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dennis smith
link   dennis smith    7 years ago

You are very welcome. It gets very tiresome when the left repeats lies over and over hoping they will become truths.Grin.gif

link   NOCORPORATIONS    7 years ago

good to see you my old cohort in crime!!! Its been a while. Many changes in my world. Hope all is well

Larry Hampton
link   Larry Hampton    7 years ago

My pleasure Boudicea and welcome!


Stephi Cantley
link   Stephi Cantley    7 years ago

Smile.gif Oh, no worries, friend! I didn't want to make you upset with my ignorance! I am happy to be friends with you!

Pat N2
link   Pat N2    7 years ago

Thanks! It's going to be good to get back into the groove of things again!

link   Polka-san    7 years ago

Thank you for appreciating what I have said. I will try and bring some opinion pieces here soon as I have done on Newsvine before.

Baron von Steuben
link   Baron von Steuben    7 years ago

Thanks for the welcome, it's been a while since we last spoke.

link   crazyrooster    7 years ago

Boudicea, Good to see you! I was wondering where you had gone too!

Erinn Rich
link   Erinn Rich    7 years ago

Hi there!!! Thanks for the FR... and of course I would be honored to accept!!!Grin.gif

Broliver "TheSquirrel" Stagnasty
link   Broliver "TheSquirrel" Stagnasty    7 years ago

I love your avatar!!

link   Dowser    7 years ago

Absolutely!!! Welcome Home!

link   FLYNAVY1    7 years ago

A great welcome to one of the classiest members of NV. Welcome my lady!

Glad you are here.... Need to see if your neighbor Vlad and his dog would drop by. Again, welcome!

link   Valkyrie    7 years ago

Welcome my dear! I have missed you. Friend Request sent!Grin.gif