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link   MalamuteMan    5 years ago

[Mal trudges in dragging his travois... unhitches himself... rummages through his saddle bags... pulls out his favorite blanket... skooches it into a nice comfy pile... curls up on it... takes a nap...]

Larry Crehore
link   Larry Crehore    6 years ago

Can't tell you how good it is to see you back again.

Charlie Courtois
link   Charlie Courtois    7 years ago

Hi Mal,

Welcome to NewsTalkers. I am just rejoining and have enjoyed my beginnings here. How have you been doing? You and I have not communicated since I dropped out of the blog atmosphere as a result of my prostate cancer.

Thank the Lord I am completely healed, and can stop worrying about it until the next PSA test. Smile.gifSmile.gifSmile.gif

Ciao, Charlie, The Walkin Man

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.    8 years ago

Hey Mal, sorry I missed you. Larry and his wife Arlene are in visiting and I have been on very spotty.

link   MalamuteMan  replied to  Perrie Halpern R.A.   5 years ago

Hey Perrie,

Mal has arrived at the new Newstalkers... Just finished opening weekend of a play I am stage managing... Settling down to relax...

Love the new site...

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.    8 years ago

Great to see you Mal! Hope you are had fun inSanta Fe! Come back with lots of pictures! SafeJourneys.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.    9 years ago

Thanks Mal! Merry Christmas to you too! [Perrie would wag her tail, if she had one... so Wally will have to do that for her)