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More than 280 injured in Sri Lanka blasts that hit three churches and three hotels on Easter Sunday

More than 280 injured in Sri Lanka blasts that hit three churches and three hotels on Easter Sunday

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  11 comments  •  an hour ago
By   Associated Press COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — A Sri Lanka hospital spokesman says six Easter Sunday blasts killed at least 30 people and wounded 283 others. National Hospital spokesman Dr. Samindi Samarakoon says the nearly 300 wounded have been admitted to the capital Colombo's main hospital. The near-simultaneous blasts hit three churches and three hotels frequented by tourists, said...
Apr 21 6:00pm @7.1 At this point, even though the authorities are confident they know who the terrorists are, no one is willing to actually say it. The M.O. followed a certain trend of a certain known source of...
Apr 21 2:30am @2 What's the M.O.? Then which region did the attacks occur?
The Worlds Biggest Pow Wow Celebrating Kavika's Birthday - The Gathering of Nations Albuquerque NM

The Worlds Biggest Pow Wow Celebrating Kavika's Birthday - The Gathering of Nations Albuquerque NM

By: Kavika  •  49 comments  •  3 minutes ago
The forth week of April is nearing and the worlds biggest Pow Wow, The Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque NM is set for April 25th, 26th and 27th.  Of course my birthday is on the 24th and the 26th of April and they are a year apart. I know this may sound strange to you non Indian folks but many Indians have more than one birth date. Mine happen to be the 24th and the 26th of April and...
Apr 21 1:41am @5 Need to put this on the calendar for next year. P.S. As Raven Wing said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY


By: A. Macarthur  •  59 comments  •  15 hours ago
Artistic license is a colloquial term, sometimes a euphemism, used to denote the distortion of fact, alteration of the conventions of grammar or language, or rewording of pre-existing text made by an artist in the name of art. This photo of a portion of the Big Thompson River in the Colorado Rockies … was pretty good … but, the rushing water on the left was a bit barren and...
Apr 20 10:56pm @16.2.2 That is the type of flowers my trees have. I've got 3 of them along the driveway. They actually flower in 2 phases. One is beginning now, then a couple weeks after they max out, they will bloom...
A Life Nuanced

A Life Nuanced

By: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  330 comments  •  yesterday
I realize that I am not the easiest person to understand. It might look to some that my positions are all over the map, and they are. Even within a position, I might sit down in a spot that is somewhat surprising, even to those who thought they knew me. I live in that dangerous place in the twilight zone known as independent. The unicorn of rational thought. It has taken a big part of my life...
Apr 20 4:00pm @17.3.36 Stupid question. Yet, unfortunately, I can understand the need for such questions at times.
Apr 14 4:16am @7.1.30 "..." ...and a failure to take the full discussion into consideration, while fixating an a predetermined understanding/interpretation is no better.
Apr 14 1:23am @17.3.27 "..." Okay again. When speaking in terms of left vs right tendencies in the total perspective, what has one side done that the other hasn't?
Apr 13 11:33pm @7.1.29 "..." Kind of sums it up pretty well, except I would emphasize to not take our collective eye off the other ball, as the saying goes. From my perspective, I see that happening right now. There...
Apr 13 11:27pm @7.1.28 "..." Let me put it this way; we can't take our eyes off of one ball because the other is so far out of bounds at the moment. There are elements on the far left that are just as dangerous as...
Apr 13 5:05pm @9.3.4 "..." It needs to be clear, failure to identify who the extremists are, and they are clearly alive and well today, is a failure to identify the targets which must be of concern. There is...
Apr 13 3:01pm @9.3.2 "..." That is the single most stupid comment or inference from those who, I can only say. pretend to not understand plain English comments to the contrary. Such idiots can can try pounding on my...
Apr 13 2:43pm @7.1.20 "..." Actually, this is a mis-statement. I failed to give proper granularity. Though we had cousins in Poland and later, by marriage in France, They were the ones shooting nazi command...
Apr 13 2:33pm @7.1.19 I am going to say stand by your comments and that is not to appease anybody but me. Selfishly, I will say the majority of my comments are meaningless without yours in place. I will admit to...
Apr 13 1:10pm @7.1.14 "..." None that I am aware of. Unfortunately, as I have been told many times in my own life, it is what it is. Now we either uphold the constitution or not and move this country forward as best...
Apr 13 12:31pm @4.2.1 "..." Perrie, BINGO. Plain English just seems like talking into a brick wall some times. The ideological partisans have difficulty getting it.
Apr 13 12:26pm @7.1.9 "..." Why? Because you expect independents to be appeasers? You found one who is not? Yeah F both of them until one or the othe rthe other or both put WE the People above their selfish...
Apr 13 12:22pm @7.1.8 "..." Where did I say that? You have that hammer in your hand. Everything is a nail.
Apr 13 12:21pm @10.1.8 NO. Leave your responses. They are your thoughts.
Apr 13 12:02pm @7.1.6 "..." Triggered? BS. That has been my mind set for a good long while now. Dozens of normal responses never worked for you and in your words a "triggered" (bs) response didn't sink in either....
Apr 13 11:33am @7.1.4 "..." Well it answers my question from the perspective of someone who doesn't understand, regardless of how often said person has been told they could not be anymore wrong. No, that perspective...
Apr 13 11:09am @7.1.2 "..." I hope I don't need to get in to a circular restatement of your original statement.
Apr 13 10:42am @7.1 "..." I often wonder how folks get that interpretation of those who are disgusted with the partisan games.. To help with the understanding, how did you get it?
Apr 13 6:33am @4 Nope. My line of sight is straight as an arrow. It is the partisan extremists (in particular) who have the squiggly lines. Quick example: In a prior administration, redacting was considered...
Is print reading better than digital reading?

Is print reading better than digital reading?

Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  39 comments  •  yesterday
Is print reading better than digital reading? We read each medium differently, and that affects comprehension. By CORY ROSENBERG, Mother Nature Network, April 17, 2019, Reading text in a digital format isn't always the best way to get all the information from a story. (Photo:  smokingapples.com /Flickr) Nowadays, we all read a lot of text digitally — whether...
Apr 20 12:08pm @8 I prefer paper, yet, recently just as caught up with an ebook written by someone I know. Fun, Fear, Frivolity; A Tale of the Viwtnam War by an Aussie Grunt. Ian is not a professional writer or...
Opinion :    "Mueller Report" will result in new investigations in Congress

Opinion : "Mueller Report" will result in new investigations in Congress

By: JohnRussell  •  321 comments  •  an hour ago
Analysts are going through the now released Mueller Report.  There is more than enough in there to trigger investigations in Congress.   The report specifically states that the prosecutors were not able to conclude that Trump did not obstruct justice.  It also shows that Mueller's team was not able to acquire sufficient evidence about various topics because witnesses were not...
Apr 20 11:20am @15 "..." ...and the band played on...
Vintage Radio - Who Can Remember?

Vintage Radio - Who Can Remember?

By: Buzz of the Orient  •  25 comments  •  yesterday
Vintage Radio - Who Can Remember? If you were born in the 1950s or more recently, you probably grew up with TV, and vintage radio programs were probably on the way out.  Having been born in January of 1937 I can remember many of the programs, and I had my favourites.  The Shadow was one, Lux Radio Theater was another, Fibber McGee and Molly, Jack Benny, Hockey Night in Canada, and my...
Apr 20 10:33am @4.1.1 Yeah, you are right about that. Forgot about that one. The short wings probably gave it that hot rodder look too.
Apr 20 9:40am @3.1.2 "..." The wonder of radio.
Apr 20 9:34am @3.1 "..." I never knew that. That must have been fun.
Apr 20 9:33am @2.2 "..." That was another big one for my dad.
Apr 20 9:32am @4 I can only remember people talking about them, the radio shows. The Shadows Knows was a big one for my dad. Those Rolls Royce Merlin engines were works of art. When they were substituted for the...
Romney ‘sickened’ by Trump after reading Mueller report

Romney ‘sickened’ by Trump after reading Mueller report

Via: Krishna  •  35 comments  •  yesterday
Utah Sen. Mitt Romney said Friday he was “sickened” by President Trump and other members of his team after reviewing special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report. “I am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land, including the President,” Romney said in a statement on Twitter. “I am also...
Apr 20 9:39am @3.1.7 "..." I would turn that around. A divisive Republic no longer deserves it's people.
Apr 20 8:58am @3.1.5 Unless I was mistaken, or maybe hallucinating, wasn't there a group of "never Trumpers" within the Republican party back in 2016?  Where did they go? Or was I really hallucinating? Quick Google...
Apr 20 8:24am @5.1.2 Though I have not personally read the report, it is very possible that could be one example.
Apr 19 9:37pm @3.1.2 "..." You mean like accepting a nomination from the turd of concern?
Apr 19 9:34pm @5.1 Did anyone ever say "read then find a tangential interpretation?"
Goodbye, Farewell and Amen....and thanks for the memories....from Shona1 and the Land Down Under

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen....and thanks for the memories....from Shona1 and the Land Down Under

By: shona1  •  23 comments  •  8 hours ago
Evening. Not sure if I am even in the right section but anyway...Just wanted to say goodbye to you all as I have just been diagnosed with Myeloma which is a form of cancer...I had back trouble for near on 2 months and ended up in hospital. After a biopsy unfortunately, that was the cause...There is no cure and I accept that, but I tell you what cancer you are in for one hell of a fight. I have...
Apr 19 8:22am @6 Farewall Loraine and to Shona as well. You will both be missed. Dave.
Video killed the radio star

Video killed the radio star

By: Ender  •  36 comments  •  3 days ago
We have had articles about favorite music, favorite songs, favorite artists. I don't know if we actually had one based on the visual video. Back in the day they were usually cheaply made and cheesy. Even if the music was really good. Sometimes the video did not even seem to match the song. I think the first video that was played on MTV was Video Killed The Radio Star. I think...
Apr 18 10:36pm @23 Well Here you go. The ever beautiful, sexy and almost Benny Hill like player of Parody; Olya (Olga) Polyakova. I came across this and just can't help myself. Breaks every damn rule of sensibility...
Why Ancient Rome Needed Immigrants to Become Powerful

Why Ancient Rome Needed Immigrants to Become Powerful

Via: Kavika  •  30 comments  •  4 days ago
The Caesars embraced newcomers, less out of idealism than out of self-interest. BARRY STRAUSS How “Roman” was the  Roman Empire ? Well, by some measures: not very. As the Roman emperors sought to expand and strengthen their empire, they recognized that immigration was a means for both. Although the Roman elites sneered at immigrants, the emperors welcomed them into...
Apr 17 11:03pm @4.1.2 I see what you are saying Sean, but Kavika's seed is not about the Roman Republic, it is about the Empire, about the Caesars. Your comments about how things worked during the Republic is not a...
Apr 17 1:12am @4.2.1 "..." To make the whole thing more complicated Roman General (Bulgarian) Flavius Aetius is often credited with defeating Attila the Hun at the Battle of Chalons aka Battle of the Catalaunian...
Apr 16 10:23pm @4.1 Hey Sean, I don't see what you are saying is any different than what Kavika posted. On the other hand, I had probably the best Latin teacher that ever walked this earth. One year, of course we...
Apr 16 9:38pm @2 Kai su, teknon? Yes, the Romans relied heavily on integrating conquered tribes, peoples, what have yous, into their army. The Roman army was probably one of the worlds greatest construction...
Wonderful Days

Wonderful Days

By: dave-2693993  •  32 comments  •  5 days ago
So, a few weeks ago, Mr Tries To Be Happy Go Lucky became Mr. Pissed Off Grouch. Yep, Found out the girls won't be coming home until November at the earliest, December, January, February more likely. Yep, Mr. Pissed Off Grouch. Thank goodness for positive forces in life. We took a little time to watch a favorite short tale from Julia's childhood. Believe it or not, her favorite...
Apr 17 12:42am @8.1 You are more than welcome Navy. Hope you catch up with your daughters soon and spend some good time together. P.S. My Grandfather was Navy too. He fell in love with the sea when he took a job on...
Apr 17 12:36am @7.2.2 Thank you Dear Brother Enoch. I truly appreciate your warm thoughts and blessings from both you and Mrs. E., and wish the same for you both and all your family and friends wherever they may be...
Apr 16 9:26pm @7.1.1 I provided a rusty, weak rendering Trout.
Apr 16 9:25pm @7.2 Thank you Enoch, and you are right about that. Chag Pesach samech (צ'אג פסח סאמאצ', Happy Passover Holiday) Enoch.
Apr 16 12:57am @6.1 Thank you Trout, much appreciated. That is great news I am hearing. Hope you can meet everybody. Been a long time since my last visit to the Biloxi area. Ender recently had a discussion about a...
Apr 16 12:47am @3.2.1 You are welcome Vic. Glad that helped.
Apr 16 12:45am @3.1.1 Your daughters learned well Perrie. They know how to find some beautiful places. That you for sharing the wonderful pictures.
Apr 14 10:38pm @5.1 "..." Hope it wasn't too brutal. LOL. I was surprised my little 345 Husky fired up. Hadn't used it since I about destroyed my lower left leg, ankle, etc back in 2008. After a few tugs it fired...
Apr 14 10:29pm @4.2.1 Oh yes. They are beautiful and funny. Good people.
Apr 14 9:08pm @4.1.1 Yes. Thank you John.
Apr 14 8:54pm @4 Maybe not everybody remembers my use of the term "girls" when it comes to Julia, family and friends. I realise there are a million posts, things come and go and nobody can remember everything....
Apr 14 7:26pm @1.1.1 "..." That is great. I bet that does feel good. Congratulations! ...and thank you. Miss them.
Apr 14 7:07pm @3 Perrie!!! Beautiful pictures! So nice. If you don't mind, may I ask where they were taken? Just beautiful. BTW They are not my daughters. As odd as it may seem and maybe not believable, Julia...
Apr 14 6:18pm @1 How was your day?


Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  9 comments  •  4 days ago
ISRAELI SCIENTISTS 'PRINT' WORLD'S FIRST 3D HEART WITH HUMAN TISSUE A team of Tel Aviv University researchers revealed the heart, which was made using a patient’s own cells and biological materials. BY   MAAYAN JAFFE-HOFFMAN, JERUSALEM POST, APRIL 15, 2019   A team of Israeli researchers has “printed” the world’s first 3-D vascularized, engineered heart. On...
Apr 16 3:29am @2.1 Buzz does this surprise you?
Massive fire breaks out in Notre Dame cathedral in Paris

Massive fire breaks out in Notre Dame cathedral in Paris

Via: Jasper2529  •  66 comments  •  4 days ago
A massive   fire   broke out at the famed Notre Dame cathedral in   Paris   on Monday afternoon, officials said. Black smoke could be seen from a distance billowing out from the top of the medieval cathedral, while flames leaped out from two of its bell towers. The sight stopped pedestrians in their tracks along the Seine River, which passes under the cathedral. A dramatic video...
Apr 16 3:27am @29 Sad really. I hope there is an investigation into this that is devoid of any type of political nonsense. This my sound trivial and maybe ridiculous but I learned a wonderful term and understood it...
Hoping All Goes Well and the Family Gets Back to Walt Disney World this Summer

Hoping All Goes Well and the Family Gets Back to Walt Disney World this Summer

By: A. Macarthur  •  9 comments  •  6 days ago
© A. Mac/A.G.
Apr 14 10:31am @4 Hope you and the family have an enjoyable time there Mac. Disney World and Sea World used to be an annual trip for us when my daughters gymnastic team was booked for some demonstration...
Researchers interpret Cherokee inscriptions in Alabama cave

Researchers interpret Cherokee inscriptions in Alabama cave

Via: Kavika  •  19 comments  •  6 days ago
For the first time, a team of scholars and archaeologists has recorded and interpreted Cherokee inscriptions in Manitou Cave, Alabama. (Spirit Cave). These inscriptions reveal evidence of secluded ceremonial activities at a time of crisis for the Cherokee, who were displaced from their ancestral lands and sent westward on the Trail of Tears in the 1830s. "These are the first Cherokee...
Apr 14 3:05am @2.1.1 "..." You know something Kavika, the shop I am workingg for these days is doing work for the Mitsitam Cafe' in the Smithsonian Native American Museum. My understanding is, it is the most favored...


By: A. Macarthur  •  78 comments  •  one week ago
Post any/every CREATIVE item herein …  Chase Utley … Philadelphia Phillies Favorite (Now Retired from Baseball) … a Poster for Local Fans © A. Mac/A.G. A Visual Metaphor © A. Mac/A.G.
Apr 13 11:07am @14.2.3 That's it.  Isn't that even the same color? Or similar? Thank you. When cars were art.
Apr 13 10:33am @14.2.1 Oh yes, thanks, I remember your Buick. When cars were works of art.
Apr 13 10:32am @14.1.1 Me too. Do you have photos of your Pontiacs?
Apr 13 8:26am @14 Friday on my way to work I saw something special, so of course I needed a closer look. They are colorful and we had a car like the red one when I was a kid.
Apr 13 5:41am @13.4 Great photos.
Apr 13 5:39am @12.2.8 "..." Don't loose it.
Apr 11 9:36pm @7.2 As always, beautiful.
Apr 11 9:36pm @6.3.1 Thank you Kavika. Knowing you have the artistic eye and making that observation is very appreciated.
Apr 11 9:33pm @6.2.1 Wow, It is so good to hear things like this from true artists. Thank you Raven Wing.
Apr 11 9:32pm @6.1.1 Thank you Buzz. That means a lot coming from your background an experience.
Apr 11 9:31pm @1.1.6 Alright folks don't flog me,  but I kind of like the original one better...
Apr 11 8:28am @6 Julia is  the graphic artist around here, regardless of where she might be at the moment.
Ilhan Omar's outrageous statement about 9/11

Ilhan Omar's outrageous statement about 9/11

Via: gooseisgone  •  109 comments  •  4 days ago
In a March 23 speech, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) complained of “the discomfort of being a second-class citizen” before claiming the Council on American-Islamic Relations “was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and [Muslims] were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”
Apr 12 8:50pm @5.1.8 "..." Our media is the pied piper.
Is This Country Music?

Is This Country Music?

By: JohnRussell  •  28 comments  •  one week ago
OLD TOWN ROAD - Lil Nas X w/ Billy Ray Cyrus
Apr 11 2:43am @14
Apr 11 2:42am @13 Patsy Cline would often visit and play at their club.
Apr 11 12:41am @10 Time moves on. Why isn't it country? I like it. No, I am not a newbie to Country Western, aka Hill Billy music. My dad played guitar on Friday and Saturday nights with this band back when DC was...
Scientific Proof of God?

Scientific Proof of God?

Via: TᵢG  •  48 comments  •  one week ago
Alex is a very accomplished video blogger (especially at his age).   I like his style; it is entertaining and cuts to the chase.   His knowledge and articulate, biting rebuttals hint as to why he now has over 200,000 subscribers. This analysis (one of many) deals with some of the most common arguments for those who try to prove God exists.
Apr 09 7:17pm @4.1.4 "..." Hi epistte, long time no type. Hope all is well. First, I must be honest and admit I am largely commenting because primordial is one of my favorite words. No idea why it is. I know what I...
Israel’s Netanyahu Vows to Annex West Bank Settlements if Re-Elected Tuesday

Israel’s Netanyahu Vows to Annex West Bank Settlements if Re-Elected Tuesday

Via: JohnRussell  •  31 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has upped the stakes in the run-up to a critical election Tuesday, vowing to annex Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank if he is re-elected to a fourth consecutive term . Netanyahu laid out the position that could very well mark the end to a two-state solution with the Palestinians as he continues to struggle to get right-wing voters...
Apr 08 7:53pm @5.1 "..." There is a strong propaganda machine feeding the western media and the western media laps it up.
Apr 08 8:34am @3.1.12 "..." That might be the key sentence right there. A couple of the ex's relatives from the NYC area used to go and vote. Really, no idea of the overall numbers.
Things to Know on Dog Farting Awareness Day - Today April 8th

Things to Know on Dog Farting Awareness Day - Today April 8th

Via: Kavika  •  23 comments  •  6 days ago
Who farted?  Credit:   Mike Burke  Unsplash Even before the children’s book   Walter the Farting Dog   hit bookstores in 2001, the youngest members of society have known the truth. Dogs fart. They pass gas. The science-minded among us might refer to fart gas as   ‘flatus’   (not to be confused with   flautas , which might or might not give you flatus). Whatever you call...
Apr 08 6:31pm @4 The dog did it.
Burma Shave Signs

Burma Shave Signs

By: Buzz of the Orient  •  9 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Burma Shave Signs I'm sure that Burma Shave actually saved some lives.   People laughed and then were more careful!     It was a REAL "service" to America, even though it was an advertisement and it was one of the RARE "really useful" ones! To my “Old-As-Dirt” friends and relatives who qualify. For those who never saw any of the Burma...
Apr 07 9:14pm @3 You old geezers. Nahhh, I remember a little bit. More soo the Brylcream.
Deadly germs, Lost cures: A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy

Deadly germs, Lost cures: A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy

Via: XDm9mm  •  18 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Here's the entirety of the article.  It is quite scary and sobering to say the least. Last May, an elderly man was admitted to the Brooklyn branch of Mount Sinai Hospital for abdominal surgery. A blood test revealed that he was infected with a newly discovered germ as deadly as it was mysterious. Doctors swiftly isolated him in the intensive care unit. The germ, a fungus called...
Apr 07 5:57pm @7.1.1 "..." You raise a valid point there XD and yes it is a double edged sword. Personally I would want to know, and yes, I would make other arrangements to go to another facility, even if it meant...
Apr 07 8:15am @7 Not telling the public because of concerns of hospital reputations = money is more important than lives.


By: al Jizzerror  •  128 comments  •  one week ago
Way back when Newsvine existed, ButtHeads Nation had a reputation as a free speech Nation where innuendo, profanity and humor were welcome.  It became one of the fastest growing Nations on the Vine.  Butt, there were also haters who constantly tried to get the Nation banned.  One of those haters, who had a stick up her butt, published an article (one paragraph) calling ButtHeads a bunch of...
Apr 07 1:40pm @15.1.14 Apologies for the sidetrack but that post reminds me of this.
Does Anyone Collect Old Emails?

Does Anyone Collect Old Emails?

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  44 comments  •  2 weeks ago
By PETER FUNT   APRIL 5, 2019 For more than a century, baseball fans in Chicago have saved ticket stubs to preserve memories, both fond and frustrating, of their beloved Cubbies. Some Cubs’ tickets — like one from the 1932 World Series in which Babe Ruth is said to have “called his shot” before homering for the Yankees — are worth thousands. But most, sitting in drawers or pasted...
Apr 07 1:27pm @4 Good question. I try to hold on to what is important. Yet, electronic media has sever faults. Many/most think it will last forever. Think again. Couple examples at different levels, and to think...
Legend of the Singing River

Legend of the Singing River

Via: Ender  •  14 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Legend of the Singing River  by Lorin Thompson Pascagoula, Mississippi Post Office Used with the permission of the United States Postal Service®. LORIN THOMPSON WAS BORN IN PITTSBURG, Pennsylvania in 1911. After being awarded the commission to create the New Deal-era mural  Legend of the Singing River  in Pascagoula, Thompson, would gain most of his...
Apr 07 12:12am @5 Great read Ender. Stories like these set the mind wondering. The are some intriguing discoveries all up and down the Mississippi. Thank you.
Wait. What??

Wait. What??

By: cobaltblue  •  196 comments  •  one week ago
In order to cyberhug my sister BizEBea, I simply HAD to pay a sort of homage to her. I wanted to write or upload something that would embody the depth of her intellect; something to highlight her innate ability to embrace the dance of her mind, body, and spirit; to showcase her propensity for innuendo; and best of all, something to exhibit her quick and decisive deliverance when calling an...
Apr 06 9:00am @35.1.6 Well then take that damn it. lol
Apr 06 3:22am @35.1.4 We still get proclamations like this even from misguided folks who think they are advancing Indian cause: "..." These myths, begun by European invaders as part of a systematic degradation of the...
Apr 03 10:58pm @2.3 Fantastic