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Eat The Press Do Not Read It
link   Eat The Press Do Not Read It    3 months ago

Jerry Verlinger:  Are you OK. Haven't seen a post from you since December 2018. I am back and front on the NewsTalkers.com under Eat The Press - Do Not Read It.

I am surprised how many Trump supporter there seems to be here on TheNewsTalkers.com. They are a "touchy" lot.

Jerry Verlinger
link   Jerry Verlinger    6 years ago

I haven't been at Newsvine very long, since April I think.

May 2013, actually.

I see from the groups you belong to over there definitely put you on the Left side of the isle, where the people that do the most thinking hang out. TR sent.

Please check out our " Child Abuse & Abductions " and " End Violence Against Women " groups

Jerry Verlinger
link   Jerry Verlinger    6 years ago

Welcome to NewsTalkers Eva,

I see you're another refugee from the Vine.

At NT , you have a joined a dynamic and growing social news site made up of a diverse group of folks discussing everything from pets to politics.

I try to get involved in almost everything, but you'll usually find me in the politics arena arguing with the Right Wingnuts.

Check out our various groups and sign on to whatever interest you. We do frivolous, we do serious, we do funny, we sometimes do contentious , but mostly we just enjoy the company of some of the 'net's greatest bloggers.

Btw, what was your username at NV?

Jerry Verlinger