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Front Page Wars

By:  Heartland American  •   •  5 years ago  •  1 comments

Front Page Wars
The front page is way over emphasized and fought over here on NT. It would almost be better if it didn't exist. Seriously. At the top of the site are all the categories that one can seed an article under from news and politics to art, photography, religion, business, sports, basket weaving, or watching grass grow. If people have an interest in articles on certain things, it doesn't take much effort or intellectual power to click on a topic of interest and read away whatever is seeded there. The format with everything seeded going through the front page and only twenty seeds on the front page is a recipe for argument. Some act as if the front page is all there is on NT and don't bother to look for what they want under the category they want to deal with. Some complain about too much news and politics on the front page when 80% of all seeds on the site are in that category. Others use the limited capacity of the front page as a tool to brow beat censorship and content control by regularly complaining about what is on the front page. There are two solutions that don't involve content control or attempted censorship. One would be to increase importance of groups by putting content seeded to them within the broad categories articles are seeded under now in addition to the group but not on the front page at all. The other would be to increase the capacity of the front page from 20 to 50 or 100. Of course both could be done together. There is likely no more divisive issue here now than the battle to control content on the front page. Another point worth making is that no matter the topic on the front page or anywhere else is that no matter what one reads only that reader has control over the tone and content of their response to it. Disagreement over seeded content is no excuse to violate the CoC.


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