Aug 23 1:04pm Tessylo @2.2 Yeah, yeah, what a shame.  Dead, dead, dead.  Doesn't he have a brother to continue to donate his dark money to the gop?
Aug 23 1:00pm devangelical @2.1 bwah ha ha, he's moved on to lead the now fastest growing segment of the tea party. welcome to the FOAD club, Dave. good riddance
Aug 23 12:46pm It Is ME @1.2.2 And some are chastised based on "ASS"umptions reported as truth !
Aug 23 12:40pm Trout Giggles @2 I'm all tore up
Aug 23 12:34pm JohnRussell @1.2.1 Some people don't deserve much more. 
Aug 23 12:32pm It Is ME @1.2 "..." Nice !
Aug 23 12:32pm JohnRussell @1.1 Dredge Discharge Pipe-Koch Industries dumping toxic waste in St. John's River in Jacksonville, FL
Aug 23 12:30pm JohnRussell @1 one take "..."
Southern Pecan Pie

Southern Pecan Pie

By: Raven Wing  •  47 comments  •  an hour ago
'Ol fashioned Southern style pecan pie is my favorite kind of pie. I learned to make this pie from my Great-Grandmother who was born and raised in Macon GA. She had her own pecan tree and picked the pecans when they were at their peak. So for all you pecan pie lovers...... Enjoy! (smile) Ingredients: 3 eggs 1/2 cup sugar 1 cup corn syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla...
Aug 23 8:00pm Raven Wing @8.1.5 You are most welcome, CB. That is what the NT Cookbook is all about. Learning new things and experimenting to find ways to make old things new. I'm glad that I could help you learn how to make your...
Aug 23 7:55pm Raven Wing @8.1.4 OK....This is not supposed to be an exact replica of a log cabin, but, to give you an idea of what one might look like if made from pecan pieces. Cut the pecan halves in half and use them as the...
Aug 23 7:43pm CB @8.1.3 As I compare pictures, you must have let your pie 'brown' a bit longer than my own. (Smile.) I love pecan pie. I used to buy the packaged small ones in little trays and could never get enough out...
Aug 23 7:03pm Raven Wing @8.1.2 "..." I'll see what I can do or find. I'm a visual learner at time as well. When my kids were very young I made them cakes for each of the different holidays; a Christmas Tree cake for Christmas...
Aug 23 6:17pm CB @8.1.1 Thank you (takes bow)! It is great to 'follow thru to completion on a baking project! I have been promising myself to bake for several years. You know the expression: "Gone to." Ahh! So I have one...
Aug 23 6:12pm Raven Wing @8.1 Very well done, CB!!!! A beautiful looking pie I knew you could do it. And you have done it very well indeed!! I am sure those who will be sharing it will be very impressed. And thank you for...
Aug 23 6:03pm CB @8 Pictures of Pecan Pie August 23, 2019: First time ever - Pecan Pie!  Uncooked Pecan Pie. Ready for baking. . . . Finished, Done, and Yummie-kins!
Aug 23 2:06pm TTGA @2.1.10 "..." Yep.  It's not the only thing either.  I've found that using strong Cheddar Cheese in an omelet tends to make it so that you can barely taste the other ingredients.  That's why I usually...
Aug 23 11:50am CB @2.1.9 Honey ain't going to work for me today. I'm going to give it this project off! It is so "heavy." Moreover, "overpowering" is a good word you guys are using about its properties.
Aug 23 3:17am Raven Wing @2.1.8 A lot also depends on what kind of honey it is. Clover honey tends to be a bit strong, and other types of honey flavors can either be really too sweet. So before you get into putting the honey in,...
Aug 23 12:43am CB @7.1.13 Mmm hmmm. Ooohooooo!
Aug 23 12:36am CB @2.1.7 "..." Interesting and observing.
Aug 23 12:02am Raven Wing @7.1.12 Don't worry about not using the unshelled pecans. When I am pressed for time I use the shelled pecans and chop them up myself, or buy then already chopped as you did. Either way is fine. And as...
The left stokes racist flames and demonizes millions

The left stokes racist flames and demonizes millions

Via: Heartland American  •  27 comments  •  an hour ago
It is insidious to watch the left do its dirty work of demonization. It starts with a narrative constructed on false accusations and misleading innuendos. Then, the narrative is repeated enough until it becomes accepted truth. Finally, wider conclusions are drawn from it, casting ugly aspersions on the innocent. In the current iteration, the narrative began with accusations that President...
Aug 23 7:56pm Drakkonis @4.1.19 "..." It's not a blind eye. It's actually not giving them what they want, while you guys are a dream come true for them. They crave the attention and you're giving it to them. The "nitpicking" is...
Aug 23 6:01pm Dismayed... @4.1.18 "..." But it only took one from the 500 supposedly "fine people" to ram his car into the crowd of a thousand killing one peaceful protestor and injuring dozens more. I see you all nitpicking but...
Aug 23 10:59am Drakkonis @4.1.17 "..." Actually, the night of the torch march there were no more than about 250. The next day there were about 500 facing about 1,000 counter-protesters. You pretty much prove the exaggeration...
New frontiers in sucking: Why is the Trump campaign selling plastic straws?

New frontiers in sucking: Why is the Trump campaign selling plastic straws?

Via: JohnRussell  •  130 comments  •  an hour ago
The right's bizarre plastic-straw fetish is about making a lack of empathy central to conservative identity Why is the Donald Trump  campaign so obsessed with drinking straws? In the midst of a news cycle focused on how much Trump is centering white nationalism in his 2020 presidential campaign, there was another story that just weird enough to...
Aug 23 7:54pm SteevieGee @4.4.4 "..." It's hard to do worse than a cold big mac.
Aug 23 7:46pm SteevieGee @2.5 "..." Hah!!  I get it.
Aug 23 7:16pm Dismayed... @14.1 "..." Trump and many of his supporters can't help it, it's like they were born to suck. It's in their DNA. People have asked them "Why do you suck so much?" and the reply is always the same...
Aug 23 7:01pm Karri @14 Ah, don't people know that using straws (plastic, paper or gold/whatever) leads to wrinkles around the mouth?  (Hey, I may be old and fat, but I am still quite vain.)
Aug 23 6:20pm squiggy @2.4.9 “...I would think...” Maybe.
Aug 23 4:54pm Raven Wing @8.1.2 "..." And one so happily shared by his 'ardent' supporters. 
Aug 23 4:47pm Trout Giggles @6.2.18 Yes they just didn't know it!
Aug 23 4:46pm Perrie... @6.2.17 The message isn't Trump. The message is to bug liberal. From the ad: "..." And for the record, long before plastic straws we used paper straws and they worked and they were not "liberal" straws. 
Aug 23 4:13pm Dismayed... @2.4.8 [deleted]
Aug 23 3:44pm Texan1211 @1.1.15 "..." Well, it wasn't an argument. So there's that. Just stating the facts1
Aug 23 3:36pm Bob Nelson @1.1.14 If I had a dollar for every lie Trump has told... If I had a dollar for every... Very cheap argument.
Aug 23 3:34pm Bob Nelson @1.1.13 "..." No, he can't. OTOH, Xi can tell Chinese companies what to do. That's why China will win.
Aug 23 3:16pm squiggy @2.4.7 “Give it up. You've already shown who you are” A deplorable? You just now got the email?
Aug 23 3:10pm Texan1211 @6.1.17 "..." Not at all! I love  good scrap! "..." Some might say that now some liberals just Troll over and scream at the sky! "..." Seems to be doing just fine!
Aug 23 3:08pm katrix @6.1.16 Our local restaurants use paper straws that only fall apart in hot water. They're fine for cold drinks.
Aug 23 3:02pm Texan1211 @1.1.12 "..." Not even close to what I posted. LOL!
Aug 23 3:00pm Texan1211 @1.1.11 If I had a dollar for every wrong prediction someone on the left has made regarding Trump, I could retire!
Aug 23 2:58pm JohnRussell @1.1.10 At the rate he is going off his rocker lately, he's not going to make it to the election in 15 months. 
Aug 23 2:55pm JohnRussell @1.1.9 Can Donald Trump "order" US companies to obey him? lol. 
Aug 23 2:53pm Trout Giggles @2.4.6 As long as the O stands for old or ornery LOL!
Aug 23 2:47pm Tessylo @2.4.5 "..." "..." "..." "..."
Aug 23 2:41pm Trout Giggles @2.4.4 "..." Give it up. You've already shown who you are "..."
Aug 23 2:39pm Trout Giggles @1.1.8 He does realize that this is a capitalist country and he can't just order American companies to come home and carrier companies like Fed Ex to refuse delivering their goods?
Aug 23 2:36pm Texan1211 @2.1.5 "..." That's nice. I can buy a shirt for 50 cents. So what? "..." Got the PERFECT solution for you. DON'T BUY THEM! Problem solved. You're welcome!
Aug 23 2:35pm squiggy @2.4.3 You can try to play that phony card but the insincerity is laughable in the shadow of the ‘pig Sanders’ et al that goes on daily.
Aug 23 2:32pm Texan1211 @1.1.7 I suppose some will simply have to do without, or find alternatives.
Aug 23 2:26pm JohnRussell @1.1.6 Stock market is down 500 pts today because of trumps tweet
Aug 23 2:25pm JohnRussell @1.1.5 Are all American workers going to be immediately paid sufficient wages to be able to afford products that are totally made in the USA? 
Aug 23 2:24pm Dismayed... @2.4.2 "..." Way to infer she's either a cannibal or animal. I've no doubt many on the right still see every black person as a bone through the nose African native. It's likely in response to the...
Aug 23 2:23pm JohnRussell @1.1.4 "..."
Aug 23 2:23pm Freefaller @6.1.15 "..." I'm guessing things have changed in the last 40(ish) years.  I've only had one given to me (at an A&W) with my drink, it was sturdy and did not fall apart or go limp at all.
Aug 23 1:56pm It Is ME @12.1.1 "..." How clear is it "Really" in your mind ? I read it and comprehended it just my mind ! Soooo ……. which "Mind" is better ….. in your mind that is !
Aug 23 1:56pm Bob Nelson @13 Denying AGW is wingnut dogma, but they've now gone beyond simple indifference to the planet burning. The wingnuts are now actively promoting the destruction the planet. A few months ago, it was...
Aug 23 1:55pm Trout Giggles @1.1.3 Oh, I bet those companies are all over buying the factories and hiring the people they need RIGHT! NOW! so they can obey the Emperor's most recent order.
Aug 23 1:53pm Phaedrus @12.1 Did you not read the seeded article or did you not comprehend it? Clearly one is the case.
Aug 23 1:50pm katrix @1.1.2 Now the delusional wanna-be-dictator is announcing things like this:  Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China He truly doesn't...
Aug 23 1:14pm It Is ME @12
Aug 23 1:06pm Trout Giggles @1.1.1 Because it sucks?
Aug 23 1:05pm devangelical @1.1 a straw most represents POS/POTUS term in office
Aug 23 12:54pm katrix @4.4.3 "..." Well, you brought it up. While I hardly consider it a "horror" - it was absolutely disrespectful. Most people could - and would - do better.
Aug 23 12:48pm Tacos! @4.4.2 Could you make a different choice? Of course! You could do both better and worse. That's always the case. Is it something you should spend more that about two seconds being upset over? Uh . . . no.
Aug 23 12:45pm Trout Giggles @2.2.16 "..." And social media has made it that much more so
Aug 23 12:45pm katrix @6.2.16 "..." No, I don't. I am perfect. I even deliberately avoided becoming a multimillionaire - I chose not to invest in bitcoin because of the impact on the environment of harvesting bitcoin. if it...
Aug 23 12:42pm katrix @4.4.1 "..." You really think it's OK to serve cold Big Macs to athletes whose accomplishments are being celebrated at the White House? I'm pretty sure you're not as low class as Trump - if you were...
Aug 23 12:39pm Tacos! @11.1.1 And your comment proves the validity of my comment. So there! Yes!
Aug 23 12:37pm Tacos! @6.2.15 "..." Oh yes. "Clearly."   And what are you doing with your trash? Do you even produce trash or do you hate the environment, too? Nah, you probably don't produce trash. Your sweat doesn't smell...
Aug 23 12:36pm JohnRussell @11.1 A lot of the comments on this seed are just demonstrating the validity of the premise of the article. Thanks !
Aug 23 12:28pm katrix @6.2.14 "..." Clearly you don't care enough about the environment to have bothered paying any attention what happens to our trash, or even our recycling. Otherwise you wouldn't have made that comment....
Aug 23 12:28pm Tacos! @2.2.15 "..." What makes you think the people who buy these things are planning on throwing them in the ocean?
Aug 23 12:26pm Tacos! @4.4 Don't forget about the time he fed hamburgers to college students. The horror!
Aug 23 12:24pm It Is ME @6.2.13 "..." I hear that there was something invented called "Trash Cans". Must not have caught on yet !
Aug 23 12:21pm Tacos! @6.2.12 "..." So stop littering. There, that wasn't so complicated.
Aug 23 12:20pm It Is ME @6.2.11 "..." An Old Vid from back in the year (2015) of soooooo ….well ….. The same Ol' "Nothing to do with TRUMP" !
Aug 23 12:20pm Tacos! @8.2 "..." She's obsessed with T-shirts!
Aug 23 12:19pm Tacos! @11 "..." Is it Opposite Day again already? The LEFT is the one with the bizarre straw fetish. For decades, no one has thought twice about straws on the Left or the Right. Now, quite suddenly, based...
Aug 23 12:02pm Tessylo @6.2.10 "..." More like those on the 'right'.  I'll show those libturds and the environment.    
Aug 23 12:01pm katrix @9.1 People who live for spite must be miserable human beings. I would pity them, but what they're doing to our country is despicable.
Aug 23 11:58am Tessylo @6.1.14 Yes and the tRump is such a stellar businessman!
Aug 23 11:57am katrix @6.2.9 "..." You are really something else.  Alex Jones must love you.
Aug 23 11:56am katrix @6.1.13 "..." The bartender is always willing to wash it for me ... so it's not dirty when I put it back in the case. Then when I get home (or if I'm using at home with iced tea) I wash it with the brush...
Aug 23 11:56am Ronin2 @2.4.1 I think I would just give her the pork chop. Otherwise she might try eating your hand along with it.
Aug 23 11:49am katrix @2.2.14 "..." This came from your keyboard.
Aug 23 11:49am KDMichigan @6.1.12 "..." Crying about President Trump daily is called fighting back? "..." Since when? The left has always had fits if they don't get their way. "..." I just love how people revise history.
Aug 23 11:47am JohnRussell @2.2.13 "..." Coming from you, that comment is the height of irony. 
Aug 23 11:46am It Is ME @6.2.8 "..." Didn't change anything much, any more than this did:
Aug 23 11:45am WallyW @6.1.11 we were all too worried about taking the high road. [Deleted]
Aug 23 11:44am It Is ME @6.1.10 I remember the "Paper Straw" back when I was a kid. They sucked. Halfway through the drink, they went limp, and paper got in your mouth. Now that was recycling. In one Hole, Out the other.
Aug 23 11:43am XDm9mm @6.3.3 Don't have the space to store them.  I just write checks to various campaigns.  I don't need trinkets.  I want the results they provide me and others while in office.
Aug 23 11:43am JohnRussell @6.2.7 There have been turtles found with plastic straws stuck in their noses. 
Aug 23 11:42am KDMichigan @2.2.12 "..." How is laughing at Trump Campaign trolling considered Trolling. I'm sitting here waiting for this explanation.
Aug 23 11:41am XDm9mm @6.2.6 "..." Neither do I.  People on the left will intentionally impale the animals to prove their point. Thank you very much for acknowledging that you can foresee that occurrence.
Aug 23 11:38am XDm9mm @6.1.9 [Deleted]
Aug 23 11:38am It Is ME @2.2.11 "..." From What ?
Aug 23 11:36am WallyW @6.1.8 Did you know that those hard paper straws the left advocates won't biodegrade?
Aug 23 11:35am Trout Giggles @2.1.4 Still, that seems a bit steep. But a fool and his money are soon parted
Aug 23 11:34am JohnRussell @6.3.2 Buy a thousand packs. You will be helping out your savior. 
Aug 23 11:33am Trout Giggles @6.1.7 [Deleted] All y'all is getting tired of the liberals fighting back, ain't ya? We used to just roll over and curl up into a ball and scream "UNCLE" because we were all too worried about taking the...
Aug 23 11:33am Ronin2 @2.3.1 Which is different from from any other politician? They are all out for themselves. You are just pissed Trump's campaign is turning a major profit margin on a very cheap one use item.
Aug 23 11:31am JohnRussell @2.2.10 "..." actually,  it is trying to save the country. 
Aug 23 11:31am squiggy @2.4 For a $20,000 plate, I can wrestle Michelle Obama for a pork chop. Everything has a price.
Aug 23 11:30am WallyW @2.2.9 "..." As the owner of the forum, and moderator of last resort, its up to you to limit it. Comment 2.2.4 is good example of scripted, boilerplate trolling, in my opinion.
Aug 23 11:30am Dismayed... @6.2.5 "..." I have no doubt we will see within the next two years photos of turtles and birds with Trump straws stuck through their throats and gullets. It truly is insanity that they would do such a...
Aug 23 11:29am Trout Giggles @6.1.6 I've seen those collapsible straws and like the idea...but how do you clean them? I'm not really a germaphobe but one must be concerned with bacteria
Aug 23 11:29am JohnRussell @2.1.3 pkg. of ten plastic drinking straws for 15 dollars. 
Aug 23 11:27am Trout Giggles @4.3.1 Nailed it!
Aug 23 11:26am Ronin2 @2.2.8 "..." That stopped how long ago? Political trolling has been going on for as long as I can remember; it has just gotten much more toxic. Issues don't win elections. Energizing your base wins the...
Aug 23 11:23am It Is ME @5.1.5 I favor signings that actually do something for the economy and growth. I do not favor signings that do nothing more than grow D.C. wealth. So far....MY economic Wealth is growing right now....
Aug 23 11:23am Trout Giggles @2.1.2 Did I read that right? One straw for $15?
Aug 23 11:23am XDm9mm @6.3.1 "..." Pocket change.   Don't be jealous of what others have.
Aug 23 11:22am XDm9mm @6.2.4 "..." Obviously you don't like the message...   TRUMP. That is after all the message on the straw.  It's called marketing.
Aug 23 11:22am JohnRussell @2.1.1 I can buy drinking straws for two cents a piece. Trump could at least give the suckers 50 straws for their 15 dollars.  They would still be ridiculously over priced, but at least it wouldnt be...
Aug 23 11:22am katrix @2.2.7 "..." And you chortling gleefully about deliberately trying to piss off liberals isn't?
Aug 23 11:20am katrix @6.2.3 "..." Party over country. Trump over party.  Trolling the left over the environment. It must suck to be so petty.
Aug 23 11:20am WallyW @2.2.6 I really can't believe that politics has come to this.  Me neither. I should have been more clear that I referring to the relevance and newsworthiness of the article
Aug 23 11:20am KDMichigan @2.2.5 "..." You say that but never once address the users of NT that label Trump supporters daily, "If you support Trump your a fascist", "Trump supporters suck" you see it everyday and IMO that's...
Aug 23 11:19am Perrie... @5.1.4 He did the same signing and Trump is doing, so I guess it depends on if you are a partisan or not. Frankly not impressed by either. 
Aug 23 11:19am sandy-2021492 @9 This is stupid, but not surprising.  It appeals to the mentality of those who think "rollin' coal" is cool because it pisses off people who think it's better to breathe oxygen than smoke.  And yes,...
Aug 23 11:18am JohnRussell @6.3 You can afford to pay 15 dollars for 10 plastic drinking straws. Go for it, load up with a lifetime supply. 
Aug 23 11:17am Perrie... @6.2.2 Of course not. But it is the message that is being sold. That this is just another BS issue made up by the Dems, when in fact, that couldn't be farther from the truth. And if they are doing it our...
Aug 23 11:16am JohnRussell @4.3 "..." "..." "..." "..." "..."
Aug 23 11:16am Dismayed... @2.2.4 Donald Trump did welcome help from Russia and has not only refused to condemn their meddling in our election, he's refused to even acknowledge it. Donald Trump is obviously a racist based on his...
Aug 23 11:14am XDm9mm @6.1.5 "..." People that are tired of being called, NAZIS, misogynists, Islamaphobes, Homophobes, Deplorables, KKK, Racists, and any of the plethora of other denigrating derogatory vitriolic epithets...
Aug 23 11:13am katrix @6.1.4 "..." I understand business. I also understand the value of not being a dick; something Trump will never learn.
Aug 23 11:12am Dismayed... @2.3 "..." Yup. Gullible country mice handing over their hard earned money to the slimy snake oil salesman who will roll out of town with all their cash as quickly as he rolled in.
Aug 23 11:12am r.t..b... @8.1.1 "..." The trump doctrine.
Aug 23 11:10am XDm9mm @6.2.1 "..." Please PH, in the grand scheme of things, do you really believe the minimal number of straws that the Trump campaign will sell will make any impact to the environment?  I'll posit that the...
Aug 23 11:09am Perrie... @2.2.3 I have no problem with raising money and I looked around the website and there was a lot of good merchandise to buy.  But this is just petty and bad for the environment and this is not news. We...
Aug 23 11:06am Perrie... @6.1.3 "..." That appeals to who? Seriously, I never vote up John's articles (just ask him), but I did this time. I wonder how many other indies are looking at this and just shaking their heads. 
Aug 23 11:04am Perrie... @8.1 This isn't about the cost of campaign fundraisers. It's about selling known to cause damage to our waterways, to be petty.
Aug 23 11:03am XDm9mm @6.1.2 "..." Ok...  so you drink your booze with a metal straw.    Got it.   You've got to be going to bars quite frequently to believe you're helping the environment and not polluting. "..." Sure...
Aug 23 11:02am Perrie... @6.2 "..." That might be, but the message stinks. For a generation who grew up on this ad:  which was totally unpolitical, to throw that aside for politics, is the very problem with politics. 
Aug 23 11:02am Texan1211 @8 On Warren's site, she is selling T shirts and tank tops for $30--for women, men and youth. She also has a nice $25 onesie for babies, and a nifty $50 hoodie! I can get all of those things at...
Aug 23 11:02am KDMichigan @6.1.1 "..." Yeah because the people don't know that the 25 dollars for 10 straws is a campaign contribution..../s
Aug 23 11:00am Paula... @7 It is now official.  [Deleted]
Aug 23 10:58am KDMichigan @2.2.2 What is wrong with raising campaign money, they are also making money the same way selling Fredo T-shirts. I think it's hillaryious that they are trolling the left and making money. 
Aug 23 10:57am It Is ME @5.1.3 "..." Obama just didn't know how to "Get 'er dun".
Aug 23 10:56am It Is ME @5.1.2 "..."
Aug 23 10:53am katrix @6.1 "..." Since when is it insane to reduce plastic waste? And why do you assume that only lefties give a crap about pollution? I bought collapsible metal straws and carry those with me - instead of...
Aug 23 10:51am r.t..b... @4.2 "..." "I drink your milkshake!"
Aug 23 10:49am Perrie... @5.1.1 "..." Getting things signed and getting them passed is not the same thing. Just ask Obama.
Aug 23 10:47am Perrie... @4.1 That would be funny BF, but here it is, right from Trump's page.  This is the very stuff that was talked about on this podcast: Dan had it right. 
Aug 23 10:46am r.t..b... @5.1 "..." Unintentional, but that is an accurate description for the current state of affairs. 
Aug 23 10:45am XDm9mm @6 "..." Simple.   It's a marketing gimmick to show the insanity of the left and raise campaign funds at the same time.  It's really not rocket science, unless of course one has absolutely no...
Aug 23 10:45am Perrie... @2.2.1 Wally, I have a curious mind, so I went looking to see if this had any truth in it ( I have to say it did sound nuts) and no... looky here:
Aug 23 10:36am It Is ME @5 Trump sure does know which Liberal Button to push.   In the Mean Time …… Things are getting signed and accomplished in D.C..
Aug 23 10:20am WallyW @2.2 Irrelevant, fake, non news
Aug 23 10:19am †hε pε⊕pレε'š... @4 I heard he got two scoops of ice cream but everyone else only got one. Outrageous I tell ya! Let's have a group tantrum....3....2....1....
Aug 23 9:42am Texan1211 @2.1 Interesting. On Biden's site, they charge $30 for a hat, $25 for a coffee mug, $27 for a t-shirt or tank. All items are available at a Dollar store for a buck.
Aug 23 9:06am JohnRussell @2 At Dollar Tree you can get 50 plastic straws for a dollar.  On the official Trump website they charge you $ 1.50  EACH   for a Trump straw.  Suckers. 
Aug 23 9:03am JohnRussell @1 "..."
Laws about who can buy guns work, laws about which guns you can buy don't

Laws about who can buy guns work, laws about which guns you can buy don't

Via: It Is ME  •  49 comments  •  an hour ago
As a Harvard-educated, politically liberal researcher giving my first talks on firearm violence prevention, I was afraid the gun owners in the audiences would boo me. But the only backlash I faced was from a gun control advocate when I told her I was against assault weapon bans. --------------------------------------- Our main argument is that laws regulating what firearms can be...
Aug 23 7:54pm Jeremy... @6 The laws about how can and can't buy a weapon isn't the problem.  Several of the mass shootings were carried out by somebody who legally obtained.  Much to the dismay of all these anti-gun knuckle...
Aug 23 7:40pm Jeremy... @5.4 "..." All the time.  Take my kids as well.  Taught them how to handle handle the firearms and ammunition of ALL caliber to include REAL assault rifles (not the bullshit ones that everybody is so...
Aug 23 5:01pm JumpDrive @5.3.1 "..." But the sentence does contain the phrase "well regulated". It's not even a slight stretch for that to include keeping guns out of the hands of people who cannot demonstrate minimal...
Aug 23 4:01pm Nerm_L @4.2.13 "..." That's an argument for denying firearms if an individual knows someone with a mental disability.  What an obtuse, ludicrous argument.  The reality is that Adam Lanza used his own rifle that...
Aug 23 2:56pm Sparty On @5.3 The Constitution purposely doesn't attempt to discern between what's an "idiot" as you call it and what is not.   The second amendment doesn't say, "right to bear arms but not for idiots." The...
Aug 23 2:36pm Sparty On @4.1.14 Some folks prefer faux security over liberty. I'm not one of them ..... 
Aug 23 2:34pm JumpDrive @5.2.2 "..." It's part of the reason; it's an additional impediment to gun acquisition, and it protects us from idiots (we have a lot of accidental gun shot wounds/deaths). We need stricter,...
Aug 23 2:18pm Snuffy @4.2.12 "..." No, not a bullshit argument. Adam could not legally purchase those guns himself. Yes his mother legally purchased those guns and we can argue after the fact that they should not been...
Aug 23 2:04pm It Is ME @5.2.1 "..."
Aug 23 2:03pm It Is ME @5.1.2 "..." And how many folks have died from a falling bullet in this country, compared to those that die because of head on confrontations ?
Aug 23 2:02pm Tacos! @5.2 "..." I would be in favor of some level of training for gun owners. I don't know that cop-level is required, though. Be that as it may, lack of training isn't why we have murder problem.
Aug 23 2:00pm JumpDrive @5.1.1 "..." This is exactly the kind of stupidity I am talking about. Espousing putting something as dangerous as a gun in the hands of an idiot who's going to fire it at the sky. You're likely to...
Aug 23 1:35pm It Is ME @5.1 "..." Cops are required to subdue, contain, STOP, and or/take someone into custody. Regular Folks just want the asshole to go away (break in contact). if it takes a "Big Bang" shot in the sky to...
Aug 23 1:21pm JumpDrive @5 I am a gun owner, in fact, I've been shooting for more than 50 years. I can really only explain the arguments here against licensing people for proficiency as ignorance. Do any gun owners actually...
Aug 23 12:07pm Nerm_L @4.2.11 "..." That's a bullshit argument.  The rifle had been purchased legally for Adam Lanza's use; Lanza used is own legally obtained rifle.  Adam Lanza was familiar with the rifle because he had used...
Aug 23 12:04pm It Is ME @4.1.13 "..." Now, Now ……. you know what "Assume" Means. Not a good thing for sure ! Laws based on "ASS"umptions aren't a good thing for the populace.
Aug 23 11:26am Snuffy @4.2.10 "..." You should rethink your example as it's incorrect. Lanza killed his mother and stole the weapons from her gun safe, they were not legally obtained by him. Several others got their guns by...
Aug 23 11:13am Sparty On @4.1.12 "..." No it's not and you missed that one completely.   You said users were not regulated when they clearly are as i pointed out.   Is the gun going to walk into the ballgame by itself?   No it...
Aug 23 11:13am It Is ME @4.2.9 "..." I NEVER lumped together the "Mass Shootings" and "Illegal". I just made a couple statements.Which makes the Licensing idea a moot point anyway ….by the way ……  as it wouldn't have changed a...
Aug 23 11:03am Nerm_L @4.2.8 "..." So, which of the terrorist type mass shootings were perpetrated with illegally acquired firearms?  Over 80 pct of the firearms used in all the mass shootings since 1982 (not just the media...
Aug 23 8:19am It Is ME @4.2.7 "..." And that would stop the Nut/criminal from getting a gun…. how ? Don't forget….Nutz/criminal types, more often than not, get things "Illegally", if they aren't allowed to get something...
Democrats – The Pro-Terrorists Movement in America?

Democrats – The Pro-Terrorists Movement in America?

Via: Heartland American  •  12 comments  •  an hour ago
One question frequently asked about Democrats, is: “Are there any adults left in the Party?” Yes, it’s an appropriate question because the juvenile antics and hate filled rhetoric spewed from Democrats in Congress and their sycophant media cannot possibly help anyone – especially their own political Party, right? After hundreds – if not thousands, of blatant lies, 24/7 spewing of...
Aug 23 7:53pm Dismayed... @2.3.1 "..." I agree, all politicians lie, that's not a secret. The difference is that most politicians work one or two untruths into their rhetoric surrounded mostly by truth which makes it harder to...
Aug 23 6:56pm Jeremy... @2.3 "..." Every politician lies.  EVERY ONE OF THEM.  Yet, I'm told by many (that haven't gotten over a loss in 2016) that Trump is the worst?  Give me a break.  
Aug 23 12:12pm It Is ME @5 At least 2 of the Taliban 4 aren't speaking much anymore. Someone must have told all 4 to "Shut their Stupid Idiotic mouths". 2 complied some, 2 ARE just stupid in the head !
Aug 23 11:15am Sean Treacy @4 Defending and excusing  left wing terrorism is a full time job for some on this site.
Aug 23 11:10am Dismayed... @3.1.1 "..." Yes, and by Trumps words and actions we know him as a serial adulterer, fornicator, liar, hubris filled, misogynistic bigot who stokes the flames of fear and hatred in white supremacists...
Aug 23 11:06am Dismayed... @2.2.1 "..." America is NOT a fucking theocracy no matter how much you wish we were, get over it. Nothing in your seed has any truth to it, if Satan were real he'd be giggling with glee over getting...
Aug 23 10:11am Heartland... @2.2 Having a good conscience (transparency); that, whereas they speak evil of you (falsely accuse), as of evildoers (ungodliness), they may be ashamed (truth will expose their evil ways)  that falsely...
Aug 23 9:39am Heartland... @3.1 By their words and actions we shall know them.  
Aug 23 8:39am luther28 @3 There are no sane folks that I am aware of that are pro-terrorist other than perhaps terrorists themselves. Unstrained nonsense.
Aug 23 12:56am Heartland... @2.1 Proof that the seeded article is 100% correct and that the author was right to ask the question.  
Aug 23 12:51am Dismayed... @2 "..." Why not say millions, no billions of lies when you don't back up a single one? If the author is going to pull a random number out of their ass might as well make it a good one! All sane...
Aug 23 12:23am Heartland... @1 For today’s Democrats, Socialism is their utopian society where they bully, rule, and force the people they hate, American citizens, to support and obey them, or else. They want a national religion...
Trump claim doctors treating mass shooting victims 'were coming out of operating rooms' to meet him dismissed by hospital

Trump claim doctors treating mass shooting victims 'were coming out of operating rooms' to meet him dismissed by hospital

Via: Tessylo  •  16 comments  •  an hour ago
U.S. Trump claim doctors treating mass shooting victims 'were coming out of operating rooms' to meet him dismissed by hospital   Tom Embury-Dennis, The Independent   3 hours ago A hospital in El Paso has denied   Donald Trump ’s claim doctors “were coming out of operating rooms” to meet him when he travelled to Texas and Ohio to console victims of two...
Aug 23 7:45pm Dismayed... @9 “When I went to Dayton and when I went to El Paso, and I went into those hospitals, the love for me – and ‘me’ maybe as the representative of the country – but for me, and my love for them was...
Aug 23 7:33pm Karri @8 Any medical professional who left patients to meet ANY celebrity (President or not) deserves to lose their license.  Very unprofessional and potentially harmful to the patient.
Aug 23 12:09pm Tessylo @7 Some staff members had to call some folks who were already released and beg them to come back and kiss this scumbag's ass.  
Aug 23 12:08pm Tessylo @3.1 He's a done deal.  Nothing short of electroshock therapy would help that waste of flesh.  
Aug 23 11:57am Trout Giggles @6 "The love for me" ????? Oh. My. Fucking. God! The man needs therapy. And he should know, because he's such a stable genius, that doctors/surgeons do not break the sterility of the operating...
Aug 23 11:49am luther28 @1.2.3 I suppose what tiny thing those tiny hands are placed on is the difference.
Aug 23 10:21am cjcold @1.2.2 He does claim godhood after all.
Aug 23 9:48am cjcold @1.2.1 And here I thought that the laying on of tiny hands was a Trump thingy.
Aug 23 9:45am freepress @5 He lies, about everything. The man is totally delusional.
Aug 23 9:35am Tessylo @1.1.1 I like your style.  
Aug 23 9:13am JohnRussell @4 I'm surprised he didn't say the patients were getting up off the operating table and coming out to meet him. 
Aug 23 9:04am katrix @3 "..." How rude of them - to save lives rather than stroking the snowflake-in-chief's massive ego. But as always, Trump has to lie about it. He needs major psychiatric help.
Aug 23 8:46am luther28 @1.2 Now Tessy, at least he did not claim to have healed the victims by the placing of his hands upon them. :) I suppose my take on Mr. Trumps nonsensical tales is that the lies could always have...
Aug 23 8:02am igknorantzrulz @1.1 The only thing these doctors might have come running to Trump about, AFTER they tended to MANY CRITICALLY INJURED, would have been to attempt to reverse his lobotomy 
Aug 23 7:51am Tessylo @2 “But if you read the papers, it was like nobody would meet with me. Not only did they meet with me, they were pouring out of the rooms. The doctors were coming out of the operating rooms. There...
Aug 23 7:50am Tessylo @1 The megalomaniac just has to make everything about his stupid fat ass.  What a bloated disgusting ego it has.  
Trump again says he is 'very seriously' looking to end birthright citizenship

Trump again says he is 'very seriously' looking to end birthright citizenship

Via: Tessylo  •  109 comments  •  an hour ago
Trump again says he is 'very seriously' looking to end birthright citizenship   Dylan Stableford   15 hours ago   Eight months after first raising the idea ,  President Trump on Wednesday said his administration is again “very seriously” looking into ending the practice of conferring U.S. citizenship...
Aug 23 7:40pm Karri @4.1.8 Hafa Adai!  Todu moalek? I have a relative who lived on both American Samoa and Guam.  I've never been to Somoa, but I do know one or two people from there.  I have lived on both Guam and Hawai'i....
Aug 23 7:26pm Karri @12.1.19 Please go back and read @12.1.10 (yes, YOUR post).  If you read it carefully, we are basically saying the same thing.  As you said This will not, of course, include persons born in the United...
Aug 23 7:24pm Tessylo @12.1.18 She sure as hell schooled you.
Aug 23 6:55pm 1stwarrior @12.1.17 Karri - you really need to get a better grasp on your immigration law before you attempt to educate others.
Aug 23 6:17pm Kavika @4.1.7 "..." Hafa Adai, Karri. Yes, I lived in Samoa for a time. We had two large customers there and I acted as a liaison while we were setting up the transportation end of their business. I also have...
Aug 23 6:06pm Karri @12.1.16 "..." This refers to whether or not they are subject to our laws.  Diplomatic immunity keeps foreign diplomats from being arrested -- or even being forced to pay a traffic ticket.  Therefore,...
Aug 23 6:04pm Raven Wing @12.1.15 "..."
Aug 23 6:00pm Karri @12.1.14 "..." The Ark decision is well known.  It has been discussed here in multiple posts.  If you still don't know about it, you can Google it.  
Aug 23 5:56pm Karri @7.1.5 "..." If you are born in this country, you are a natural born citizen and, therefore, you are not here illegally. Taken to the extreme, enemy combatants could give birth to citizens just by...
Aug 23 5:52pm Karri @4.1.6 "..." Some of those words are very close to Chamorro, yet they are from completely different linguistic trees.  Have you lived on Samo'a? And, to your later comment, I agree.  It is a travesty...
Aug 23 5:47pm Karri @4.1.5 "..." I am not surprised.  Samo'ans are very patriotic.  I really don't understand why they don't have natural born status; they should.
Aug 23 8:43am Ed-NavDoc @2.1.7 No need. We have one of the largest CBP stations in the country here. It's a small town and they respond pretty quickly. Besides, I have two large dogs that bark very loudly when illegals are...
Aug 23 7:23am Tessylo @12.1.13 "..." per usual
Aug 23 7:06am Tessylo @6.1.38 'So you're more of a constitutional expert than federal judges? You know damn well that Trump shot himself in the foot by tweeting and blabbing all about what his true intentions were with that...
Aug 23 7:01am Tessylo @2.1.6 You should take video and report them to the authorities.  
Aug 23 2:51am Bob Nelson @12.1.11 "..." Even within your unConstitutional argument...this makes no sense. Allegiance goes from the person to the state. If a person says, "I swear allegiance..." that's the end of it.
Trump ridiculed for issuing bizarre 'order' for U.S. companies to pull back from China

Trump ridiculed for issuing bizarre 'order' for U.S. companies to pull back from China

Via: JohnRussell  •  5 comments  •  an hour ago
Trump ridiculed for issuing bizarre 'order' for U.S. companies to pull back from China 8/23/2019 4:56 PM News | Mail Online Web site view Politics President Trump tweeted Friday that U.S. companies were 'hereby ordered' to start looking for an 'alternative to China' and was ridiculed for promoting 'socialism....
Aug 23 7:33pm SteevieGee @5 My company, and myself, have long tried to buy American and from countries who support basic human rights and environmental policies.  I could abandon that policy just based on the idea that it...
Aug 23 7:14pm lady in black @4
Aug 23 7:05pm JohnRussell @3
Aug 23 7:03pm JohnRussell @2
Aug 23 7:02pm JohnRussell @1 Donald Trump is ridiculed for promoting 'socialism' after issuing bizarre 'order' for U.S. companies to pull back from China President Trump tweeted Friday that U.S. companies were 'hereby...
Sarah Sanders to join Fox News as a contributor

Sarah Sanders to join Fox News as a contributor

Via: Tessylo  •  98 comments  •  an hour ago
Politics Sarah Sanders to join Fox News as a contributor   Nicholas Wu, USA TODAY   18 minutes ago   WASHINGTON – Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders will join Fox News as a contributor, the network   announced   on Thursday.  The network says she will "provide political commentary and analysis across all of FOX...
Aug 23 7:23pm Tessylo @13.1.6 WRONG
Aug 23 6:59pm bugsy @13.1.5 "..." Riiiiiiiight...
Aug 23 3:19pm Tessylo @13.1.4 I never watched that garbage. 
Aug 23 3:17pm Sparty On @4.2.36 Hillary is about my only kryptonite for that.   I have really disliked that woman for a very, very long time.
Aug 23 3:16pm bugsy @13.1.3 "..." The same liberals who used to religiously watch the "Apprentice", before Trump became a Republican.
Aug 23 3:14pm bugsy @4.2.35 I've never done it myself but it wouldn't be difficult to see the stupid come out with some on here.
Aug 23 3:08pm Sparty On @4.2.34 I try to stay away from that sophomoric shit.   I'm successful most of the time and certainly don't post it every chance i get like some here do.
Aug 23 2:48pm bugsy @4.2.33 "..." You wanna see then go stupid batshit crazy? Call Michelle Obama "Moochelle". That will bring the TDS turds out of the woodwork, and usually the first word out of their mouths is "RACIST!!!".
Aug 23 1:18pm It Is ME @13.1.2 Oh Nooooooooooooooooooooo ! Spicer is gonna be on "Dancing with the stars" ! Boycott ! Who actually watches that show anyway !
Aug 23 1:02pm It Is ME @13.1.1 The "Left" doesn't watch Fox News (so they say), so they are only Bitching to Bitch.
Aug 23 1:01pm It Is ME @11.2 "..."
Aug 23 12:47pm devangelical @8.4.3 I heard she has to wear a pony costume and saddle when the trump grand-kids visit now.
Aug 23 12:29pm Sparty On @13.1 No is one is forcing you watch/listen to her.   Ignore her .... There ... fixed it for you.   You are most welcome!
Aug 23 11:42am luther28 @13 Just when you think you are finally rid of her :( Me thinks much like Ms. Palin, her ghost will sadly haunt us for a bit more.
Aug 23 11:20am Trout Giggles @4.2.32 Since I've been told by some of the not-so-best-people on Newstalkers that I have no class I have decided to double down on that and prove them right. It's the only time they are right and I like...
Aug 23 11:15am Trout Giggles @4.2.31 example at @4.2.15
Aug 23 11:08am Sean Treacy @12 CNN hires Andrew McCabe, who  actually had been referred for criminal prosecution for lying, as a contributor, and the same people who are just  so offended by Sanders are quiet as church mice....
Aug 23 11:00am Sparty On @4.2.30 Most haters are so because they hate themselves.   The need is an attempt to bring others down to their level in their minds. See that here every day here.
Aug 23 10:58am Sparty On @4.2.29 When the shoe fits, put that sucker on and lace it up tight ..... so lace it up.
Aug 23 10:56am Sparty On @4.2.28 "..." LOL .... Sarah has two faces?   There is no doubt in my mind, you regularly defend people on the left who are a hell of a lot more two faced than her.   Nah, you accept this only because...
Aug 23 10:31am igknorantzrulz @4.3.10 only when a #2 pencil is available
Aug 23 10:22am Trout Giggles @4.3.9 good one how about oval
Aug 23 10:20am igknorantzrulz @4.3.8 "..." oblong
Aug 23 10:19am Trout Giggles @4.3.7 see @4.3.6
Aug 23 10:18am Trout Giggles @4.3.6 It stands for Crazy. Old. Woman. My friend and I call each other C.O.W. and it drives the people at work nutz. Of course, Sarah is too young to called old so the O can stand for obtuse, ornery,...
Aug 23 10:14am Trout Giggles @5.2.2 Hickory or mesquite?
Aug 23 10:14am igknorantzrulz @4.3.5 sleep ?
Aug 23 10:13am igknorantzrulz @4.3.4 What does C.O.W. stand for ?
Aug 23 10:13am Tessylo @4.3.3 Please, please tell me!  I went to look it up the other day, didn't find anything.  
Aug 23 10:12am Trout Giggles @4.3.2 Nobody's asked me what C.O.W. stands for
Aug 23 10:11am igknorantzrulz @4.2.27 "..." I believe that gutter can be straddled. i , dependent on how classy those would be that i am exchanging with, can go either way, simultaneously, but it's because of a class, on class, i...
Aug 23 10:05am Tessylo @5.2.1
Aug 23 10:04am Tessylo @4.2.26 That's nice.  
Aug 23 9:52am JaneDoe @4.2.25 "..." There is a woman on a news site I visit who is constantly body shaming people and putting down their looks. One day my curiosity got the best of me and I googled her pseudo. Right there on...
Aug 23 8:01am It Is ME @4.1.6 [Deleted]
Aug 23 1:02am Split... @4.2.24 I think I can offer the entirety of my online commenting on MSNBC, COMCAST, NEWSVINE,Minds, that, and several others in the deep archives of the internet as...
Aug 23 12:02am Paula... @11.1 You typed that with a straight face.  I'm impressed.
Maher: BDS a "Bullsh*t Purity Test"; Media Believes "Jews Must Be Wrong" In Coverage of Palestinians

Maher: BDS a "Bullsh*t Purity Test"; Media Believes "Jews Must Be Wrong" In Coverage of Palestinians

Via: cms5  •  22 comments  •  an hour ago
HBO 'Real Time' host Bill Maher criticized the anti-Israel BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) and the media for ignoring the agenda that targets products manufactured in Israel. On this week's broadcast of his program, Maher called BDS a "bullshit purity test" by people who slept through history class that want to appear "woke." Maher said Jews in Israel are "mostly white"...
Aug 23 7:12pm Willjay9 @2.3.2 So you shouldnt go to jail for yelling fire in a crowded theater??!!.....good to know!
The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate-based scam that nearly caused me to be murdered

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate-based scam that nearly caused me to be murdered

Via: Heartland American  •  35 comments  •  2 hours ago
I’ll never forget the moment I learned we were on lockdown. It was Aug.15, 2012. My frustration mingled with fear. Trapped on the sixth floor, we knew someone had been shot. We knew we couldn’t leave yet. We knew little else. While I was missing lunch, a crime scene played out in the office lobby below me. My coworker and friend Leo wasn’t armed, but he had played the...
Aug 23 6:51pm Willjay9 @3.1.9 Dude i can sue a ham sandwich.....doesnt mean it will get anywhere!
Trump cancels Denmark visit because it won't sell Greenland

Trump cancels Denmark visit because it won't sell Greenland

Via: JohnRussell  •  181 comments  •  2 hours ago
Trump cancels Denmark visit because it won't sell Greenland 1 min read President Donald Trump postponed a trip to Denmark after the prime minister said she has no interest in selling Greenland to the United States. NASA Photo by Chris Larsen/UPI | License Photo Aug. 21 (UPI) -- President...
Aug 23 6:43pm Tacos! @1.3.4 "..." How do you figure? Also, if that's true, why didn't the PM of Denmark say so? "..." Great! Another person who can't spell playing at intellectualism.
Aug 23 6:33pm Willjay9 @1.3.3 Dude Trump cannot buy Greenland from Denmark!....he would have to buy it from the people of Greenland or at least their govrrnment! Since a 2008 Greenland has had more autonomy than earlier in...
Aug 23 5:56pm Raven Wing @10.1.2 "..."
Aug 23 5:36pm Tacos! @11.3.6 Those are fine ideas, also.
Aug 23 3:14pm Tacos! @1.3.2 "..." No, they are still part of the Kingdom of Denmark. They have a lot of control over self-governance that has been granted to them by Denmark. This authority has been granted piecemeal over...
Aug 23 3:06pm Trout Giggles @11.3.5 I think we should take that money he wants to spend on Greenland and spend a tenth of it in Puerto Rico. Then give the rest of of it to the VA so they can upgrade their hospitals
Aug 23 3:06pm Krishna @6.2.15 "..." Correct :-)
Aug 23 3:04pm Tessylo @10.2.21 Right, because all presidents have behaved this way.  
Aug 23 3:02pm Tacos! @10.2.20 "..." Apparently it is - if you're not named Trump. At least that's the argument you people are making.
Aug 23 2:45pm Willjay9 @1.3.1 1946 Greenland wasnt an independent country! they were still considered a colony up until 1953! So NO We have never tried to buy Greenland the COUNTRY!
Aug 23 1:01pm Tessylo @10.2.19 'Then you should have no objection to Trump being rude to people who have been rude to him first. Or do you believe that never happens?' That's so freaking 'presidential'
Aug 23 12:51pm Trout Giggles @10.2.18 "..." I'm pretty sure the Danish PM reads at least one newspaper a day. trmp is pretty much in the news every day with his trash talk. "..." What goes around comes around.
Aug 23 12:50pm katrix @10.2.17 I don't actually consider the word "absurd" to be rude. The "nasty" comment - that was rude. His favorite word to use about women who say no to him. You know the NT rules - it's just fine to...
Aug 23 12:46pm Tacos! @10.2.16 "..." Started it how? "..." Then you should have no objection to Trump being rude to people who have been rude to him first. Or do you believe that never happens?
Aug 23 12:43pm Tacos! @10.2.15 "..." Like I just said, the behavior of one person should not dictate the behavior of others. That's the opposite of diplomacy. You would be plenty critical of Trump if he said something...
Aug 23 12:43pm Trout Giggles @10.2.14 "..." Uh, yeah, he kinda does because he started it. The Danish PM probably thought I'm gonna be just as diplomatic as he is. Why shouldn't people be rude right back to him?
Aug 23 12:15pm katrix @10.2.13 "..." Why is Trump owed a diplomatic response when he didn't use a diplomatic approach? And then the snowflake had yet another public temper tantrum. He's an embarrassment to the country. Now...
Aug 23 12:10pm Tacos! @10.2.12 "..." It was. A diplomatic response would have been to simply say "Greenland is not for sale and Denmark has no intention of selling." Instead, we got the dramatic and unfair "absurd." There was...
Aug 23 12:05pm Tessylo @11.3.4 How about those billions being spent on the wall that is not being built?
Aug 23 11:58am Tacos! @11.3.3 I already do. It's called taxes. Now, if only I could get Democrats to stop pissing it away on useless garbage. I'd much rather see it spent expanding the holdings of the United States as opposed...
Aug 23 11:51am Trout Giggles @10.2.11 Oh, c'mon, it was not! It certainly wasn't worse than any thing trmp has said. It would be like you asking to buy my cat. I would tell you don't be absurd...I'll give him to you
Aug 23 11:45am Tacos! @10.2.10 "..." No, actually she publicly said the idea was "absurd." It's not. Diplomatically, that response was unnecessarily rude and was apparently intended to embarrass the president.
Aug 23 10:55am Bob Nelson @6.3.28 "..." Prove me wrong. Just post some example of leftish "hatred".
Aug 23 10:10am Tessylo @11.3.2 Start a Go-Fund me account.  
Aug 23 10:10am Trout Giggles @10.2.9 All she said was no. Now...I know the Donald is not used to hearing that 2 letter word...but maybe it's time he learned the meaning of it. He acts like a 2 year old when told no
Aug 23 10:08am Tessylo @6.3.27 We're such meanies.  I guess the 'right' can dish it out, but cannot take it. And they call us snowflakes.  
Aug 23 10:08am Tessylo @6.3.26 "..." So true.  So true.  More like projectile vomiting.  
Aug 23 10:01am Trout Giggles @6.3.25 That's how the orange chief pronounced it. It was more like "obzurd"
Aug 23 8:36am MUVA @6.3.24 Do you ever read some of the post from the so called tolerant left give me a fucking break. 
Aug 23 7:57am Bob Nelson @6.3.23 "Hatred" just isn't characteristic of the left. There may be a tiny fringe way out on the far-far-far left, but the mass of mushy Dems doesn't "hate" anyone. MAGA people hate. They scream their...
Aug 23 7:43am Tessylo @15.1
Aug 23 7:41am Tessylo @10.2.8 'Very undiplomatic.' Yes, this 'president' is the most diplomatic 'president' EVER.  
Aug 23 7:40am Tessylo @6.3.22 "..." In the mirror
Aug 23 7:38am Tessylo @6.3.21 When the whiny little bitch punk ass 'president' was whining about how they were 'nasty' to him, he pronounced it abzurd, many times.  
Aug 23 7:36am Tessylo @6.3.20 You're pretzel like contortions and twisting, that's about what I expected.
Aug 23 7:34am igknorantzrulz @16 This whole fricken farce is just too much . It took me TWO DAYS to comment on this beyond joke
Aug 23 7:33am lady in black @15
Aug 23 7:29am Tessylo @1.4.2 Excuse me, abzurd.  I heard the asshole talking and he said it that way multiple times . . . abzurd. She was mean to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 23 2:39am Bob Nelson @10.2.7 "..." Seriously? Trump's chatter allowed speculation about acquiring Greenland to reach the media... before he ever talked to the proper Danish authorities. And you blame the Dane? Seriously?
Aug 23 2:36am Bob Nelson @10.2.6 "..." "Undiplomatic" means "against the normal practices of diplomacy". The word is applicable to talking about acquiring a territory, so widely that the story is absolutely certain to make it...
Aug 23 2:28am Bob Nelson @6.3.19 "..." Seriously? Why do right-wingers see "hatred" everywhere? Is it a reflection of their own world-view? I've seen lots of astonishment, even shame, that a President could be so wacky... but...
Aug 23 2:25am Bob Nelson @6.3.18 "..." That was a century ago, near the end of the colonial era. Bringing it into a current debate is kinda sorta anachronistic...
Aug 23 2:22am Bob Nelson @6.3.17 "..." Just for laughs, Tex... try flipping that sentence: "..." A question, Tex: Is there anything that Trump has done since arriving in office, that you consider unworthy of a President of...
Aug 23 12:14am Tacos! @10.2.5 "..." The PM was nasty to him first. That's how these things always go. Somebody disrespects Trump; he fires back; and everyone makes a big deal about what Trump said, while ignoring the original...
Democratic Rep. calls Antifa members 'peaceful protesters' during CNN interview

Democratic Rep. calls Antifa members 'peaceful protesters' during CNN interview

Via: KDMichigan  •  84 comments  •  2 hours ago
The same day that 13 individuals were arrested at far-right and far-left demonstrations in Portland, Ore., Rep. Debra Haaland, D-N.M., called members of Antifa "peaceful protesters." During a Saturday interview with CNN, Haaland responded to a tweet from President Trump about declaring Antifa a domestic terrorist organization, and accused him of siding with white supremacists. "Major...
Aug 23 6:39pm Willjay9 @1.1.9 Where did you see that?! But i tell you this, I bet you the parents of Heather Heyer wishes she was just hit in the head with a lock!
Aug 23 6:16pm Jeremy... @7 "..." And yet again, I'm not surprised.  
Aug 23 2:49pm arkpdx @1.1.8 So to you hitting someone in the head with a lock is a non violent act. 
Aug 23 2:39pm Willjay9 @1.1.7 Lets see.....getting hit with a lock or a car....yeah I see the comparison!..../s
Aug 23 1:57pm Dulay @4.1.18 Saturday's dueling demonstrations between left-wing Antifa and far-right groups were mostly peaceful. Some isolated confrontations occurred after the...
Aug 23 1:45pm Ronin2 @4.1.17 "..." "..." Sounds peaceful./S Don't try to pretend that Antifa members were some of those that were arrested, had...
Aug 23 1:02pm Ronin2 @3.1.10 I defend everyone's right to peaceful assembly and free speech no matter how much I disagree with them. That includes the "alt-right", "alt-left", and every other idiot under the sun that thinks...
Aug 23 11:15am Dulay @4.1.16 "..." Then you should read the article and watch the press conference by Portland authorities. The Antifa counter-protest in Portland was peaceful. 
Aug 23 10:52am Dulay @2.1.18 Them.
Aug 23 8:48am lady in black @6 Who'd a thunk it....But, but, but, Antifa is violent....oh please....defend this, I dare you...there is NO defense. Proud Boys Leader Admits Their Rallies Are For Fighting And Wasting Money...
Aug 23 8:10am It Is ME @2.1.17 I asked questions. I didn't make a statement.
Florida Man Charged With Threatening a Mass Shooting After Allegedly Texting Ex-Girlfriend About 'a Good 100 Kills'

Florida Man Charged With Threatening a Mass Shooting After Allegedly Texting Ex-Girlfriend About 'a Good 100 Kills'

Via: Tessylo  •  14 comments  •  2 hours ago
Florida Man Charged With Threatening a Mass Shooting After Allegedly Texting Ex-Girlfriend About 'a Good 100 Kills'   Ciara Nugent, Time   Mon, Aug 19 8:24 AM EDT   Florida Man Charged With Threatening a Mass Shooting After Allegedly Texting Ex-Girlfriend About 'a Good 100 Kills' Scroll back up to restore default view....
Aug 23 6:35pm Jeremy... @6.1.1 "..." It means exactly what is says.  Many, if not all, the shootings could have been avoided if people pull their heads out of their phones and payed attention to what's going on around them....
Aug 23 6:23pm Tessylo @6.1 What does that mean? Every day they're thwarting multiple people who claim they're going to do a mass shooting.   All across the US
Aug 23 6:14pm Jeremy... @6 Its amazing when people can do when they pay attention to what's going on around them.
Aug 23 5:37pm MrFrost @4.1.1 "..." I actually looked it up, absolute max range of a .22LR "magnum" is 3,600 feet. Well short of a mile. 
Aug 23 4:58pm luther28 @5 At least they managed to stop the nitwits attempt. There's his 15 minutes.
Aug 23 4:42pm Dismayed... @4.2 "..." Or more likely another angry, embittered right wing loser considering nearly all domestic terrorists going on shooting sprees have turned out to be right wing losers.
Aug 23 4:16pm Trout Giggles @4.1 From 3 miles away??????
Aug 23 4:14pm Freefaller @3.2 "..." Holy crap he'd have to shoot from the top of Mt Everest with a helluva tailwind for it to even go that far, not to mention actually do anything when it got there.
Aug 23 4:04pm WallyW @4 .22's can do a lot damage since the bullet has little mass and be easily deflected. Sounds like he's another angry and unhappy left wing loser.
Aug 23 3:46pm MrFrost @3.1.1 Probably all he knows comes from his Xbox. 
Aug 23 3:36pm Trout Giggles @3.1 I don't think this boy knows a whole lot about what his rifle can actually do
Aug 23 3:28pm MrFrost @3 "..." Wait....stop.....he was going to kill people from 3 miles away...with a .22? What an idiot. 
Aug 23 3:25pm MrFrost @2 "..." Sounds like someone has been playing a bit too much Call Of Duty. 
Aug 23 3:08pm Tessylo @1 And also this: Florida man threatened mass shooting at Memphis church Yahoo News Video Tue, Aug 20 4:00 PM EDT...
Mueller Report And Trump Put Obama’s Legacy On The Line

Mueller Report And Trump Put Obama’s Legacy On The Line

Via: Heartland American  •  29 comments  •  2 hours ago
Barack Obama inflicted all sorts of damage on America during his eight years in office. As we well know  Barack Obama began an unrelenting assault on police from his earliest days in office starting with the Cambridge police saying they acted stupidly to embracing Black Lives Matter, the Ferguson, Mo, Situation, Trevon Martin and many other shaming police rhetoric. Currently, police in New...
Aug 23 6:24pm Willjay9 @2.1.16 Dude I read the link and it is about as unsubstantiated as this OPINION piece masquarading as fact.....all this "scandals" that that link showed was investigated SEVERAL TIMES EACH BY REPUBLICAN...
Aug 23 7:19am igknorantzrulz @5.2.2 Fed em to the Lizard
Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide in Manhattan jail cell, autopsy report says

Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide in Manhattan jail cell, autopsy report says

Via: TᵢG  •  63 comments  •  2 hours ago
Aug. 16, 2019, 3:38 PM CDT  /  Updated Aug. 16, 2019, 4:31 PM CDT By   Tom Winter, Rich Schapiro, Jonathan Dienst and Doha Madani Jeffrey Epstein's death has been ruled a suicide by hanging, the   medical examiner's office   said Friday. The determination capped days of speculation   and conspiracy theories   after the wealthy financier and accused sex trafficker was found...
Aug 23 6:20pm Jeremy... @11 Not losing any sleep over the suicide of a pedophile.  He just saved the taxpayers millions.
Aug 23 6:15pm Karri @5.1.19 "..." Yes, absolutely.  I've actually stopped a couple of suicides because the person became happy for no discernable reason.   When I was investigating completed suicides, I would have loved...
A Question

A Question

By: Kathleen  •  183 comments  •  3 hours ago
What do you think existed before the universe was created? Any thoughts?
Aug 23 6:10pm Jeremy... @1.2.76 So which of the 1500 Egyptian gods is the god in the bible?  
CNN Hires Andrew McCabe As A Contributor

CNN Hires Andrew McCabe As A Contributor

Via: Vic Eldred  •  32 comments  •  3 hours ago  •  LOCKED
CNN is bringing on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as a contributor, the network announced Friday morning. CNN senior media reporter   Oliver Darcy   announced the move on his Twitter account. In addition to his nearly two years as deputy director, McCabe briefly served as the agency’s acting director following the firing of  former FBI Director James Comey. McCabe rose...
Aug 23 5:56pm Vic Eldred @4 Brit Hume gets the last word here:"Let’s call an apple an apple: CNN hired an established liar because he hates Trump. The high horse has been put out to pasture"
Aug 23 5:19pm It Is ME @1.1.7 "..." We're speaking of McCabe and company. The Dems had 4 years to get rid of Trump. Still waiting.
Aug 23 3:39pm Vic Eldred @2.2.3 Andrew McCabe: fired for lying to the FBI, caught by the Inspector General for unauthorized media leaks, and one of the ring-leaders in spreading the debunked and disastrous "Russian collusion"...
Aug 23 3:27pm Vic Eldred @1.1.6 That's the problem with not acting on a criminal referral. You get the politically driven denial of wrongdoing!  Mr Barr please take note - you have to prosecute the guilty! They are not your...
Aug 23 3:19pm Vic Eldred @1.2.10 Interesting way to defend CNN's failures!OBJECTION OVERRULED!
Aug 23 3:08pm Vic Eldred @1.2.9 "..." So we are now in a contest. I hurl all the CNN blatant examples of their failure at journalism at you and you intend to shoot each one down with your opinion of sources? CNN's ratings tell...
Aug 23 3:04pm Just Jim NC... @1.2.8 "..." You can't unread or unhear after the fact. The damage was done and especially in the "Never Trump" club.
Aug 23 3:01pm Sean Treacy @2.2.2 Ha!... Did you really miss that? 
Aug 23 3:00pm Vic Eldred @1.2.7 "..." I even linked CNN's own explanation of the story. If they were promoting fake news, why would they fire these people or even retract the story? They had a pending lawsuit against them. I...
Aug 23 2:57pm Dismayed... @1.2.6 "..." Exactly. Fox promotes their lying pundits. The bigger the lie, the bigger the promotion, that is until they get caught sexually assaulting co-workers.
Aug 23 2:57pm MrFrost @2.2.1 "..." Has McCabe? 
Aug 23 2:56pm MrFrost @1.2.5 LOL I read through the list on fake news daily caller, (which is the National Enquirer for Europe), and all they listed was inaccuracies and mistakes. None of them qualify as fake news Vic, not...
Aug 23 2:53pm MrFrost @1.2.4 So CNN retracted a story that was questionable and fired those responsible. If they were promoting fake news, why would they fire these people or even retract the story? 
Aug 23 2:53pm Sean Treacy @2.1.3  things which are not exactly equivalent.  That's very true.  
Aug 23 2:52pm MrFrost @1.1.5 "..." We gave you 25 years to "lock her up", and nothing. This will be the same thing. Get your stick and dead horse ready. 
Aug 23 2:47pm Vic Eldred @2.1.2 Two things which are not exactly equivalent. 
Aug 23 2:42pm Sean Treacy @3.1 removed for context
Aug 23 2:41pm Sean Treacy @2.1.1 "..." It must be exhausting to go from attacking Fox for hiring  Sanders for lying to defending CNN for hiring a man the Inspector General referred for criminal prosecution for lying. 
Aug 23 2:39pm Just Jim NC... @1.1.4 Exactly. The IG report is due out next month.............we shall see whose heads roll after that.
Aug 23 2:38pm Sean Treacy @2.2 "..." Has she ever been charged with a crime? So in other words, it's just made up BS. 
Aug 23 2:35pm JohnRussell @3 [delete]
Aug 23 2:31pm Vic Eldred @1.2.3
Aug 23 2:29pm Vic Eldred @1.2.2 "..." Three CNN journalists, including the executive editor in charge of a new investigative unit, have resigned after the publication of a Russia-related article that was retracted. Thomas...
Aug 23 2:26pm It Is ME @1.1.3 "..." AG William Barr is working on it. Give him time.
Aug 23 2:25pm Vic Eldred @2.1 You really want to go to "What about?"  So soon?
Aug 23 2:23pm MrFrost @1.1.2 "..." Has he even been charged with a crime? No. So in other words, it's just made up BS. 
Aug 23 2:23pm Vic Eldred @1.2.1 Shall we start with the three reporters who ended up "resigning?"  You tell me
Aug 23 2:22pm MrFrost @2 Big deal, fox fake news hired Sarah Fuckabee Sanders who was PAID to lie, as a contributor. Not shocking at all. At least McCabe has some credibility. 
Aug 23 2:22pm Vic Eldred @1.1.1 That's a great question. I have no idea. No question about the referral. It was justified. No action taken?  I guess we are all in the same line to get that answer.
Aug 23 2:20pm MrFrost @1.2 "..." List those fake news stories, please. Limit your response to 20 stories, in the interest of brevity.  *Note: The only reason many on the right think CNN is fake news is because a guy who...
Aug 23 2:18pm MrFrost @1.1 "..." So why was he not convicted of these crimes? I mean, Trump's DOJ too busy chasing down already investigated BS? 
Aug 23 2:06pm Vic Eldred @1 So here he is....drum roll please....The guy whom the DOJ Inspector General found committed federal crimes & is a serial liar!Now hired by CNNQualifications:He hates TrumpHe was part of an...
I went to the store today and finally used my discount.

I went to the store today and finally used my discount.

By: †hε pε⊕pレε'š ƒïšh  •  41 comments  •  3 hours ago
Share your experience? What kind of discounts do you get?
Aug 23 5:52pm Raven Wing @4.1.10 No problemo....easy to do, and I've made that mistake a few times as well.
Aug 23 11:45am luther28 @7 5% on Tuesdays for being old.
Slavery In America Did Not Begin In 1619, And Other Things The New York Times Gets Wrong

Slavery In America Did Not Begin In 1619, And Other Things The New York Times Gets Wrong

Via: Vic Eldred  •  9 comments  •  3 hours ago  •  LOCKED
The New York Times has published a series of essays about slavery, race, and American politics under the heading “1619 Project.” These essays cover an enormous amount of terrain: music, constitutional theory, economics, management, ethnic identity, and more. Many conservatives responded negatively, which at first perplexed me. Slavery was a huge part of American history and has affected...
Aug 23 5:36pm Vic Eldred @2.3 John, I learned the same things you did way back when I was in school. However, that has changed dramatically for recent generations. I am all for teaching all of history, blemishes and all. That...
Aug 23 5:23pm Vic Eldred @3.1 Thank you Sir
Aug 23 5:13pm JohnRussell @2.2.1 There isnt a word of what I wrote that has to do with hate.  Please find someone else to make meaningless comments to. 
Aug 23 5:07pm Dismayed... @4 First, the NYT series is in no way trying, as this author claims, to make "America" synonymous with "slavery". But the fact remains, you cannot tell the story of America without including the deep...
Aug 23 5:07pm MUVA @2.2 You really hate America it seems or at least the white people.
Aug 23 5:05pm MUVA @2.1 Good all you white  lefties can stop complaining about well everything.
Aug 23 4:54pm luther28 @3 Nice find Vic.
Aug 23 4:51pm JohnRussell @2 When I was in grammar school, and even in high school, the history texts were filled almost exclusively with the achievements , successes and exploits of white people. The first explorers were...
Aug 23 4:08pm Vic Eldred @1 "The truth is rarely pure and never simple."It's a bit of reading, but some need it.
CREATIVE ARTS Thursday/Friday ~ Although I can Legitimately Say "I have Photographed Almost Every Photo-worthy Inch of Walt Disney World," there are Always Variations on a Theme!

CREATIVE ARTS Thursday/Friday ~ Although I can Legitimately Say "I have Photographed Almost Every Photo-worthy Inch of Walt Disney World," there are Always Variations on a Theme!

By: A. Macarthur  •  30 comments  •  3 hours ago
For example … © A. Mac/A.G.
Aug 23 5:30pm A. Macarthur @12 I think it's a bit corny … but I can live with it. © A. Mac/A.G.
Aug 23 5:28pm A. Macarthur @11.2 The "Magic Hour"!
Aug 23 5:17pm Kavika @11.1
Aug 23 5:04pm Kavika @11 Greeting from Siesta Key, FL... Sunset on the beach. Photos by Red.
Aug 23 3:48pm Raven Wing @9.1.1 Thank you Mac. I truly appreciate your kind words and support. With each creation my minds eye and the message the image conveys to me guides me in how I create them.  For me it is a matter of...
Aug 23 3:32pm Raven Wing @10.1 Great shot, Mac. And the beautiful colors and reflections on the water are awesome. This is one of my favorites yet.
Aug 23 3:14pm A. Macarthur @10 One more : © A. Mac/A.G.
Aug 23 3:12pm A. Macarthur @9.1 Your works would make a great series of "ICONIC IMAGERY"!
Aug 23 2:05pm Raven Wing @8.1 Great photo Mac. I like the sun's reflection on the Epcot orb. Sort of a touch of surrealism.
Aug 23 2:01pm Raven Wing @9 A little something to maybe help keep things alive,
Aug 23 1:33pm A. Macarthur @8 Trying to keep this discussion alive … © A. Mac/A.G.
2 alleged shooting threats at separate Florida schools end in arrests on same day

2 alleged shooting threats at separate Florida schools end in arrests on same day

Via: Tessylo  •  4 comments  •  4 hours ago
2 alleged shooting threats at separate Florida schools end in arrests on same day   EMILY SHAPIRO, ABC News   3 hours ago Authorities foil 3 new mass shooting threats 2 alleged shooting threats at...
Aug 23 5:01pm luther28 @1.1.1 Most likely Trout, but sometimes just for the attention.
Aug 23 5:00pm luther28 @2 At least they were ended with arrests rather than deaths.
Aug 23 3:34pm Trout Giggles @1.1 I think these are cries for help
Aug 23 3:03pm Tessylo @1 Wasn't it just the other day, in Florida again, where a 15 year old said he was going to do the same thing?  The police found him.  Mom said it was just a joke, that he wasn't a killer.  They asked...
Making a case to women: Trump female defenders go on offense

Making a case to women: Trump female defenders go on offense

Via: Tessylo  •  18 comments  •  4 hours ago
Making a case to women: Trump female defenders go on offense   JILL COLVIN and ALEXANDRA JAFFE, Associated Press   8 hours ago   The left jealous of enthusiasm of Trump supporters? DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Trump campaign has a message for its female...
Aug 23 4:47pm luther28 @7.1.5 :)
Aug 23 11:51am Ed-NavDoc @7.1.4 Your comment(s) were not the one I was referring to. I was referring primarily to the seeded article above as well as other comments posted above, but not yours. My apologies for any confusion.
Aug 23 11:27am luther28 @7.1.3 I do not believe my comment was demeaning to anyone other than Mr. Trump. I just find it odd that based on his constant shall we say critique of women and vulgar comments towards them, that a woman...
Aug 23 11:26am ArkansasHerm... @8.1.2 All current indications seem to show that a majority of women voters are growing ever more disgusted with Trump and his policies. "..." . New poll shows Trump is underwater with white women, a...
Aug 23 10:10am It Is ME @8.1.1 "..." Why wouldn't it be the ticket. You know how wildly NUTZ and violent those on the "Left" can get..... right ?
Aug 23 9:39am Tessylo @9 But if the shoe fits, right?
Aug 23 9:38am Tessylo @8.1 Sure, that's the ticket.  
Aug 23 9:28am It Is ME @8 But polling suggests his challenges persist. The most recent Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll found just 30% of women approve of the way the president is doing his job...
Aug 23 9:22am Tessylo @7.1.2 Of course you are.  I was wondering when someone would say 'we're mean to the people who support tRump' Sexist and misogynist for not supporting the dumb, yes dumb, women, who would support this...
Aug 23 9:20am Ed-NavDoc @7.1.1 No, I am referring to the frequent demeaning of female conservative voters by the progressive left.
Aug 23 9:01am luther28 @7.1 Are you saying that Mr. Trump did not make the taped statement from Access Hollywood? His words, his greeting not mine.
Aug 23 8:52am Ed-NavDoc @7 Comments like those above do nothing but verify what is stated in the seeded article.
Aug 23 8:51am luther28 @6 "Trump female defenders go on offense" One would think they might have a difficult time putting together enough women to make up a team. Though I myself am a male, I find it quite peculiar that...
Aug 23 6:58am Tessylo @5 Trump has turned off higher-income, college educated and younger women "because of how he speaks, how he tweets," said Republican pollster Frank Luntz, while retaining the support of older women...
Aug 23 6:52am Tessylo @4 "It's become more pronounced where those who don't like him are overtly hostile and those who do like him will stand up for him aggressively," Luntz said. "They are even more outspoken than men....
Aug 23 6:51am Tessylo @3 'The Iowa event, held in the back room of a barbecue joint in a Des Moines suburb, was one of more than a dozen in battleground states nationwide as part of a push to make the president's case on...
Aug 23 6:49am Tessylo @2 'The left jealous of enthusiasm of Trump supporters?'
Aug 23 6:49am Tessylo @1 Making a case to women: Trump female defenders go on offense [Deleted]


By: JohnRussell  •  29 comments  •  6 hours ago
When will we be allowed to criticize trump supporters in general?  The election is coming and Trump supporters are the number one problem in our nation. 
Aug 23 2:14pm Trout Giggles @4.2.8 Puts in 10 and takes a out a 5, 4 ones, and 3 quarters
Aug 23 2:12pm Trout Giggles @2.2.2 oh please!
Aug 23 2:11pm Trout Giggles @1.1.2 I thought liberals hated guns and hunting?
Faithless elector: A court ruling just changed how we pick our president

Faithless elector: A court ruling just changed how we pick our president

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  85 comments  •  7 hours ago
By   Pete Williams A federal appeals court ruled late Tuesday that presidential electors who cast the actual ballots for president and vice president are free to vote as they wish and cannot be required to follow the results of the popular vote in their states. The decision could give a single elector the power to decide the outcome of a presidential election — if the popular vote...
Aug 23 1:53pm Dismayed... @12.1.2 "..." "The federal court ruling conflicts with a decision from Washington state's Supreme Court in May, which said electors must follow the results of the popular vote. "The power of electors to...
Aug 23 12:24pm TᵢG @8.1.30 "..." Ok
Aug 23 11:56am Bob Nelson @8.1.29 "..." So... saying that Faithless Electors are not really a problem is pertinent. On topic. Right? The Fathers wanted Electors to do as they pleased, regardless of the popular vote. They...
Aug 23 10:59am TᵢG @8.1.28 "..." But this is the topic.   This seed is not about the design of the electoral college but rather the change of rules on the human electors themselves.   My comments have been on that point...
Aug 23 2:43am Bob Nelson @8.1.27 "..." Of course. But the problem isn't "Faithless Electors". There haven't been very many in the history of the republic. The problem is the unfair weight that the College gives to small...
Trump Unmasks the Media's Liberal Advocacy

Trump Unmasks the Media's Liberal Advocacy

Via: Heartland American  •  24 comments  •  7 hours ago
In the world of education, the “three R’s” refer to the fundamentals of instruction: reading, ’riting, and ’rithmetic. In the world of the Democratic mainstream media, the three R’s sadly refer to: resistance, Russia, and racism. Since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, almost all legacy media outlets have fixated on resistance to his presidency, at the expense of traditional journalism....
Aug 23 1:49pm CB @3.3.9 Well Falun Gong's Epoch Times managed to get itself BANNED OFF FACEBOOK TODAY!!! Good. Delightful. I'm excited to observe!  Throw trash on the heap! I guess, that means conservatives over 50 with...
Three Years Later, the French Solar Road Is a Total Flop

Three Years Later, the French Solar Road Is a Total Flop

Via: †hε pε⊕pレε'š ƒïšh  •  21 comments  •  7 hours ago
It was a solar experiment that seemed ingenious in its simplicity: fill a road with photovoltaic panels and let them passively soak up the rays as cars drive harmlessly above. The idea has been tried a few times, notably in rural France in 2016 with what was christened the "Wattway." Three years later, even the most optimistic supporters have deemed the Wattway a failure. The Wattway...
Aug 23 1:49pm It Is ME @1.1.2
Aug 23 1:44pm Cerenkov @1.1.1 Not enough pictures.
Op-Ed -------This Isn’t the Madman Theory. This Is a Madman President.

Op-Ed -------This Isn’t the Madman Theory. This Is a Madman President.

Via: JohnRussell  •  28 comments  •  8 hours ago
The Daily Beast › This Isn’t the Madman Theory. This Is a Madman President. Rick Wilson August 22, 2019 At this moment, on another Earth, a man is locked in a padded cell, nodding to the gibbering chorus of voices in his head and smearing out his manifesto on the grimy walls of the asylum using a jagged fingernail and his bodily...
Aug 23 12:21pm Jack_TX @8.1.1 "..." The unhinged lunacy in many of these comments....while they are accusing someone else of unhinged lunacy..... It's a whole new level of irony.
Aug 23 10:54am Bob Nelson @6.2.5 ... and deeply troubling for the future of the country...
Aug 23 10:47am Trout Giggles @6.2.4 "..." That is blatantly obvious.
Aug 23 10:16am Trout Giggles @1.1.2 I would have told him, it's mine and you can't have it!
Aug 23 8:35am luther28 @9 Though I am not a psychiatrist, based on rhetoric, behavior and actions, I would have to say that our POTUS is quite the loon.
Aug 23 2:17am Bob Nelson @6.2.3 Yesterday, I mocked a direct quote from Trump. In response, one of our NT Usual Suspect stalwarts mocked me for listening to anything Trump says... Yes... that's right... Trump supporters are...
Aug 23 1:12am bbl-1 @7.1.1 Or take up residence elsewhere if the need arose.
Aug 23 12:36am Texan1211 @8.1 None---none at all--of those things will happen. Most Democrats don't have the guts for impeachment, the 25th Amendment solution is a pipe dream, and shutting up as long as Trump is their...
Mississippi prof, who went to Georgetown Prep with Brett Kavanaugh, sues HuffPost

Mississippi prof, who went to Georgetown Prep with Brett Kavanaugh, sues HuffPost

Via: Vic Eldred  •  17 comments  •  8 hours ago  •  LOCKED
Jimmie E. Gates , Mississippi Clarion Ledger Published 8:59 a.m. CT Aug. 22, 2019 |   Updated 5:50 p.m. CT Aug. 22, 2019 A Gulfport professor and advocate is suing the national news website HuffPost alleging defamation involving a September 2018 story on U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's days at Georgetown Prep school. Derrick Evans’ lawsuit was filed Wednesday in...
Aug 23 12:21pm JaneDoe @1.3 "..." I sure hope he does!!
Aug 23 12:04pm Tacos! @1.2 "..." I suppose a mere 50% of the time plus one is "mostly" factual. I'm not sure it actually achieves even that standard, though.
Aug 23 11:20am Snuffy @2.1.8 Germany already beat you to that with the large commercial sized ones.
Aug 23 10:52am KDMichigan @2.1.7 "..." Just wait and see the meltdown if the Presidential election doesn't go their way again. I need to invent a sham wow crying towel.
Aug 23 10:04am Vic Eldred @2.1.6 "..." That's right....they have no shame....None!
Aug 23 10:03am Vic Eldred @2.1.5 Trump had the guts to stand by the nomination all the way!  How many of those Republicans in congress would have had the fortitude?
Aug 23 10:00am Snuffy @2.1.4 And they are still going at it. Nadler is suing for Kavanaugh's records from his time in the White House, in hopes of finding something they can impeach him on.  All in an attempt to redo the...
Aug 23 9:52am Texan1211 @2.1.3 Which merely made his confirmation, and their tears, all the more enjoyable!
Aug 23 9:50am Vic Eldred @2.1.2 It was the low point for our civilization - to aggressively defame an honorable decent man simply to keep him off the Supreme Court. They did it without conscience or shame!
Aug 23 9:45am Texan1211 @2.1.1 Anything and everything in their failed attempt to derail Kavanaugh's confirmation. Pathetic bunch of moronic loons.
Aug 23 9:42am Vic Eldred @1.1.3 It's 2-1 in favor. You mean it should be odds on! Maybe your'e right! Ok I'll give em the same odds Man-O-War once got 1-9. That's the pari-mutuel limit!
Aug 23 9:39am Vic Eldred @2.1 They didn't need to go that far. The idea was to make it seem that these were all wild unrestrained kids who were given to excess via alcohol, drugs and sex and therefore capable of doing anything!
Aug 23 9:36am Texan1211 @1.1.2 2-1? Generous, but not enough. Maybe 3-1? or 4-1?
Aug 23 9:34am Vic Eldred @1.1.1 I'll take on the role of odds maker. I'll put it at 2-1 that MBFC won't make any change no matter what happens. As for NT, MBFC is our official ratings service. We have to accept that. We live...
Aug 23 9:28am Texan1211 @1.1 I am willing to bet that MBFC will not change the rating for HuffPost and that Newstalkers will still treat MBFC as the "Bible" for what sources are acceptable to publish or use here.
Aug 23 9:28am Sean Treacy @2 The amazing thing is that Huff Post stopped short of claiming that Kavanaugh forced Kennedy to ingest coke at gunpoint. Shocking restraint for it. 
Aug 23 9:18am Vic Eldred @1 Interesting development. Part of the fallout from the effort to take down Brett Kavanaugh.The Huffington Post has tagged simply as "Left Bias" by Media Bias/Fact Check and it is a source we can use...
A Political Party Stupid Enough to Call You a Racist Is Too Stupid to Govern

A Political Party Stupid Enough to Call You a Racist Is Too Stupid to Govern

Via: Heartland American  •  7 comments  •  9 hours ago
What happens when a political party is hijacked by fanatics, ideologues, and hysterics who don't care whether they win or lose an election? They lose elections. That's where the Democrats are headed because they'd rather be "right" than clever. And when it comes to the issue of race, Democrats think they have a corner on "right." They've got a small problem, though. In order to...
Aug 23 12:02pm Ed-NavDoc @5 My impression is that those who are so eager to point fingers and scream racist first are actually the ones that are racists themselves!
Aug 23 11:35am luther28 @2.1.1 "..." "..." Which ended in the sixties, they were the Dixiecrats that ended up being taken into, yup the GOP fold. 
Aug 23 9:57am Heartland... @4 Those on the left don't believe there's a difference. They believe that you can be a racist and not even be aware of it ("white supremacy"). You can have a heart full of love and Christian charity...
Aug 23 9:50am Texan1211 @3 It is as if Democrats don't remember one of the reasons why Hillary lost--her ugly, misguided, stupid comment about "deplorables". Instead of remembering some of the results of those comments,...
Aug 23 9:43am Heartland... @2.1 The old whataboutism defense. It is the democrat party of slavery and Jim Crow that is all about calling others racists.
Aug 23 8:42am luther28 @2 "What happens when a political party is hijacked by fanatics, ideologues, and hysterics who don't care whether they win or lose an election?" Well I suppose they follow the incarnation of the...
Aug 23 12:34am Heartland... @1 This is really, really stupid. Most Americans don't hate Trump as much as most liberal Democrats do. Most Americans see through the hysterical exaggerations about Trump and many appear bewildered...
White Jesus doesn’t care about anti-Semitic lies

White Jesus doesn’t care about anti-Semitic lies

Via: Bob Nelson  •  5 comments  •  9 hours ago
This report by Julie Zauzmer for The Washington Post is really creepy and also really important: “ How anti-Semitic beliefs have quietly taken hold among some evangelical Christians .” It starts at a white evangelical church in Bensalem, north of Philly, where a Vacation Bible School volunteer volunteers her opinions on Trumpism and the international conspiracy of Jewish fiends opposing...
Aug 23 11:50am Bob Nelson @2.1.2 It takes a bit of time to post properly (as opposed to just massively copy/pasting). So Comments that seem to indicate that the visitor hasn't bothered to read are... well... you understand......
Aug 23 11:29am luther28 @2.1.1 I did Bob, I was being my sarcastic self.
Aug 23 10:50am Bob Nelson @2.1 The best way to learn the meaning of a title you do not understand is to read the article...
Aug 23 8:54am luther28 @2 "White Jesus doesn’t care about anti-Semitic lies" I did not realize that Jesus now comes in different flavors. Happy to be somewhat normal.
Aug 23 3:08am Bob Nelson @1 "..." Another glimpse of America's coming Night of Broken Glass...
Why Farmers Aren’t Going To Abandon Trump Over The Trade War

Why Farmers Aren’t Going To Abandon Trump Over The Trade War

Via: It Is ME  •  16 comments  •  9 hours ago
You’ve all seen the headlines: “China is hitting the U.S. where it hurts: Soybeans,” and “China takes aim at America’s soybean farmers,” and “Soybean farmers are still paying for Trump’s trade war” (all from CNN). The popular narrative goes that because President Trump launched a trade war against China, China has retaliated by tariffing America’s chief export to China—agricultural...
Aug 23 11:31am Sparty On @3.5 Farm subsidies are one of the better uses of our tax dollars it's just that some folks are just too plain dull to see that.
Aug 23 11:26am It Is ME @1.3.1 "..." "And now the rest of the story" !
Aug 23 11:25am squiggy @1.3 I’d like to hear Paul Harvey do this one.
Aug 23 11:22am squiggy @3.4 “They are getting welfare and are dumb as dirt...” Those bastards! Probably getting housing, food stamps, bus passes and free phones, too.
Aug 23 11:12am WallyW @1.1.3 You didn't read the seed, did you ! It's so much easier to troll than make an intelligent comment.
Aug 23 11:00am WallyW @4 It was basically being paid to not plant. Being a greedy capitalist I gladly accepted the generosity of the 'gubment'. The land being in the Denver-Julesburg Basin I still get income from it
Aug 23 10:44am Jack_TX @3.3 "..." Obviously never met any of them, have you? Also...haven't learned anything from 2016, have you? They'll support him because the alternative is to support people from whom they receive...
Aug 23 10:30am It Is ME @3.2 "..." Government paying Farmers makes Farmers dumb as dirt ? Sounds like they "is really smart" for getting government to do that !
Aug 23 10:15am Paula... @3.1 At least they won't starve although soy bean diet 24/7 can get old.
Aug 23 10:10am lady in black @3 They are getting welfare and are dumb as dirt, of course they'll support the moron-in-chief.
Aug 23 9:34am Texan1211 @1.1.2 Read?
Aug 23 9:32am Texan1211 @1.2 Nice to see the WHOLE truth come out--not just some CNN or MSNBC headlines demeaning the President.
Aug 23 9:30am It Is ME @1.1.1 "..." You didn't read the seed, did you !
Aug 23 9:25am Tessylo @1.1 They're going to support him anyway because they're morons?  This 'president' sure does love the uneducated.  
Aug 23 9:06am It Is ME @2 We just seem to always get "Some" of the story from "Reporters" ! Real "Journalists"....where are you ?
Aug 23 8:56am It Is ME @1 "The amazing thing is that a chart of commodity prices doesn’t lie. But the corporate media insists on only telling a tenth of the story, if that. They don’t give a hoot about farmers, they are...
NBA legend Bob Cousy gets Medal of Freedom, and offers an assist to President Trump

NBA legend Bob Cousy gets Medal of Freedom, and offers an assist to President Trump

Via: Vic Eldred  •  7 comments  •  9 hours ago  •  LOCKED
By making Bob Cousy just the fourth former   NBA   player to get the   Presidential Medal of Freedom , President Trump also made clear he is a big fan of the   Boston Celtics   legend. And the Hall of Famer was quick to return the favor, calling Trump “the most extraordinary president of my lifetime.” Cousy, who was born in 1928, added that’s saying something because he’s a “BR’r” --...
Aug 23 11:13am Sean Treacy @4.1 Titles when the league comprised 10 or less teams were a lot easier to come by then in the modern era.
Aug 23 10:57am Jack_TX @4 I've coached basketball for 28 years.   I get a kick out of kids who argue about the "GOAT", because those discussions are almost always limited to the players they have seen.   The great Celtics...
Aug 23 10:00am Vic Eldred @3 My Dear long time Friend Enoch: You bet they were the best!Those Celtics teams comprised the NBA's greatest dynasty - A record eight straight championships from 1959-1966.My HS basketball days were...
Aug 23 9:32am Enoch @2 Dear Friend Vic Eldred: The best. The absolute best days. The precision with which the Celts spread out the defense, took the high percentage shots and had the first seven players in double point...
Aug 23 9:25am Vic Eldred @1.1.1 My Dear Friend Enoch: Those were great days weren't they?  A different world.The banners are still there at the new Boston Garden (Whatever it's called these days)
Aug 23 9:09am Enoch @1.1 Dear Friend Vic Eldred: I grew up a fan during the Red Auerbach Celtics dynasty years.  Bob Cousy, Bill Sharman, the Jones Boys, Tommy Heinsohn, Bill Russell et al. Glory days those. Thanks....
Aug 23 8:11am Vic Eldred @1 He really is a legend in Boston. A distant memory of those days when basketball was barely regarded as a major sport and the Boston Celtics won so often that it almost got boring. I can hardly...


By: Eat The Press Do Not Read It  •  195 comments  •  5 hours ago
CAUTION:  No Room in this INN for prudes! Only "free spirits, free thinkers, left-leaning liberals and problem solvers. Right-Wing Nuts, should probably "buzz off".  The truth is frightening for those with a closed mind, little or no education, and, boxed in by their backwoods religious beliefs.                                           * * * *  Howdy Folks, Fellow...
Aug 23 9:58am Eat The... @39 We are all looking for the SIMPLE SOLUTION, or, as Scientist called it, "The Elegant Theory" that encompasses everything.Well, here, it is:  "GOD IS GOOD"!HE can only do good. Got it? Now STFU!
Aug 23 8:04am It Is ME @19.1.6 "..." Some.....Dad.
Aug 23 7:04am Eat The... @38 In SUMMARY, the solution is:
Aug 23 7:02am Eat The... @37.1.1 Thanks, CB.
Aug 23 7:01am Eat The... @23.2.63 This NYC trash, Trump, has dragged the nation down, into the Cesspool, that "the Donald" is comfortable with - "Sex, Orgies, Entitlements For the Rich, Corruptions, dividing the world into...
Aug 23 6:56am Eat The... @20.2 Yes, and Barr, the Attorney General, appointed by the "Dumpster", RULED "No Obstruction - No Collusion", which only goes to show that information can be massaged by dishonest people with a paid A G...
Aug 23 6:39am Eat The... @19.1.5 Seek and you can find. "No seeky, no findy".Some, my son, can not see the forest for the trees.
If Trump Were an Airline Pilot

If Trump Were an Airline Pilot

Via: JohnRussell  •  6 comments  •  11 hours ago
If Trump Were an Airline Pilot excerpt …….These are episodes of what would be called outright lunacy, if they occurred in any other setting: An actually consequential rift with a small but important NATO ally, arising from the idea that the U.S. would “buy Greenland.” Trump’s self-description as “the Chosen One,” and his embrace of a supporter’s description of him as the “second...
Aug 23 9:42am freepress @4 His family does nothing, terrible to let someone suffer under delusions of grandeur and obvious mental issues without getting proper help. If he is faking it, then he is only doing it because if he...
Aug 23 9:04am cjcold @3.1 Yep. I'd be driving to the coast instead of flying.
Aug 23 8:36am igknorantzrulz @1.1 the U.S. Navy knew that one of its commanders was routinely lying about important operational details, plus lashing out under criticism, plus talking in “Chosen One” terms, the Navy would not want...
Aug 23 8:31am luther28 @3 If Trump Were an Airline Pilot I'd be doing quite a bit more walking and swimming.
Aug 23 8:22am JohnRussell @2 "..."
Aug 23 8:16am JohnRussell @1 People who wish for 5 more years of this must be out of their minds. 
Michael Moore : Michelle Obama Would Crush Trump In The Election

Michael Moore : Michelle Obama Would Crush Trump In The Election

Via: JohnRussell  •  187 comments  •  13 hours ago
Academy Award winner  Michael Moore, who correctly predicted that President Donald Trump would upset Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election , told NBC's Brian Williams on Thursday that the best candidate to unseat the commander-in-chief is former first lady Michelle Obama. "We have to have a candidate who is beloved by the American people and who is outside the...
Aug 23 7:14am igknorantzrulz @4.2.54 Hey Citizen WATCH "..." What more do you...
Aug 23 6:53am igknorantzrulz @4.2.53 "..." How will you then, comprehend it ?
Jimmy Carter gets advice about global warming

Jimmy Carter gets advice about global warming

Via: Bob Nelson  •  1 comments  •  17 hours ago
A commenter at Crooked Timber just made the often-repeated claim “Forty years ago (1970’s) global cooling was all the rage!”. As it happens, just before reading this comment, I received a link to some files from the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum . It’s a daily log or similar, and starts with a response to someone named Frank Press who had written to Carter raising...
Aug 23 3:45am Bob Nelson @1 "..." Quiggin is an Australian economist with an "interested amateur's" perspective on Global Warming. But his subject here is not so much AGW itself, as the highly selective/partisan memories of...



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