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Is The Trump Ailes Dust up All Show?

By:  Jerry Verlinger  •  News & Politics  •  4 years ago  •  29 comments

Is The Trump Ailes Dust up All Show?

I just had to post this cartoon. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if the the whole thing wasn't staged by Trump and Ailes, I mean everybody is talking about this today. Fox "News" is getting a lot of airtime on their rival networks, Trump, as usual, is dominating the days political talk, and Megan Kelly isn't being hurt by all the publicity.

Trump has nothing to gain by going to the debate, he has no serious agenda and he's leading in the polls. Why expose himself to looking bad if he's asked a serious question?   

Personally, I think Megan Kelly opened that First Fox debate in a bit of a harsh manner. She really laid it out, catching Trump off guard. I realize he really did say all those things about women, but for him to be on stage, thinking he's ready to do his first debate, only to hear the moderator, with the very first question, call him out on national television for calling women "fat pigs", seemed to rattle him a bit.  

This time around, Trump is aware that Fox and company is not exactly being supportive. It's obvious they see the damage he's doing to the Republican Party and as bad as they are with their starboard list, they don't want to list quite as far as Trump is taking the party, lest he sink the boat.


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Jerry Verlinger
link   author  Jerry Verlinger    4 years ago

Donald Trump is an arrogant, obnoxious bigoted billionaire (worth $10 billion) that thinks his money allows him to do and say any arrogant, obnoxious, bigoted thing he wants. 

I hope Michael Bloomberg well spoken, intelligent, gentleman billionaire (worth $38.5 billion), decides to get in the race as an Independent. His money will allow him to say and do anything he needs (x4), potentially splitting the Republican vote, and hopefully forcing Joe Biden onto the fray in order to save the country from Hillary Clinton.   

Dean Moriarty
link   Dean Moriarty  replied to  Jerry Verlinger   4 years ago

Bloomberg is responsible for stop and frisk. Jerry posts articles about police abuse all the time and now he supports the worst offender. Bloomberg should be in jail for civil rights violations. 

Jerry Verlinger
link   author  Jerry Verlinger  replied to  Dean Moriarty   4 years ago

 Jerry posts articles about police abuse all the time and now he supports the worst offender. 

I definitely do not support the illegal stop and frisk policy Bloomberg put in place, but there are a lot more serious cases of police abuse than the stop and frisk practices of the NYPD.

Anyway, I'm looking at the big picture here. We have a mess on our hands regarding our upcoming Presidential race. The Republicans are offering us Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, neither one of whom are suitable to sit in the oval office, and the Dems are offering us two candidates with targets on their backs, and one that can't even get himself arrested! 

Hillary is a fucking lightening rod that is unable to ward off all the lightening she attracts, Sanders is a 74 year old self avowed socialist who will 75 when he is sworn in, and Mallory, whose first name is unknown to most of the people that have even heard of him. So who do we have? I mean Sanders age may not really be a factor, but although I list a little to the Port side, I definitely do not want to see a goddamn Socialist trying to run this country.

So yeah, Bloomberg, I don't agree with all of his positions and policies, but overall he would head and shoulders above all the current front runners in the field.   

Jerry Verlinger
link   author  Jerry Verlinger  replied to  Jerry Verlinger   4 years ago

My bad, the guy's name wasn't " Mallory ", it was O'Malley , first name Martin.

Former Governor
o f Maryland

He pulled out of the race right after the Iowa caucus.  

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