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15  Enoch    last year

Dear Friend NV-Robin6: Welcome back.

We are the better off for your presence here.

Peace and Abundant Blessings.


15.1  NV-Robin6  replied to  Enoch @15    last year

Hi Enoch, mygosh, I just opened this up! Thank you for your kind words! 

I usually use my phone to come here. It limits so much of what I can see vs my laptop. I'm so sorry I'm getting this 4 weeks later! You must have thought me rude! I can hardly get the tracker to work so I get lost too often here.  

I assure you, I definitely would have sent my best wishes immediately had I realized this was missing from my attention.

Blessings to you too! I hope you know, I highly respect you because I do know, you are absolutely of the Jesus consciousness.   This is where I never have a problem with anyone's beliefs who differ from mine. Only when religion gets used as a weapon. Do no harm is my motto in everything we do in life!

Sending my best! 

11  NV-Robin6    2 years ago

Thanks SP!  I've had a super busy year, gave up on Minds.com after being doxxed.  I'd read here hovering in the distance now and then but so much disheartening news, it was hard to read.  Now winter has slowed me down at work so I can throw in my 2 cents here and there.  Good to read old friends from the vine!:-)  Keep up your good work!!  I find solace in reading the realists. 

Split Personality
10  Split Personality    2 years ago

Welcome "back" Robin6 !