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Nigel Dogberry
link   Nigel Dogberry    4 years ago

Hey, Leona !  Thanks for following.  I see you made it over.  Cool.  Love Ya. ♥

James S. Morris
link   James S. Morris    6 years ago

113.gifHi, glad to meet you, thanks for the friendship. All I have heard about you is gooder than good!!! Glad to be here. I am just learning as I go. Jim

Stephi Cantley
link   Stephi Cantley    6 years ago

24_members.jpgHello, my newest friend!!! Thank you for the request and your Grin.gifsweet comments!

Nigel Dogberry
link   Nigel Dogberry    7 years ago

Hello, Leo. Thanks for the FR. Accepted, of course. I thought I sent you one already. I was so freaking lost the first few days, I have no idea which buttons I pushed and which ones I didn't. Love ya. 6.gif

Those emoticons are so goofy. And fun, too.

Mrs D
link   Mrs D    7 years ago

Hello Leo! Thanks for the FR. :)

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.    7 years ago

LOL Leona! I just got a friend request from you from you know where. Of course I accepted.

link   HollyKl    7 years ago

Hi, Leo! Glad to see you here!

link   Soovivers    7 years ago

Hi leona - nice to see you here and thanks fo rthe FR. Always need friends.....

Pretty site in pink.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.    7 years ago

Thanxs for the friend request. I love what you did with your place! So pretty!

Kara Shalee
link   Kara Shalee    7 years ago

Oh Hi, Leona, it's Kara. I don't want to screw up here. So here I am on your comments wall page. Hmmmm, someday I will find my own comment wall, lol. Probably already have. Anyway, back to the article to comment properly and not take it where I should not be.

Hope this is clear as mud. NIce to see you, Leona, from Kara

Petey Coober
link   Petey Coober    7 years ago

Hi Leona ,

I am at a loss to explain what happened to the link in my other comment ... The server here is flaky at times .

link   TTGA    7 years ago

I thought you were already there too Leo. I'm going to check now to see if we got any new people on the membership list in the last day or so who may be wandering around trying to attract our attention.

link   Tsula    7 years ago

Thank you for the FR. It is appreciated and forgive me but I am just a bit lost here. Smile.gif

link   Al-316    7 years ago

Hi Leona, it is good to see you here.Grin.gif

Petey Coober
link   Petey Coober    7 years ago

Hi Leona . Welcome to NT . As an Oregonian you might be interested in this:

.... or not !