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A. Macarthur
@community • last year • comments: 26
Posted a new Comment on A New Collaboration … "Scorched Love":
"Come commiserate with the collaborators and commenters."
Perrie Halpern R.A.
Larry Hampton
@community • last year • comments: 0
Posted a new Comment on Jesus, the 'intolerant bigot':
"Yeah, that give unto Caesar what is Caesar's is lost on those that politically proselytize."
Larry Hampton
@community • last year • comments: 0
Posted a new Comment on Anita Hill Taught Us a Lesson That Today’s Obstructionist Republicans Have Forgotten:
"No arguments from me about the Citizens Fucked Over decision. But I also do not want a court that is so ideologically biased to one side or the other that..."
A. Macarthur
@community • last year • comments: 92
Posted a new Comment on "Like most patriotic Americans, I spent the weekend celebrating the fact that Barack Obama is no longer president of the United States.":
"Price tag of Obamacare repeal: $353 billion The CBO report 06/19/15 01:54 PM EDT Updated 06/19/15 07:15 PM EDT..."


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Charlie Courtois
link 03/25/16 02:53:21PM @charlie-courtois:

RE : "Like most patriotic Americans, I spent the...":

Well, absent the proper number number of justices we will have to suffer timely decisions until we get a new president. Since I am 79 and pay for my supplemental insurance through Mutual of Omaha I rarely have any out of pocket medical expense.

But, there are now millions of folks who cannot afford the costs of Obama Care (aka, Affordable Health Care) and while they are filling out their Income Tax this year they will jump out of their chair when they discover the fine that is due.

BTW there is no such thing as affordable health care...that is a misnomer!

Until a revised law is written to benefit the public...and not the Insurance Companies the cost of health care will be intolerable!

Charlie C.

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Jerry Verlinger
link 01/15/16 02:00:09PM @jerry-verlinger:

Thanks for the lack of a response, I may be getting used to it, but I'm not liking it. 

But I'll try again anyway. 

You post under 'Perrie Halpern'.

You post under 'Perrie Halpern R. A.'

 ...... and you post under '@community'? What's with that, and why is there a different avatar on the "Iran Seizes U.S. Sailors ....." article?



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Jerry Verlinger
link 10/25/15 08:23:24PM @jerry-verlinger:

Will someone please tell me what or who is "Community"? 

When I'm on this page it looks like a group, but there is no mission statement, who created it or who is the administrator. So where am I at this point, on a group page or on someones home page?

Elsewhere I've seen the connotation '@discussion' (?!) Who is that?

Edit: When I posted this comment @discussion shows as a link, when I click on the link I get "Page Not Found" What's that all about?



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