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4  Kathleen    one month ago

Happy to be your friend Monster.  : )

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
3  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    4 months ago

Estas fuera mi mente?

Raven Wing
2  Raven Wing    2 years ago

Great to have you as a Friend. I am most happy to accept your request. Thank you. thumbs up

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
1  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    3 years ago


Al Franken, United States Senator from Minnesota, is being accused of "French Kissing" a female actress during a comedy sketch rehearsal in a scene where the script called for a "kiss".

Can you image the horror this poor, innocent, naïve debutante must have felt, as the older actor surprised her in a COMEDY SKETCH by stinking his Jewish tongue into her pure, all white, Christian Mouth.

Horror of horror.

The accuser, Leeann Tweeden, is a FOX TV sports contributor who posed NUDE in Playboy and was on the cover of the magazine twice, so, she is a highly recognized, acclaimed Men's Magazine Model. She is also a PERSONAL FRIEND of Sean Hannity, For TV Network Hate TV, where she flirts and teases Sean in, of course, totally acceptable ways.

TweedleDee is making the rounds of TV networks exposing how she was "sexually assaulted" and compares it to the trauma suffered by victims of Harvey Weinstein, the Movie Mogul, who like to masturbate in front of actresses who wanted a part in a movie. It was their Union dues, sort of, that they felt compelled to pay if they wanted to play in a movie or TV production in which his company was producing.

Although, disquieting it was the key to opening or closing one's acting career for female actress in Hollywood. At least it was quid pro quo!

No so with Franken's incident of kissing an actress one time during a comedy scene rehearsal where he "plunged his tongue deep" into her throat sending her into a compulsive pattern of posing nude for Men's Magazine.

No Qui Pro Quo there.

Look at the photo that she offers as proof. Franken is seen mugging towards the camera and smiling. It was taken on board a USO TROOP PLANE loaded with entertainers in route to another gig.
She accused him of groping her breast while asleep. She was in combat uniform with an ARMOR, BULLET PROOF VEST covering her chest and three layers of clothing. If you look at the evidence, you can see that the COMIC ACTOR has his hand above her chest.

If one looks at the photo, it is obvious that he is not touching her chest, or, groping her frequently exposed, large breasts! He is pretending to do it for the camera and his plane load of tired, fellow entertainers.

Franken, the clown/comedic actor, is mugging for the camera, making a visual joke and his fellow actors on tour with him were laughing at him and the prank.

Further, his accuser hosted a Poker Show where she dresses as a "Hooker" in a black lingerie and pretend to be a prostitute as she interviews professional gamblers on her show with her breasts in nearly full view.

Please, do not be disappointed in Franken, this was nothing but a "theatrical stunt" played by a fellow actor.
The photographer that took the PHOTO says that "she was in on the gag and that everyone in the cast laughed about it".

Who do you trust?

Senator Franken, or, a Fox News FAKE Reporter who is obviously auditioning for a better position on FOX TV?

I am not "slut shaming", as a slut, I would never do that to my own kind. I am a slut and proud of it!

Shouldn't we, as Right Wing, Christian, Evangelical Hypocrites condemn the behavior of a COMEDIC ACTORS rehearsal's antics, 11 years ago? Why it is WORSE than anything my good buddy, Judge Roy Moore's from Alabama is alleged to have done on 9 underage teenage girls. So, that's The Buzz, it is ludicrous.

Why should we not RUSH TO JUDGEMENT on this vile, Jewish, Senator from a Northern State, who tends to vote liberal.

Some say that it is FOX TV FAKE NEWS "that is, again. manufacturing another FAKE SCANDAL to deflect from Republicans' bad behavior". I say that is impossible. Fox TV Network News is a "vessel of God" that is why God let so many powerful men in high places get so much "pussy". It's in the bible, somewhere.

REPUBLICANS SENATORS want to hold hearings on this incident, but, refuse to hold any on CURBING GUN VIOLENCE.

Which is more obscene?