New Flagging Function

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New Flagging Function

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By:    @community , April 6, 2017
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I would like to tell you about our new flagging function here on NT. It should make reporting a violation easier. If you see an article or comment that you think is a CoC violation, you just click on the icon and the full comment and link will be sent to all the mods. Please keep a couple of things in mind when reporting:

  • CoC violations are attacks on members and other violations spelled out in the CoC and NOT comments that you don't like. Reporting comments that are not violations, will result in ignoring future violations
  • Comments that skirt the CoC are still violations and should be reported. These are comments that indirectly insult a member, or are meant to taunt a member. 
  • Curse words are NOT violations by themselves, but long strings of foul language will be treated as a CoC violation as per #5 of the CoC.
  • You can't report a comment just because you don't like a member . There MUST be a CoC violation to report. Reporting comments that are not violations, will result in ignoring future violations.
  • Remember, reporting comments that are done in good faith, will always get a response by the mods, even if no action is taken. If action is taken, the comment will be stored as a violation will be recorded. 

I would like our members to please take note that now that it is easier to report CoC violations, to please take care of the comments that you make. 

The aim of this is to increase the quality of your experience here at NT. Let's work towards that goal. 


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