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This is a place to write reviews of good sci-fi books, movies, and TV shows. Also, discuss authors, news, or upcoming events with a sci-fi or a science background.


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What is the best science fiction series?

link Last Reply By @MrFrost one month ago
     Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Erin Gray... Wow....
Trout Giggles

Travelers Season 2 Coming Soon!

@Trout Giggles started 11 months ago - replies: 0
Nigel Dogberry

Stranger Things SEASON 2 Official FINAL Trailer - Netflix

link Last Reply By @Trout Giggles last year
    Me and Mr Giggles. My bil told us about it so we started...
Nigel Dogberry

Gene Roddenberry's Son Will Produce New Star Trek Series

link Last Reply By @Ryarios last year
    I can't think of any other CBS show I watch.  I would...
Nigel Dogberry

Firebase from Oats Studios and Neill Blomkamp

link Last Reply By @Nigel Dogberry last year
     I've been inactive of late here in Science Fiction...
Nigel Dogberry


link Last Reply By @Cerenkov 2 years ago
    I will definitely see it. I had a subscription to Dr....


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