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This is a place to write reviews of good sci-fi books, movies, and TV shows. Also, discuss authors, news, or upcoming events with a sci-fi or a science background.


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What is the best science fiction series?

link Last Reply By @Ed-NavDoc 2 hours ago
    Mine are Firefly and Star Trek Enterprise. It is a total...
Trout Giggles

Travelers Season 2 Coming Soon!

@Trout Giggles started 5 months ago - replies: 0
Nigel Dogberry

Stranger Things SEASON 2 Official FINAL Trailer - Netflix

link Last Reply By @Trout Giggles 8 months ago
    Me and Mr Giggles. My bil told us about it so we started...
Nigel Dogberry

Gene Roddenberry's Son Will Produce New Star Trek Series

link Last Reply By @Ryarios 10 months ago
    I can't think of any other CBS show I watch.  I would...
Nigel Dogberry

Firebase from Oats Studios and Neill Blomkamp

link Last Reply By @Nigel Dogberry 10 months ago
     I've been inactive of late here in Science Fiction...
Nigel Dogberry


link Last Reply By @Cerenkov 2 years ago
    I will definitely see it. I had a subscription to Dr....


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