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Why Trump Might Quit - POLITICO

Why Trump Might Quit - POLITICO

Via: JBB  •  51 comments  •  2 weeks ago
For Trump quitting now might be his best option...
Jul 30 11:41pm @6.1.3 President Pelosi.  Pence has to go too, his head is already so far up Trump's arse they are practically the same person now.
The Passing of Grump/ Nigel Dogberry

The Passing of Grump/ Nigel Dogberry

By: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  30 comments  •  one week ago
Jul 30 11:36pm @4 I remember him from nv, sorry to hear about his passing. Condolences to his family.
Get ready for Trump’s second term

Get ready for Trump’s second term

Via: MAGA  •  91 comments  •  one week ago
The Trump comeback has begun.  Trump will win re election going away with a bigger EV win than 2016.  It will be a glorious next four years for America as with Trump continuing as our great President we will Keep America Great!  
Jul 30 4:45pm @2.2.4 He's killing them off at his rallies. Whoever listens to Trump puts their lives in his hands. Who wants to follow Herman Cain? So unnecessary. So much death, so much ignorance, so little leadership.
Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: "My Parents Did Not Raise Me To Accept Abuse From Men" - News & Guts Media

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: "My Parents Did Not Raise Me To Accept Abuse From Men" - News & Guts Media

Via: JBB  •  196 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Jul 25 2:43am @4.5.5 Oh, I knew he would delete a comment he couldn't handle sometime soon!  I love watching all these duffers get their panties in a wad when AOC owns one of their own.
Jul 24 7:01pm @4.4 "..." You don't get to define what women think about his comment.   Keep talking like that though.  It reveals a lot more than you think.
Jul 24 6:59pm @3.2 "..." Come on, peanut, you know you always report it when someone does it to you. But strong women who show up rude sexist men do tend to get negative attention from them. 
Jul 24 6:55pm @2.4 This is almost too much to read. All the conservative men are having coronaries over AOC calling out the old fart's rude misogyny. Its about so much more than being called an effing b.  She totally...
Jul 24 6:52pm @1.3.1 Maybe because you mistook his bullshit for an apology. It was not. It was a poor attempt to lie and obfuscate, no apology for what he called her at all. And you'll be seeing that clip of her many...
Jul 24 6:49pm @1.2.6 Oh boy, you really aren't going to like it when this generation of women take their power. Feel better after that disgusting comment?   AOC is just one of the first young women to be a voice...
Jul 24 6:39pm @1.1.7 The amount of hate conservatives have shown toward AOC is directly correlated to their fear of her as an extremely strong, articulate and opinionated woman who isn't the least bit cowed by any of...