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How To Publish A New Article Or Seed On NewsTalkers

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How To Publish A New Article Or Seed On NewsTalkers

It has come to my attention that some members do not know how to post an Article or Seed on the new NewsTalkers platform.   

A review of the NewsTalkers Help Videos reveals instructions for posting new contributions on this site is not discussed in any of them at this time. NT Resident Advisor, Perrie Halpern, has been advised of the omission and she said the information will be included in the videos as soon as it is possible to implement the planned video update, pending the completion of  site updates, revisions and improvements.    

Meanwhile the below instructions have been posted on a separate page of the NewsTalkers Community Group where they will remain permanently for future reference. 

How To Publish A New Article Or Seed On NewsTalkers

How To Publish A New Article Or Seed On NewsTalkers


Go to your personal homepage and roll the cursor over your name, a drop down box will appear.

Click on 'Your Forum Topics', the 'Discussions' page will appear.

Click  'Topics' (Upper Left of page), the page with all available topics will appear.

Click on the appropriate topic for your article, the discussion page for that topic will appear.

Click on 'Add A Discussion', the form used to post articles will appear.

Paste the title from the article you're seeding in the title box and paste the body of the article in the Text section. (or paste your original title and text if the article your original work)

Click on 'Create A Discussion' .... your article is published.


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Jerry Verlinger
link   author  Jerry Verlinger    4 years ago

I has one helluva time getting this article to post the way I wanted it to look. I made the mistake of trying to use the 'Headline' feature to give part of the text a different look.


If you do every word on the text will be capitalized. They won't be capitalized when you type it, but they WILL be capitalized when you post it!

link   kpr37    4 years ago

Thank you for your article, on how to publish an article on this site.

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
link   Eat The Press Do Not Read It    2 years ago

Thanks, Jerry V., as a certified idiot and part-time moron, it is comforting to know that I can turn to you, 11 times per day for help. Not only have you helped me with how to post my "MASTERPIECES". You have been most helpful with finding my shoes, keys, even the soap in the shower. Again, I thank you for that.  We have been friends since you very a little girl writing racy things on, and, I was a man attracted to little girls like Maurice Chevalier.

I just want to say how thankful I am that you are there and I am here.

PROBLEM:  I have been posting to "My Discussion", should I repost these "Must Read" articles to "Blog", or, simply "Delete", then, quietly slip away and return to FACEBOOK when I am released from "Facebook Jail"?