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retired military ex Republican
link   retired military ex Republican    last year

Like talking about Sandy Hook or theater shootings or church shootings.  Maybe even a Bundie moronic Militia showing why Militias and all Americans do not deserve guns.  The Constitution never intended for Americans to have rights for guns forever.  They only wanted militias till they could put together an Amy and Navy..  Who do you see the militia replacing the Army, Air force, Navy or Marines or National Guard.  Militias aare no longer needed there fore the Militias are idiotic.  Allow men to act like little boys running around with real guns scaring people giving  them first erection they have probably ever had.  Time for the second Amendment to be removed to political archives.

retired military ex Republican
link   retired military ex Republican    last year

Jeenie bet you hate the things Franklin Delanor Roosevelt did for this country.  Like for Example Social Security.  By the way he was a Democratic Socialist.

link   luther28    4 years ago

Thank you for the invite, from another refugee.

link   GeeGee64    4 years ago

Hi, jennilee. Thank for the FR. I happily accept.

Mary J 0604
link   Mary J 0604    4 years ago

We can be "newbies" together! lol

A. Macarthur
link   A. Macarthur    4 years ago



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