James S. Morris



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Moon Crow
link   Moon Crow    7 years ago

Thank you James ... I'm actually an "old timer" :-) ... been on sabbatical for a time. Good to be here.

link   Kavika     7 years ago

Thanks for the FR Jim. Request membership in Anishinaabe and I'll OK it ASAP

link   Dowser    7 years ago

Welcome, Jim! Glad to see you here! Smile.gif

Mrs D
link   Mrs D    7 years ago

Welcome to NT Jim. I know you will enjoy it here.

Nigel Dogberry
link   Nigel Dogberry    7 years ago

Honey bear? Ambi, you called this guy honey bear? No, he is a huge, ferocious grisly bear, not a honey bear. I cringe. Mightily.

Nigel Dogberry
link   Nigel Dogberry    7 years ago

Glad you joined up, Jim. We will visit now and then.