I'm a Newsvine refugee who has finally given up his self imposed exile from blogging and debating. I'm old enough to be considered the "original Dr. Phil" but still maintain my idealism from the sixties. My politics are left but I really enjoy debate with true conservatives. We all have something to add to the discussion. I hold two doctorates, one in clinical psychology and the second in the training of special education teachers. I have been a school administrator, a psychologist in private practice, and a University professor. I have also been involved in the political arena my entire life. I began as a liberal republican in New York and worked initially in the Lindsay administration. I eventually changed to the democratic party and have been a ward leader, a campaign manager for state house and state senate candidates, a school board member, and a township supervisor. I also served on Presidential Committees on the Handicapped under Presidents Carter, Reagan, and Clinton. 

Now retired, my wife and I love to travel and play golf. We both love reading and are still politically active. I have also taken up writing in my spare time and am finishing my first novel within the next month or so.



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link   Dulay    2 years ago

Condolences on your lose. Reach out if I can do anything for you. Keep writing if it helps. 

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
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I remember you cutting, witty posts from, or, am I thinking of my own?