Jerry Verlinger


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@Eat The Press Do Not Read It, 11/26/17 11:48:49AM
Jerry, I have missed you.

We communicated on Newsvine.com, which, I would understand, if you do not want to acknowledge it. Most folks refuse to, also.

I befuddled a few readers with my attempt at "political satire" as I posted in my column, Eat The Press - Don't Read It!

I was always astounded at how many took my "flights of fantasy" as concrete Liberal platforms.

Booted off Newsvine frequently, kicked off Facebook for post a picture of Melania nearly nude, shouted down during my Stand Up, Sit Down, Roll Over Lectures at Taffy's Coffee Shop & Gay Biker's Bar, in a lovely community of Mildew, Ohio, where there are no jobs - not even blow jobs.

I am beginning to suspect that you are the only person that love me.
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@cjfrommn, 02/14/16 02:34:57PM
still alive as you might recall its high school wrestling season so i am busy like a beaver.

will try to catch up with you soon!
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@retired military ex Republican, 01/07/16 05:44:46PM
Jerry your looking good. Happy New Year!
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@Al-316, 10/26/15 12:18:24AM
Hi, Jerry. It is good to see you here.