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Jerry Verlinger
link   Jerry Verlinger    6 years ago

It just occurred to me that you haven't been around busting the chops of the Left Wingers.

You haven't left us have you? I mean, I always considered you to be a Right Wing pain in the ass, but you are one of the smarter pain in the asses on NT. I miss having to think in order to respond to your comments. Give us a shout

Jerry V.

thoughtful conservative
link   thoughtful conservative    6 years ago

sorry so late just now checked my page thanks for the invite , i am generally more interested in economic issues than anything else. check out my seed on snubs blog. harpy to meet you and become one of your friendsGrin.gif

Peter Loves the Real Tea Party.
link   Peter Loves the Real Tea Party.    7 years ago

Heyo. Just got back. Good to see ya'. I'll be on here more often now. Mostly evenings/late night. Catch ya' laterz.

link   Chloe    7 years ago

Hi JoAnne,

Thanks! ..Always good to cya around. Got your back, too! Smile.gif

dennis smith
link   dennis smith    7 years ago

Hello JoAnne, I too am conservative and not just politically but in life in general as well. Left unchallenged our government will continue to spend too much for too little in return with foreign countries.

Keep up the great comments and disregard those who claimwe are racist when we challenge Obama'spolicieswhen the real reason is nothing personal against him, we just disagee with his policies

Neale Osborn
link   Neale Osborn    7 years ago

"Aw, Shucks. Twarn't nuttin'!"

Jonathan P
link   Jonathan P    7 years ago

Thank you for the FR. You have good taste in friendsGrin.gif

link   volfan    7 years ago

hello, Jo. Nice to see you here....

Robert in Ohio
link   Robert in Ohio    7 years ago

I saw your note but had to reboot my computer

Glad to see some familiar names and faces from the old NV crowd

link   FLYNAVY1    7 years ago

A sincere welcome JoAnn. We will continue with our opposing views here and have a good time doing it.

Good to see you.