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Christian Nationalists Are Drafting Legislation for State Republicans: Report

Christian Nationalists Are Drafting Legislation for State Republicans: Report

Via: Larry Hampton  •  51 comments  •  an hour ago
Jan 27 1:08pm @10.4.1 I'll bet there are those actually want religion in the government.  Ofor course, as long as it's their religion that is.
Jan 27 12:06pm @1.1.4 You have to admit, Trump knows how to play the fan base and the fan base knows how to be played.
Jan 27 7:47am @2.1 Indeed. Are there any 2 words scarier when put together than "Christian Nationalist?"
Trump official Betsy DeVos says being pro-choice is akin to supporting slavery

Trump official Betsy DeVos says being pro-choice is akin to supporting slavery

Via: Tessylo  •  62 comments  •  4 minutes ago
Politics Trump official Betsy DeVos says being pro-choice is akin to supporting slavery Zoe Tidman The Independent January 24, 2020, 7:11 AM EST In March, congress passed a school safety bill that allocated $50m a year to local school districts but expressly prohibited the use of the money for firearms: EPA A top Trump official has compared...
Jan 27 12:08pm @2.3.6 Thank you.
Jan 26 7:20pm @2.3.4 "..." Legally, the law does not recognize the unborn as individuals nor grants them rights, especially over that of the woman in question. Scientifically, an embryo/fetus is not yet a born and...
Jan 26 2:27am @2.1.10 "..." I think you meant "unavoidable?" Regardless, a personal decision is just that, personal. And a woman who becomes pregnant has a personal decision to make: continue with the pregnancy or...
Jan 25 11:21pm @2.1.8 "..." Then don't presume I'm making emotional appeals or excuses thereof. "..." Which means women can still become pregnant and want an abortion when birth controls fails. "..." Then you...
Jan 25 11:13pm @2.3.2 "..." Scientifically and legally. "..." Being distinctly separate. "..." Feel free to elaborate. "..." The unborn cannot be granted rights without eliminating or restricting the...
Jan 25 1:11pm @2.1.5 "..." True. They start out as a zygote, travel down the fallopian tube and implant themselves into the uterine wall as a blastocyst. Then they develop into an embryo and then a fetus. "..."...
Jan 24 12:09pm @2.3 Let's see, the unborn are not yet individuals anyway and have no legally established or defined rights, nor is there any way to give the unborn rights without taking away the rights of the woman in...
Jan 24 12:04pm @2.1.3 Not to mention mysogynist. 
Jan 24 12:03pm @1.2.2 Not as "evil" as attempts to limit or eliminate women's rights.
Trump’s spiritual adviser commands ‘all satanic pregnancies to miscarry’

Trump’s spiritual adviser commands ‘all satanic pregnancies to miscarry’

By: JohnRussell  •  81 comments  •  2 hours ago
Jan 27 7:43am @1.3 It sounds like she's advocating for abortion too. But yes, "nutcase" doesn't begin to describe it.
What is "Pro-Science?"

What is "Pro-Science?"

By: Gordy327  •  223 comments  •  19 seconds ago
There have been times where I have been labeled, either explicitly or implicitly, as "pro-science" and often meant more in a derogatory tone. That always strikes me as odd, when someone is labeled pro-science in a negative manner. This tells me that those who use the term pejoratively  either do not understand or accept sound science. To some, science seems to be something to be shunned or...
Jan 26 7:34pm @13.2.31 "..." That is not what pro-science is. And it is certainly not defined that way for the purposes of this article and discussion. "..." Biblical proponents who tout religious based claims as...
Jan 26 2:24am @2.1.18 "..." And vaccines cause autism in children too, right? >sarc<Perhaps you would be so kind as to provide a link to a credible, peer reviewed article that corroborates your statement?...
Jan 25 10:53pm @13.2.23 "..." Yes, but the concept of what constitutes pro & anti science has been made clear in this discussion. "..." Not necessarily outright. But that position tends to lean towards the...
Jan 24 6:56pm @13.1.41 "..." So I see you have nothing left to offer then. "..." Since we do exist and see the universe, it is quite reasonable to assume the universe existed before we did, and will continue to do...
Jan 24 6:50pm @2.1.16 "..." I'm sure that's their intention and/or justification. But considering many preventable diseases can cause severe harm or even death, not vaccinating kids will cause more harm and is just...
Jan 24 3:05pm @13.1.39 We know emotions exist because we can observe them and how they are produced. Emotions themselves may not tangible like a hammer.  But they are the products of physiological processes that we can...
Jan 24 1:06pm @13.1.35 Emotions like love & fear are just biochemical functions of the brain. That can be determined and observed. Emotional expression is the observed effects of those particular biochemical...
Jan 24 9:48am @2.1.7 There are risks or side effects to all medications, including vaccines.  But the concerns of antivaccers are invalid because their claims, such as vaccines cause autism, lack scientific backing...
Jan 24 9:37am @4.2.1 It boggles the mind how anyone can be a science denier or anti-science. It's as if some people are either threatened by science or prefer the emotional comfort or delusion of belief.
Jan 23 9:05pm @13.1.32 "..." Yeah, tangibility is a big thing when determining if something exists or not.
Jan 23 8:19pm @13.1.30 Agreed.
Jan 23 7:17pm @15.3.14 That's flawed reasoning. It's based on an assumption there's a god. It's basically another way of saying "we don't know why the universe is the way it is, therefore God."
Jan 23 6:12pm @15.3.11 As I said, if evidence is subjective, then it loses validity. Objective evidence is the best means to establish fact.
Jan 23 5:57pm @15.3.9 If "evidence" presented is subjective and anecdotal, then  interpretations can vary widely. Such evidence is not valid evidence, as it is often based on personal feelings, perceptions, or biases....
Jan 23 5:45pm @2.1.5 Questioning something is a good thing, especially in science. But idmf one wants to argue against established science and ideas, or propose better alternatives, then all that's needed is empirical...
Jan 23 4:25pm @17.1.9 Not every denomination or religion believes that either. Either way, there is no empirical evidence to supper such an assertion. It is just mere belief and nothing more.
Jan 23 4:08pm @14.1.5 Belief or a religion. That's one. Thank you.
Jan 23 4:07pm @13.1.23 That is my view regarding the term proscience as well.
Jan 23 1:27pm @13.1.16 YEC is a perfect example of those that are anti-science. They go by belief. But belief does not equal fact. Science seeks to establish facts or at least something with as high a probability as...
Jan 23 1:16pm @13.1.15 A betier option would be reallocating military funds towards social programs. The military budget is much larger than NASA's. NASA  should get more funding, not less.
Jan 23 12:41pm @17.2 Why would someone not support science? No one is being required to do anything. But science goes by established facts and follows empirical evidence wherever it leads. If someone wants to disagree...
Jan 23 12:31pm @14.1.3 I'll think about it
Jan 23 12:15pm @15.1.2 To be fair, everything causes cancer. Lol But that also highlights the necessity of continued scientific study 
Jan 23 10:53am @13.1.6 Anti vaccers are in effect antI science because they base their judgements on emotion or false information. They reject scientific study and consensus which establishes vaccines as safe, but offer...
Jan 23 10:05am @14.1 One problem is when people conflate science with religion or the supernatural, possibly in an attempt to validate supernatural based beliefs or assertions.
Jan 23 10:02am @15.1 That illustrates why the scientific method is so important. Yes, there can be error or bias. That's why findings are not always immediately  accepted until it has gone through proper scrutiny by...
Jan 23 9:54am @2.1.3 It's an emotional need or response, which historically has stifled science or truth.
Jan 23 9:40am @3.1.3 Good point. But I've noticed that some fail to understand that science doesn't generally have such biases, as long as it follows where the evidence leads, and not the other way around. 
Jan 23 7:00am @13.3 "..." I'm willing to bet it's those who are anti science came up with the pro-science label (pejoratively) first. "..." When someone rejects or twists established science and facts to suit...
Jan 22 10:10pm @10 In reply to: Kathleen, post #6: "For me pro-science. I like knowing the facts about nature."Charger 383, post #7: "pro science, I like knowing how and why things work.  I like things that make...
Jan 22 10:08pm @5.1 Indeed. Another thing is, those who go by belief never question the belief. They accept it as is and reject anything which contradicts it, regardless of what evidence or logic (or logical fallacy)...
Jan 22 10:04pm @3.1 "..." Quite possible and probably most likely. Such a viewpoint also shows how limited their scientific acumen really is too. If some view science as a religion (irony alert), then they might...
Jan 22 9:59pm @4.1 "..." I would hope so Perrie, Lol "..." It's curiosity that drives us to explore, too discover, to understand. Science is the means by which we do that.
Jan 22 6:33pm @2.1 I'm going to wager it's due to religious belief and/or personal bias or desires. Or perhaps some can't accept the reality in which they live, which science has acquired an understanding about. Kind...
What Is Your Favourite Quotation?

What Is Your Favourite Quotation?

By: Buzz of the Orient  •  117 comments  •  15 minutes ago
What is Your Favourite Quotation? This is probably a good time to share the messages that can bring hope, joy or inspiration — a line from a book, a short verse of poetry, words from a speech or song lyrics you love. You can never know who might find comfort in those words, as well as you.. It's hard for me to choose, there are so many that I cannot break the tie. "Don't...
Jan 25 1:21pm @55 “We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty Humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes.” ― Gene Roddenberry 
Supreme Court To Decide If Atheism Can Keep Its Monopoly On K-12 Schools

Supreme Court To Decide If Atheism Can Keep Its Monopoly On K-12 Schools

Via: Vic Eldred  •  203 comments  •  3 days ago  •  LOCKED
Today the U.S. Supreme Court hears a case that could determine whether parents and taxpayers have any choices about the kind of religion American children are taught with taxpayer funds.   Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue  concerns whether private donations may support schools that make their religious beliefs explicit. It could also undo a century of U.S. court and legislative...
Jan 24 2:19pm @9.1.49 Religion certainly isn't relevant to my life. Not at all. So saying its relevant is not entirely accurate and is also a matter of personal preference. But it's not a school's purpose to say...
Jan 24 1:31pm @1.2.2 It is a good Clause.
Jan 24 12:27pm @1.2 How is atheism favored exactly?  Public schools are supposed to be secular, per the separation of church and state. If one wants religion with their school, there are religious based schools.
Supreme Court Poised to Overturn 38 State Constitutional Amendments on Church-State Separation

Supreme Court Poised to Overturn 38 State Constitutional Amendments on Church-State Separation

Via: Tessylo  •  196 comments  •  yesterday
U.S. Supreme Court Poised to Overturn 38 State Constitutional Amendments on Church-State Separation Jay Michaelson The Daily Beast January 22, 2020, 2:03 PM EST Robert Alexander/Getty Religious conservatives asked the Supreme Court Wednesday to overturn 38 state constitutional amendments and require taxpayers to...
Jan 24 8:05am @8.3.10 That's fine by me too. If someone wants lots of kids, they pay for them.
Jan 23 11:05am @1.1.18 You're free to send your kids to public schools, just like everyone else. Taxes fund that. But they shouldn't be used to fund private, especially religious private schools. If you have an issue...
Jan 23 10:33am @1.1.12 Spare me the obvious attempt at an appeal to emotion. Kids can go to public schools. Parents can pay for private. It's as simple as that.
Jan 23 10:30am @3.1 There's no one less qualified for Sec. Of Edu than DeVos.
Jan 23 10:26am @1.1.10 I certainly do not want to fund private schools, much less religious schools. If people want to sendo their kids to private schools, they should foot the bill!
Women rarely regret decision to get abortion

Women rarely regret decision to get abortion

Via: Tessylo  •  184 comments  •  4 days ago
Reuters Women rarely regret decision to get abortion By Lisa Rapaport January 20, 2020, 2:17 PM EST Study suggests women rarely regret decision to get abortion By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - Five years after an abortion, most women still say it was the right decision even if...
Jan 22 10:19pm @5.2.19 As do I.
Jan 22 10:18pm @1.2.18 "..." That's really up to the female in question. "..." I'm not certain either. I've only done a cursory search of scientific literature and arrived at the sources I cited. "..." And...
Jan 22 5:45pm @1.2.13 "..." I tend to agree. "..." Not necessarily. Some might. Others might be just fine with their decision. To each is own. "..." I haven't found any longitudinal studies yet. But I haven't...
Jan 21 9:29pm @1.2.5 "..." I think you might find this interesting as well. From the article: Compared with women who obtained a near-limit abortion, those denied the abortion felt more regret and anger (scoring, on...
Jan 21 5:45pm @5.1.80 I'm in agreement with you DP. Viability is indeed a reasonable compromise between both sides of the debate. It's too bad some pro lifers don't think so and/or try to further restrict when abortions...
Jan 21 5:09pm @5.1.78 I never said there were late term abortions on demand. Pro choice advocates want to protect a woman's legal right to choose abortion. Hence, it's a choice. Pro life advocates want to restrict or...
Jan 21 4:07pm @5.1.76 Whether someone is acceptable to late term abortions is up to them. The law allows up to viability, and then health issues after. Most pro choicers are OK with that as is the law, as it's an...
Jan 21 3:52pm @5.1.74 Pro choice wants to allow choice (go figure). Anti choicers do not, either before or after viability.
Jan 21 3:33pm @5.1.72 Calling for abortions would be akin to pro-abortion. That's not what's happening. 
Jan 21 2:34pm @4.1.25 The topic was choice, ad then you veered off topic with a strawman argument. 
Jan 21 2:32pm @5.1.63 I'm OK with abortion at any stage. It's simply not my call to make for anyone else. But I'd wager most pro choice people will meet pro-life people halfway on the issue and agree to settle on...
Jan 21 2:22pm @4.1.23 A decent convo maybe. But then you decided to engage in dishonest tactics. So you only have yourself to blame.
Jan 21 2:11pm @5.1.60 And yet, some pro-lifers are still not satisfied with that.
Jan 21 1:56pm @4.1.20 You brought up something that was off topic, not me. I simply responded to it. If you think my reply is off topic, then flag it as such.
Jan 21 1:55pm @4.1.19 My reply 4.1.9 to your prior post, which mentioned assisted suicide and to which my reply refers. Do you remember now? Or are you going to continue to be dishonest about it?
Jan 21 1:47pm @4.1.18 Thank Tess. That is becoming abundantly obvious, as evidenced by their subsequent replies.
Jan 21 1:23pm @4.1.14 You did, in your now deleted post. Do you not remember or are you just being obtuse about it?
Jan 21 12:48pm @4.1.12 I'm not the one who brought up removed for context
Jan 21 12:47pm @5.1.47 That's just it: no one is calling for women to have abortions. So using the term pro-abortion is false and misleading.
Jan 21 12:35pm @5.1.45 I see you're not interested in actually discussing anything and just want to play your usual games and tactics. Thanks for proving me right.
Jan 21 12:18pm @5.3.2 Indeed. Even if it didn't,  who cares?
Jan 21 12:17pm @5.1.40 Why won't you answer mine? 
Jan 21 12:09pm @5.1.37 Then it should be easy for you to answer. Well?
Jan 21 12:07pm @5.1.35 Great, you can quote a dictionary. Too bad you continue to ignore the context in which the word is applied.
Jan 21 12:05pm @5.1.34 Intellectually honest people wouldnt dodge simple questions posed to them.
Jan 21 11:36am @5.1.30 What "others?"
Jan 21 11:34am @5.1.29 I already explained "pro-abortion" and how it's disingenuous. Continuing to utilize the same Strawman is a poor tactic. And pro-choice is reproductive rights in the context of abortion. Pro choice...
Jan 21 11:12am @5.1.25 Religion seems particularly good at that.
Jan 21 11:11am @5.1.24 I agree it's settled law. But it seems some have no worries other than what a woman (and probably a total stranger) does with her body and therefore makes an issue out of something that's settled.
Jan 21 11:07am @5.1.23 Strawman argument. The issue is about abortion,  not guns. "Pro-abortion" is still a disingenuous and misleading term for the reason I stated.
Jan 21 11:04am @5.1.21 I'm not so sure about that. 
Jan 21 10:44am @5.1.16 But, but, they're "saving" us from sin. Especially from the "sin" of abortion. >sarc <
Jan 21 10:39am @5.1.14 A disingenuous term. Who's "pro-abortion" exactly?  I don't hear of anyone going around telling, much less mandating, women should or must have abortions. Unlike pro-lifers or "anti-choicers" who...
Jan 21 10:36am @4.1.9 Not the issue but no, I dont have a problem with it. I'm all for assisted suicide. 
Jan 21 9:50am @4.1.7 But for some reason, they want to make it their business. 
Jan 21 9:36am @4.1.4 Some things bear repeating. Especially since it still seems to be an issue.
Jan 21 9:33am @5.1.8 Let's see who put an abortion bill up for consideration, or if a vote was done to determine if abortion was a consideration before the legislature. Then you even have states that are "repeat...
Jan 21 9:11am @5.1.6 That is not what I was implying at all. 
Jan 21 9:09am @5.1.5 You're missing the point. State's that attempt to limit abortion tend to have male dominated legislatures. Sure women can be either for or against. But it's clearly more men that are against...
Jan 21 9:06am @4.1.2 A woman has a decision and legal right over her body and health issues. There's nothing radical or lame about that.
Jan 21 9:04am @5.1.2 I never said nor even suggested any such thing.
Jan 21 9:01am @5.1 Ever notice how many state legislatures that try to restrict or prohibit abortion tend to be mostly male members?
Jan 21 8:54am @4.1 I've heard arguments about women having regrets. They're lame arguments and based more on emotion. But they're there. But then, most arguments against abortion tend to rely on appeals to emotion.
Historians of Christian nationalism are alarmed by its appearance in American pulpits

Historians of Christian nationalism are alarmed by its appearance in American pulpits

Via: Larry Hampton  •  39 comments  •  6 days ago
Jan 21 9:25am @1.2.15 The DoA doesn't specify "God" or Christianity, nor does it establish our system of laws or government.
Jan 21 8:48am @1.2.13 Funny, but I can't seem to find where in the Constitution it says America is founded or based on Christianity, the bible, or religion in general. Perhaps you can point out where?
Jan 21 8:46am @6.1.3 Keep I'm mind the church sanctioned and participated in such events. Nor to mention the church held considerable power and sway over the populace, which even a monarchy was not separate from. 
Jan 20 4:12pm @6.1 "..." As History also shows, religion is just as guilty of the same thing.
Jan 20 4:11pm @1.2.7 "..." How's that working out for the Middle East? They seem real big into god. How "blessed & prosperous" are they right now? "..." See first statement.
Jan 20 3:24pm @1.1.2 The government parties are supposed to serve ALL Americans, not just Christians. What you're advocating is the beginning of a theocracy. 
Jan 20 3:06am @1.2.4 "..." None of which establish a "Christian nation!"  "..." Yeah, right! Could have fooled us. "..." More like Bizarro America.
Socialism, Howard Zinn and his fake history

Socialism, Howard Zinn and his fake history

Via: Donald J. Trump fan 1  •  177 comments  •  5 days ago
This communist socialist book is a complete perversion of American history.  It has zero value and no good points to make.  Pure propaganda. 
Jan 20 1:48am @5.3.17 Yes,  although, some might not see a difference. 
Jan 20 1:37am @5.3.15 To be fair SP, God never condemned nor prohibited slavery. Just the opposite. So I suppose one could say slavery was allowed because God was OK with it. Not that that was the reason it was allowed....
In defense of Christian nationalism

In defense of Christian nationalism

Via: Donald J. Trump fan 1  •  25 comments  •  one week ago
America was founded by a Christian people who created a secular government based on Christian principles and a belief in a creator God who authored our human rights.  
Jan 19 8:24pm @5.1.1 "..." Morality is subjective. 
Jan 19 4:25pm @4.1.1 And someone else didn't read the writings of James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, or John Adams, not to mention relevant SCOUTS decisions in that regard.
Jan 19 4:20pm @2.2 More like christain dominionism.
Jan 19 4:19pm @1.1.2 Demonstrably false. You wont find that idea or notion anywhere in the Constitution. Just the opposite really. I defy you to prove otherwise!
‘Unholy collusion’

‘Unholy collusion’

Via: Larry Hampton  •  240 comments  •  one week ago
Jan 19 12:21pm @6.8.61 "..." Probably because that is when someone is a separate, autonomous individual. "..." So when is the point when an embryo/fetus becomes a "person?" And why that particular point? "..."...
Jan 18 9:58pm @6.8.55 You just described the bible too.
Jan 18 9:56pm @6.8.54 Then you are wrong, plain and simple. So I suppose you wouldn't mind if someone attempted to intrude in your business or choices?
Jan 18 9:54pm @6.8.53 The law itself for starters.
Jan 18 7:29pm @6.8.38 "..." Abortion isn't murder. So your statement is factually incorrect. "..." No you don't! Not when it comes to a woman's personal choice and rights. That is most certainly none of your...
Jan 18 7:26pm @6.8.37 "..." You still haven't even proved there's a god to begin with. So you don't actually "know" anything. You only believe you do. Big difference.
Jan 18 7:24pm @6.1.34 That makes no sense and has no relevance to what Sandy said. She said if one makes a claim, they need to back it up. So I'm not sure how you interpret that to think someone is trying shake your faith.
Jan 18 2:18am @6.8.11 "..." How do you know? "..." That's nice. Prove it! "..." Who are you to speak for or know the mind of Jesus? "..." Emotional platitude. "..." Emotional based and sanctimonious...
Jan 18 2:14am @6.1.25 "..." Don't you? "..." Either outright committed it or sanctioned/condoned it. "..." So answer the question: What has Satan done that is so terrible, especially compared to what god has...
Jan 18 12:04am @6.1.17 "..." Genocide isn't evil to you? Acts of terrorism? Because those things tend to fall under the "evil" category. "..." I'm still waiting for you specify what Satan has actually done that's...
Jan 17 6:36pm @6.1.15 What's he done specifically that's so evil? Especially in comparison to the evils god has done?
Jan 17 6:10pm @6.8.9 I'd say it's biblicalky "Christian principles" which restricted or is used to justify restricting women's rights, including their right to choose and abortion. Fortunately, it's "secular...
Jan 17 9:36am @7.2.3 I can get behind that, Lol
Jan 17 9:33am @6.1.12 True. He is an imaginary character.
 3 words will help you conquer fear in this election year

3 words will help you conquer fear in this election year

Via: Donald J. Trump fan 1  •  252 comments  •  2 weeks ago
In times like these our national motto is a true refuge from all the troubles the rest of the world can cause our exceptional nation.  No matter what side we are on the three words will calm our fearful hearts and give us internal peace.  This is key to us coming together as a nation, one nation, under God.  
Jan 16 4:18pm @9.3.16 Perhaps more due to fear than anything else. Belief then is more emotionally based. Still irrational too.
Jan 15 3:23pm @7.1.128 "..." Quite a narrow view of logic you have there. Here, allow me to provide the full definition: (1) Definition of logic:: a science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of...
Jan 15 2:44pm @7.1.125 "..." What's to expand on? It's a statement devoid of and/or demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of logic. "..." You said it, I didn't.
Jan 15 2:38pm @7.1.123 "..." I don't know TiG. That might be expecting too much from some people.
Jan 15 2:37pm @7.1.122 What a logically bankrupt statement.
Jan 15 2:02pm @7.1.116 "..." Silence can be viewed as an evasion. Or a surrender. Or that you just have nothing left to offer.
Jan 15 1:58pm @7.1.114 TiG simply asked for clarification of what you meant, since you were complaining about it. So what's the problem now?
Jan 15 12:36pm @7.1.93 Oh, is that what you're trying to do?
Jan 15 11:58am @7.1.90 Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.
Jan 15 11:54am @7.1.88 Nothing logical about it.
Jan 15 11:49am @7.1.86 Repeating yourself?
Jan 15 11:38am @7.1.83 Not applicable.
Jan 15 11:32am @7.1.81 No.
Jan 15 11:28am @7.1.80 "..." I didn't say the word itself is delusion. It's the reason for the faith that might be delusional. "..." I am aware of that. But people tend to treat their god/s as real or true or tout...
Jan 15 10:42am @7.1.74 Dodging questions yet again I see.
Jan 15 10:41am @7.1.73 "..." More like a logical one.
Jan 15 10:39am @7.1.72 "..." I don't think the idea was about faith in someone as in an actual person.  "..." It's important to make the distinction about what the object of "faith" actually is.
Jan 15 10:18am @7.1.67 "..." Dodging questions yet again I see. "..." What point would that be? "..." The discussion wasn't about proving a belief per se. It was about the irrationality of belief. You've had...
Jan 14 7:19pm @7.1.64 Indeed. But it also shows a level of intellectual dishonesty and/or cowardice too.
Jan 14 5:19pm @7.1.62 Where have we mentioned our beliefs? We were discussing the irrationality of belief, which your post demonstrates and then some. So thanks for proving our point for us.
Jan 14 10:41am @10 The definite on of faith does not include rational. The problem is you fail to understand that and instead prefer to play thsee games and dodge questions posed. It's not only obvious,  it's...
Jan 14 10:41am @7.1.58 The definite on of faith does not include rational. The problem is you fail to understand that and instead prefer to play thsee games and dodge questions posed. It's not only obvious,  it's...
Jan 14 10:08am @7.1.56 I already addressed that. Why do you keep dodging the question?
Jan 14 10:00am @7.1.54 I'm still waiting for you to explain why a lack of faith is not rational. Or are you just going to complain when your arguments fall flat?
Jan 14 9:49am @7.1.49 I am familiar with the definition of faith. That doesn't refute what I said. But having faith without proof is irrational,  as there is nothing objective about it. Essentially it boils down to...
Jan 14 9:40am @7.1.46 Do tell, how is a lack of faith not rational? Faith is believing something as factual or true when there is no supporting objective evidence. That's not rational. It's emotionally based rather than...
Jan 13 6:08pm @7.1.38 "..." Actually, I'd say its humanity's desire for knowledge, exploration, understanding, and with a little bit of imagination, that spurred our progress. Religious belief has historically sought...
Jan 13 3:29pm @7.1.34 Not contrarian at all. Belief itself is irrational, based on personal desire, emotion, or wishful thinking. 
Jan 13 3:25pm @7.1.33 It seems as if you don't understand what an argumentum ad populum fallacy is. And do tell, how am I in "deep do-do" exactly? 
Jan 13 2:40pm @7.1.25 That's why I said it "seems" that way. The rest of your statement is an argumentum ad populum fallacy.
Jan 13 2:38pm @7.1.24 I'm not selling anything. Just stating a fact.
Jan 13 2:33pm @9.2.12 You said it, we didnt. And it's also made evident by the types of articles posted or seeded.
Jan 13 2:17pm @8.1.14 How many people take the bible literally? There are certain individuals here on NT who do. Also some high profile individuals in society too. 
Jan 13 2:13pm @7.1.21 Faith and delusion seems to be synonyms.
Jan 13 2:12pm @7.1.20 That's right. Let's face it, people are just plain nuts.
Jan 13 2:11pm @7.1.19 Simple rationality, logic, and critical thinking is usually enough to make a distinction.
Jan 13 2:09pm @7.1.18 More irrational than delusional. The delusion is manifest more when people claim god talks to them or thinks certain images, patterns, events, ect is proof of God or a manifestation of god.
Jan 13 2:07pm @7.1.17 Make believe or pretending something is there does not mean it's so. That might work for children with imaginary friends. But adults are supposed to be more rational than that.
Jan 13 8:49am @5.2.1 Indeed. And I have yet to see any logical argument,  or evidence of any god/s.
Jan 13 8:48am @5.1.3 What brought god into existence?
Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe?

Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe?

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Jan 15 11:52pm @5.1.1 "..." Not to mention for abiogenesis. That would really help our understanding of biology and even evolution.
And Then There Were None: Shutting Down the Abortion Industry Person by Person

And Then There Were None: Shutting Down the Abortion Industry Person by Person

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This is good news!  The national nightmare that is the killing of our innocent children in abortuaries is finally beginning to recede.  Pointing out Planned Parenthood for the barbarians that they are and convincing people one by one to leave the baby killing industry is good as is the states using regulations to bring these monsters under closer control and setting high health safety...
Jan 15 6:27pm @7.2.16 "..." Just Google the Committee on Oversight and Reform report regarding PP videos. "..." The Fusion GPS firm analyzed the taped and deemed they were edited. "..." You first. "..."...
Jan 15 10:43am @7.2.11 Thank you Tess. 
Jan 15 10:30am @8.1.145 "..." You must be projecting. "..." You haven't made any real argument. Just erroneous proclamations. But hey, if you want to be a legend in your own mind, go right ahead. "..." When you...
Jan 15 10:22am @7.2.9 "..." A factual one. "..." Read the House Committee on Oversight and Reform report. "..." Wrong again! They donate, which is perfectly legal. "..." Merely your own opinion. "..."...
Jan 14 9:42pm @8.1.132 "..." Speak for yourself! "..." Let me know when you formulate a logical argument instead of emotionally based rhetoric. "..." You call it a flying Zucchini Person for all I care. The...
Jan 14 9:34pm @7.2.7 "..." Uh yeah, they were. "..." Speak for yourself. What many people don't seem to realize is that PP can legally donate fetal tissue for research. They can charge expenditures to recoup cost...
Jan 14 9:14pm @8.1.129 "..." They can, but it's not. "..." Why don't you look up the English word 'vernacular,' then get back to me. "..." Yes, it is. "..." It refers to uterine contents. But the correct...
Jan 14 6:07pm @8.1.124 6 months post birth, yes. 6 months gestation, no.
Jan 14 5:31pm @8.1.119 You misconstrued what I said, and probably intentionally too. I said people can call uterine contents a "baby" or whatever they want. But that doesn't mean it's an actual baby. It's not. And I...
Jan 14 5:22pm @8.2.21 It''s funny how some people forget the details. They're so tunnel vis ione on their beliefs, they neglect anything else.
Jan 14 3:56pm @8.1.116 It'd not OK to kill babies and there are laws against it. But an embryo/fetus is not yet a baby, legally, factually, or scientifically.
Jan 14 3:53pm @8.1.115 Wow, way to make another asinine analogy. Good job. Yes, a woman has the legal right to an abortion, The problem is that wasn't always the case and there are those who try or want that right and...
Jan 14 2:33pm @8.2.18 I've asked him for that too: scientific, peer reviewed studies regarding the efficacy of that med. But I also agree that if a woman chooses to reverse an abortion, she should be allowed to do so.
Jan 14 2:21pm @8.1.106 A woman has the RIGHT to CHOOSE to have an abortion or not. If she CHOOSES to have an abortion, that is her RIGHT. So yes, it is a choice.  And a right. I can't make it any simpler than that. A...
Jan 14 2:18pm @8.1.105 Except a zygote, blastocyst, embryo, fetus is not yet a human life. So a clump of cells is an apt description. A blastocyst is literally a clump of cells. A zygote is just a single cell. Not even a...
Jan 14 2:14pm @8.1.103 Still irrelevant to the topic. But you go ahead and pretend it's not if it makes you feel better.
Jan 14 2:10pm @8.1.101 What's really funny is your Strawman argument, which only shows how weak your position really is.
Jan 14 2:09pm @8.1.99 What proof exactly?  You've offered none. Justillogical appeals to emotion and pure conjecture, while still demonstrating a pround willful ignorance regarding pro choice.
Jan 14 1:41pm @8.1.91 Are you trying to be obtuse? Ok, I'll simplify things: pro choice does not equal "pro abortion," which is a disingenuous term. No one is going around saying or demanding women have abortions. Pro...
Jan 14 1:04pm @8.1.85 Nice attempt at an appeal to emotion. An epic fail. But still a nice attempt.
Jan 14 1:03pm @8.1.82 Some women get emotional about pregnancy and refer to a fetus as a baby. That might be emotionally comforting. But it's still a fetus no matter what one wants to call it.
Jan 14 12:59pm @8.1.80 What's your point? No one has argued that cells aren't alive.
Jan 14 12:33pm @8.1.75 I'm not interested in political correctness, only in actual fact! And yes, a clump of cells is a clump of cells. If actual facts offends you or anyone,  then perhaps you make or engage in arguments...
Jan 14 10:10am @8.2.14 You hit the nail on the head.
Jan 14 9:56am @8.2.12 I've actually heard some people say if a woman dies or suffers a complication from abortiom, then she deserves it for having an abortion. How someone can hate women like that boggles the mind.
Jan 14 9:42am @11.1.10 My mistake. Apologies Tess
Jan 14 6:51am @6.3.2 "..." If god exists, then logically, he deserves as much blame for the bad as the praise he gets for the good.
Jan 14 6:49am @8.1.31 "..." How is that inflammatory when it is true? I guess you're not familiar with embryology.
Jan 14 6:46am @8.2.9 "..." That doesn't change or refute my statement. And based on what Sandy found, it seems to cause more harm than good.
Jan 13 10:48pm @8.1.28 "..." And yet, some people think the beginning of the production is the same as the end. Go figure.
Jan 13 10:14pm @8.1.26 "..." If I showed you pictures of a human, dog, cat, and pig embryo, I doubt you'd be able to determine which is which with any consistency. "..." Technically, yes. Although, at that stage,...
Jan 13 10:10pm @11.1.8 "..." Tess can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he was referring to PP receiving tax money for abortions. On that, with certain exceptions, he is correct.
Jan 13 10:07pm @11.2 "..." So your solution is what, regress back to Puritan times? "..." As they should be. Although, some schools might opt for abstinence only education or parents might prohibit sex ed for...
Jan 13 6:48pm @8.2.6 "..." A quite ineffective and time limited method, with little scientific backing to support its use.
Jan 13 6:42pm @4.1.17 "..." No, it won't!  "..." There's no baby to exterminate. But abortions done as early as possible is best, as it is much easier, cheaper, and safer. "..." Good for them. That's their...
Jan 13 6:36pm @3.1.9 "..." Since when is a medical procedure considered a "ritual?" Does the AMA know about this?
Jan 13 6:30pm @2.1.8 "..." It's not a baby until it's born. And emotional (and factually incorrect) platitudes like that is not sufficient reason to deny a woman her rights! "..." Keep dreaming. As long as women...
Israel unveils breakthrough laser to intercept missiles, aerial threats

Israel unveils breakthrough laser to intercept missiles, aerial threats

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Jan 12 3:39pm @1.1.3 "..." Perhaps this is the great grandfather of phaser technology? 
The Church Of MAGA

The Church Of MAGA

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The Lincoln Project has released a video about the great religious figure Donald Trump
Jan 12 12:34pm @4.2.25 "..." He just [Deleted] thinks his god/faith are the "true" ones and all others are false and evil.
Jan 11 11:49pm @4.2.20 "..." I suppose some are so into their deity, they'll reject any semblance of logic or reality. It's delusion at its finest.
Jan 11 10:21pm @4.2.18 Proselytizing nonsense doesn't address the questions or challenges posed to you. But your obvious evasion tactic is obvious and intellectually dishonest.
Jan 11 10:20pm @4.3.9 "..." Wasn't the same said of George W. Bush? And you base your ridiculous statement on what, exactly? "..." And how do you know this exactly?
Jan 11 9:50pm @8.2.2 To be fair, Stormy & Karen look like they can certainly comfort. I would find a need to be comforted too
Jan 11 9:18pm @8.2 "..." Except laughter. And perhaps a padded cell.
Jan 11 9:17pm @4.3.2 "..." I would think god would have higher standards. "..." Why not? "..." So morality isn't important in a President then, is that it?
Jan 11 9:15pm @4.2.16 "..." No, it was a libelous statement with nothing to back it up. And doubling down on it on shows you doubling down on your dishonesty. "..." That's nice. Prove it! Because until you do,...
Jan 11 2:40pm @4.2.12 "..." Does it matter? All gods are essentially the same.
Jan 11 1:27pm @4.2.9 Quite false and untruthful!
Jan 11 12:01pm @4.2.6 "..." It's hard to tell sometimes. Especially when there are those who would say the same thing you did and be dead serious about it. "..." I've hardly spoken about Trump at all either way.
Jan 11 10:15am @4.2.4 "..." What makes Christian interpretations right and everyone else wrong? The thing about "religious interpretation" is that it's little more than one's word against another's.
Tucker Carlson: Now is the time to pull out of Iraq for good

Tucker Carlson: Now is the time to pull out of Iraq for good

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Tucker Carlson said it is time for the U.S. to remove itself from Middle Eastern affairs after years of war in   Iraq   and the surrounding region. The "Tucker Carlson Tonight" host said Wednesday that President Trump had the right idea in 2007, when the future president said during an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer that there is no way to successfully democratize Iraq. "So...
Jan 09 3:15pm @3.3 Absolutely we should leave. We never should have gone to Iraq in the 1st place. Remaining there is a waste of time, money, resources, and American troops lives.
The 10 Most And Least Educated States In The U.S.

The 10 Most And Least Educated States In The U.S.

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We want our families to have as many advantages as we can give them, including making sure our kids have access to the best schools available. Education is an important key for success, with college graduates earning more money over a lifetime than their non-degreed counterparts and having a lower overall risk of unemployment. But according to a new study by Wallethub, when it...
Jan 06 5:53pm @1.1 Somehow, I'm not surprised in the least that the southern states ranked the lowest. Although, I didn't expect Virginia to rank as high as it did.
This Robot’s Journey to an Icy Alien Moon Starts Beneath Antarctica

This Robot’s Journey to an Icy Alien Moon Starts Beneath Antarctica

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A video of the Bruie rover is here .
Jan 06 4:48pm @1.1.20 Only time, and technology, will tell.
Jan 06 9:06am @4.1.5 You are correct. Tardigrades can survive in space. But I'm not sure for how long. They are resilient little buggers.
Jan 05 9:30pm @1.1.11 "..." I doubt that would work. Terraforming Mars is probably either not feasible or possible.
Jan 05 7:11pm @1.1.7 I would hope at that point, Earth won't need extensive terraforming. More like habitat repair.
Jan 05 6:32pm @1.1.4 "..." Id say first determine if a given planet (or moon) is habitable for humans. "..." May not be much there to go extinct. Either way, colonizing Mars would require building artificial...
Jan 05 1:13pm @1.1 "..." Indeed. Not to mention it would be a momentous occasion in science to discover life outside of Earth and open up new possibilities of where to search for life.


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Christmas is a great time of the year.  We recognize that yes, there is a God.  Yes, there is a Jesus, and that yes, angels are real.  We see ourselves as sinners needing a savior and we see Jesus through his virgin birth, sinless life, death, and resurrection as the sole source of salvation and approaching God.  Christmas and Easter are two days we can show appreciation and Thanksgiving for...
Jan 05 1:10pm @3.3.72 "..." Uh, you replied to me. And this is a public discussion forum. "..." Sound like you're the one being closed minded to challenge and scrutiny then. Ironic how you infer I'm closed minded...
Jan 05 12:34am @3.3.68 I guess you didn't bother reading, much less comprehending, my previous post.
Jan 04 10:15pm @3.3.65 Does the term "confirmation bias" mean anything to you? What is the objective, empirical evidence for god? Or that Jesus was resurrected? Or angels/demons? Or that some of the events/claims in the...
Jan 04 5:03pm @3.3.63 "..." Skepticism can be a good thing, especially when baseless claims are made. And logic is even better, as it keeps information and discussions rational and based more on critical thinking...
Jan 01 4:59pm @3.3.60 "..." Thank you "..." Try taking a shower then. "..." You say that but fail to prove it. "..." I wouldn't go that far. But keep patting yourself on the back if it makes you feel...
Possible Supernova Alert - Betelgeuse's bizarre dimming has astronomers scratching their heads

Possible Supernova Alert - Betelgeuse's bizarre dimming has astronomers scratching their heads

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Jan 03 1:22am @7.2.4 What would be really interesting to see is if new stars and planets from the supernova aftermath. Of course, such a process would take tens of thousands of years or more. But to observe stellar...
Jan 03 12:23am @7.2.3 "..." All one needs is an active imagination. "..." Who need science when you have religion, with it's usual one-answer-fits-all setup, right? Lol "..." No doubt. I'll bet there are still...
Jan 02 9:04pm @7.2.1 "..." Somehow, I have little doubt about that. "..." That would be a logical and rational explanation. But when it comes to religion, welllll…...
Jan 02 8:37pm @7.1.3 "..." If only. But alas....
Jan 02 1:52pm @5.1.4 "..." Yes, I noticed. That's why I wanted to clarify.
Jan 02 1:50pm @5.1.3 "..." Quite possible.
Jan 02 11:38am @5.1 Betelgeuse is in the millions of years old, not billions. Supermassive stars like that typically do not reach, much less last, into the billions of years.
Jan 02 11:14am @3.1.19 "..." That was an awesome episode. And Nog summed up events perfectly: "He may have been a hero, he may even have been a great man, but in the end, he was a bad captain." I think that shows how...
Jan 02 11:07am @3.1.18 "..." Garak was awesome. Definitely one of the best Trek characters ever. Especially considering he was "just a tailor." Gul Dukat had some strong character moments too.
Jan 02 11:05am @3.1.17 "..." Just wait until you start season 3. Then the show really picks up.
Jan 02 11:01am @2.1.2 "..." Yep, massive stars like Betelgeuse measure their lifespans in the millions of years rather than in the billions. I read that if Betelgeuse was in place of our sun, it's radius would extend...
Airline passenger fined $17G for tossing coins into plane's engine for 'luck'

Airline passenger fined $17G for tossing coins into plane's engine for 'luck'

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A 28-year-old man in China has been ordered to pay the equivalent of over US$17,000 in damages to an airline after he tossed some coins into a plane’s engine for good luck last year. .Lu Chao was arrested after boarding a Lucky Air flight in Anqing, in the Anhui province, after the airline’s crew found two one-yuan coins on the ground near the plane’s engine. Lu later admitted he had...
Jan 02 8:41pm @1.1 "..." Like all superstitions.
Thank You Democrats for the Best Christmas Ever!

Thank You Democrats for the Best Christmas Ever!

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Thank you democrats for all you gave us Americans for CHRISTmas 🎄. We appreciate all they have shown us about their frauds and hoaxes. We are as a result going to re elect our President.  
Jan 02 6:49pm @3.2.22 "..." A paranoid delusion and sweeping generalization all in one.
Wake up, Republicans. Your party stands for all the wrong things now.

Wake up, Republicans. Your party stands for all the wrong things now.

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He bet that Republican voters didn’t really care about free trade or mutual security, or about the environment or Europe, much less deficits. He rebranded kindness and compassion as “PC” and elevated division and bigotry as the admirable goals of just being politically incorrect. Trump didn’t make Americans more racist; he just normalized the resentments that were simmering in many...
Jan 02 10:50am @3.1.17 "..." In other words, Republicans should establish a pseudo theocracy. Got it. "..." To what end? What if your "free exercise" conflicts with the law or Constitution? "..." *Sigh* Another...