What is the best science fiction series?

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What is the best science fiction series?

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For the science fiction buff geek , here is a list of some science fiction series that has appeared on television, both past and present. For this list, I have only included live action sci-fi series that appeared on TV. So no movies, comic book stories, anime, ect.. The focus is on series which involved aliens and/or space travel. Travelling between universes, dimensions, realities, ect., is allowed. But TV series that were not meant to be science fiction, but rather contain sci-fi elements will not be considered. Also, no animated (computer or traditional) or anthology series. So sorry, you will not see ALF, Twilight Zone, or Star Trek: The Animated Series on this list (even though those were good shows too). Also, superhero based shows are off the list. Each series must also have had at least one full season of shows or is confirmed to have a full season. So no miniseries only. If you did not see a show on this list but think it should be considered, let me know. Bear in mind, given the sheer number of science fiction series that have been on TV over the years, this is probably an incomplete list. So let me know which series you liked best. Please, try to pick just one "best" series from the list. Based on your replies, I might try to narrow the list down to a Top 5 or 10 list. Thank you and enjoy. I bow to you

  1. Star Trek: The original Series

  2. Star Trek: The Next Generation

  3. Star Trek: Deep Space 9

  4. Star Trek: Voyager

  5. Babylon 5

  6. Star Trek: Enterprise

  7. Battlestar Galactica/Galactica 1980

  8. Battlestar Galactica (reboot)

  9. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

  10. Firefly

  11. The Orville

  12. Quantum Leap

  13. Sliders

  14. V: The Series (1984)

  15. V: the Series (2009)

  16. Voyagers

  17. Space Precinct

  18. War of the Worlds

  19. Alien Nation

  20. Land of the Giants

  21. Time Trax

  22. Earth 2

  23. Space: Above and Beyond

  24. Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda

  25. Lexx

  26. Stargate SG1

  27. Stargate Atlantis

  28. Farscape

  29. Flash Gordon

  30. Earth: Final Conflict


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