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Raven Wing
5  Raven Wing    9 months ago

Hi Dulay,

There is a new Beta in the Beta group and we need some extra Beta team testers to help us test the new functionality of the new project. It is difficult to test various areas of the functionality without enough testers to assist with the necessary articles/seeds, comments, team work and cross testing.

I am hoping you can spare a few minutes to take a look at the new functionality and add your valuable input and expertise.

Here is the link to the Beta site:http://betathenewstalkerscom.jamroomhosting.com/

Hope to see you soon. 

Raven Wing
4  Raven Wing    9 months ago

Most happy to have you join our Cat Adorer Group, Dulay. Welcome! (smile)

Raven Wing
3  Raven Wing    last year

Hi Dulay,

I am mots happy and honored to approve your Friend request. Thank you! 

2  CB     last year

Hi Dulay! I need a favor from you. Can you re-send me the link to the article you supplied me around 1/30/2018? I know I saved it, but can't find it and I want to work on it for a blog. 'preciate any assistance. Thanks! (Smile.)