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@Veronica, 04/10/18 03:51:10PM


Hi. I accepted your friend request & then I did something & lost it. SO I sent you one and I would be grateful if you would accept it. Site is still new to me & I am bumbling around.....
@Eat The Press Do Not Read It, 12/25/17 10:50:16PM


It's quite now, the house is silent. The grandchildren sleep, the relatives long gone, dishes done, wrapping paper cleaned up, the laughter, the tears, all wiped cleaned as we lean toward a New Year!
So, how dysfunctional was your Christmas?
@Jerry Verlinger, 05/30/17 05:07:37PM



On May 28 I sent you a message re; my "Death in a Family" article. I used your woroco@frontiernet.net email. Haven't heard back, so I'm wondering if you received the message via that medium or should I resend it using the NewsTalkers private email.

@A. Macarthur, 10/13/15 12:10:08PM


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