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Eat The Press Do Not Read It
link   Eat The Press Do Not Read It    last year

As one Kinko to another, I would like to invite you to ruminate on my ill-conceived site, Eat The Press - Do Not Read It, here, on The, and, many bathroom stalls.

One per month we pick a new viewer and give him/her/it a "Free, Thorough Verbal Whip Lashing" to kept folks modest.

From your writing, I suspect that you are due for one soon.

link   Ngp256    7 years ago

Welcome to News Talkers Kinko! ^_^

Time Lord
link   Time Lord    7 years ago


Ah'm so PLEASED you followed the bread crumbs here. I'd LOVE ta see Sham...Saaaaaammy an Miss Pamela show up too. Ah SO don't want to loose touch wit you three.

FR gratefully accepted...come play wit us at "Timey's Place". Ah'm sure you will see alot of familiar faces who will be happy to see you here.

link   Dowser    7 years ago

Kinkmaster! Glad you're here! Smile.gif

link   Uptownchick    7 years ago

Yay! I found you pretty fast, too! Was hoping you'd show up here sooner or later!6.gif

link   Uptownchick    7 years ago

Hi Kink! Welcome aboard! Good to see you! Friend request sent!