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Buzz of the Orient
link   Buzz of the Orient    7 years ago

Although there are only about 10 or 12 Canadians who are NT members, I thought it would be nice to have a place where we could have friendly dialogues about Canada and see articles about our country that would be of interest to us more than others. Although I have asked every Canadian NT member to join the group only two other than myself (and Im an expat living in China) have done so. The other 14 members are Americans or from elsewhere. Are we so disdainful of our own country and compatriots that we ignore what is rightfully ours to share? I am now asking you again to apply to the Canada The True North Strong and Free group. If you dont, I wont bother you again.

Buzz of the Orient
link   Buzz of the Orient    7 years ago

I have deleted the Non-Americans Society group and started a new group, Canada The True North Strong and Free. Since you are a Canadian, or are living in Canada, you might find the postings on this group of interest to you, or you might have something to contribute for others who would find your discussions or comments relevant and interesting. Apply for membership and you will be accepted.

Buzz of the Orient
link   Buzz of the Orient    7 years ago

Welcome to the NewsTalkers. I invite you to apply for membership in "The Non-Americans Society" group. Here is the group's purpose:

"A place where those of us who are not citizens or residents of the USA can exchange news about our own countries, irritate the hell out of those Americans who think they are superior, poke fun at them and sit back and laugh at their antics."

Only members of the group will be able to read the articles and comments, and only non-Americans will be permitted to be members.

Buzz of the Orient
link   Buzz of the Orient    7 years ago

Kim. You said you were in Yorkville in the late 60s. It's possible that we saw each other there at that time. My name, "Buzz", was fairly well known in that area. I used to hang out there a lot, was friends with and/or was the lawyer for many of the local people, such as Werner Graeber who owned coffee-houses ("71", and "The Corner"), Bernie Finkelstein, who was the manager of the Kensington Market rock band, Laurence Cherniak who owned The Head Shop (which I incorporated for him), The Cosmic Visitor (can't remember his name right now). I was part of the organization that ran hootenannies at the Riverboat on Sunday nights and a director (eventually President) of the Mariposa Folk Festival. Here is a photo of how I looked then:


bitemore Gfotwo
link   bitemore Gfotwo    7 years ago

Welcome, Kim! I'm glad you found this site! Make yourself at home!

A. Macarthur
link   A. Macarthur    7 years ago