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Another way to play chess

By Larry Hampton, 2012-07-04
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Vegan tale

By Larry Hampton, 2012-05-22
I'm going to give this a shot and figured that keeping an accurate accounting should help out. Never tried this before. Dieted acoupleof years ago as I felt like total shit. I started at 225lbs. and got down to 183lbs byintermittentlystarving, and kinda/sorta trying for six months. I was done in and have put too much back on. I can't keep up with my present diet and excercise because I'm gaining and not loosing. I'm just plain getting older and my lifestyle is catching up with me. ~SO~ 5/21/2012 199.2lbs. Cholesterol : 242 (lab tech, free tests :~) LDL : 179 (way too frickin' high!) HDL : 38 (ughh) Triglycerides : 246( and Ughh) Liver panel checked out fine, so I'm going to bepickingup some niacin and see how that goes Fingers crossed, wish me luck.
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Beer Exchange ~ Ba Ba Black Lager

By Larry Hampton, 2012-05-03
Peter and I exchanged brews this time and a very big thank you Peter! Wonderful selection and I amthoroughlyenjoying them! I got a fine selection that includes beers from Epic , Uinta , Squatters , and Wasatch Brewers. The Epic and Wasatch I have tried before through other beer exchanges with Peter so wanted to first try the Uinta. All great I will get to reviewing some of the others on later articles. For now though, I'd love to be able to sit around and physically share a beer with all of you; alas, this must suffice. Ba Ba Black Lager . Pours pitch black just like described. A decent tan head that lasted a while. The Aroma was earthy, with a dark coffee and a slight roasted cocoa. Slight carbonation with a medium feel and body. The taste brought up notes of coffee,...
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